Help Can someone clarify if shadowed 1st edition cards are legit?

Bryan Irvine

Aspiring Trainer
So to my understanding, there are 3 types of different cards:

  • 1st Edition Logo Cards
  • Shadowless Cards
  • Unlimited Shadowed Cards
Okay, but about a card with the 1st edition logo and a shadow? Am I to believe that these are fake cards? But how can that be when I distinctly remember opening a pack of Pokemon cards and getting shadowed 1st editions? Unless, the only explanation would be that the pack itself was a fake.

Thanks in advanced for any tips. I've provided some pictures of my cards with 1st edition logos with the shadow:




@Mithrarin on Twitter
Shadowless cards only exist for Base Set; that first Arbok is from Fossil and the second is from Team Rocket. All first edition cards except ones from Base Set have shadows (also the cards you posted are real) ;)