Carbink Promo in 'CoroCoro Ichiban!'

Budget Lele Replacement for certain decks, probably not, but it has its uses in Buzzwole
Perhaps this would work with Garchomp/Lucario? Easy to grab Cynthia and Brooklet Hill early on.
Guard Press is my favorite attack. It's so popular, you can find it on almost every promo card!
At least Carbink Break has something else to evolve from. You now have 3 flavors: immunity to EXs (not very useful given that they're starting to fall off outside of Volcanion), protecting your basic Pokemon's basic energies from being discarded by card effects, and fetching stadiums/supporters from the deck in the early game.
Reads comments, sees Car Car Binks


In all seriousness, it's moderately decent.

  • First attack, will you look at that, a card to make Zygarde/ Bonnie good after rotation (and less so before)!

  • Second attack, In all honesty, I cant see anyone using this attack.

Overall, 3/5
I like it, nice art and useful attack. Hopefully we see it as a check lane promo or something.
Could be good once rotation happens because your opponent won't be able to disrupt your hand.
I love that the attack's name is Diamond GET. Such a Japanese thing to say. lol
I think we all just expect these things from WPM at this point. =p
Its diamond GATE though...get wouldn't have the line in it. If it did say geeeet, it would still need the tiny tsu to make the sharp "T" sound for get