Help Care to help me make my singles team?


Aspiring Trainer
Does anybody care to help me throw together a singles team? (Battlespot ready) so far I am thinking
-Support/Set-up Smeargle
-Mega Mawhile
- Goodra

If you have any suggestion and or any speculations on this feel free to comment ;)
I'd be more than happy to tutor you (that is my role here, after all), but keep in mind I wont be doing the team-building work for you. I do have plenty of great pokemon at my disposal I could give to use as parents for breeding your own in-game, though (when the team is ready to actually be trained, ofc).

You do have some excellent choices there, but a few may be outclassed, depending on what strategy you're going for (something I can definitely help you with should you take me up on this). Ultimately it will come down to how well you can use the pokemon you choose in addition to how solid your strategy is - as even a great team can still fail if it's not a strategy you know how to use or are comfortable using.