Cartoon Network & Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Anime!!! Date of Relese!!!


I choose you Ninja Brian!
Member has announced that a sneak peek of the Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl season will be on Cartoon Network, on April 20th.

What Pokemon will Ash add to his team? What friends and rivals will Ash encounter? Find out some of the answers on April 20th, as Ash meets a new friend named Dawn. She’s a beginning Pokemon Coordinator who’s determined to do things with style! But Ash is also about to meet a rival who could even make Gary look nice – and Team Rocket isn’t about to leave Ash and Pikachu alone, either!

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I posted about this in xxashxx's thread on the D/P anime. According to Dogasu of Dogasu's Backpack, the sneak peek should include the first three episodes and will air at 8:00 PM Eastern Time (5 PM PST??), check your local listings to be sure. ;)