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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by TheWicky, May 22, 2016.

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    Hey guys.

    I bought some Fates Collide booster packs a little while ago and netted two Regirock EXs. I want to build a deck that accommodates them, so I'm gonna start buying up the other cards I need. What all is important to a Fighting deck other than Machamp and Maxie, and what are the recommended number of copies of each card?

    Better yet, is there a template decklist somewhere that I can follow when hunting down cards online?

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    You might want to find out who your main attacker is. Regirock is considered a support Pokemon in most Fighting decks.

    Some Fighting attackers right now are:

    Lucario-EX (FFI) (Might be rotated, buy with caution)
    Zygarde-EX (FCO)
    Regirock (XY49 Black Star Promo)
    Primal Groudon-EX (PCL)
    Medicham (PCL 81/160)
    Golurk (AOR 35/98) (I tested this with Carbink, it's pretty bad)

    With Fates Collide Fighting Decks gained Carbink BREAK, a form of awesome fighting energy acceleration.

    Some other staples for Fighting decks:

    Korrina (again, might be rotated)
    Focus Sash (also might be rotated)
    Strong Energy (reprinted in FCO, won't be rotated)

    I wouldn't use both Machamp and Regirock in the same deck. It would make it too clunky. Focus on one or the other.

    Before you buy, you should build and test, that way you if you build an inconsistent list or realize something is wrong, you haven't already spent the money. Find a main attacker that you want to use, and build around that.
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    IMO, Regirock EX is one of those Pokémon designed to basically to play a support role by providing damage output boost while sitting on the bench. So for me, I plan to run them in my Garchomp (BKP) deck. Other main Fighting Pokémon attackers that would benefit from Regirock EX's Ability are Hawlucha (FFI), Lucario EX and Zygarde EX.

    Other noted Fighting support cards include (some/all of these may have already been mentioned):

    • Fighting Stadium - boosts F Pokémon damage output when Defending Pokémon is an EX
    • Focus Sash - can save your Pokémon from a 1HKO
    • Korrina - outstanding Supporter allowing you to search and retrieve a F Pokémon and Item from your deck
    • Strong energy - specifically designed for F Pokémon to provide damage boost
    Consider searching through the Deck Garage for deck examples centered around the Pokémon mentioned in these posts. Review those deck examples (also, do some initial pricing of the main cards listed too), draft your own initial list, and submit your deck list for comments and suggestions. Lastly, before you buy any cards, consider first building your deck even if you need to proxy cards, then play test (online and/or in person), revise your deck, then play test, revise your deck again... until you are satisfied with the deck list. THEN buy and/or trade for the cards you need.

    I hope you find these comments helpful.
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    See my Gallchomp deck in the garage. Gallade and Garchomp without a doubt are the best fighting pokemon. I'm surprised Korrina hasn't been banned no other deck has anything like it.

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