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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by NarcoticHobo, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. NarcoticHobo Aspiring Trainer


    I'm curious to what people are thinking about a possible BW10 set.

    1) Will there be a BW10, or will the next set be XY1?

    IMHO I think we will see a BW10 as the first XY set shouldnt come out until a month or two after the XY games in October... that leaves a gap of 8-9 months, and I don't think they will leave that much time without another set.

    2) If there is a BW10 what can we expect to see?

    EX, shiny cards, FAs, shiny trainers, and plasma cards have already been introduced along with a card for every Gen V pokemon. So what else could they do? Could be a filler set with a couple pokemon from older gens that havent had cards in a while... or could add some slight twist that is collectible but not playable (thinking like CoL shinies). Honestly no idea.

    What is everyone else's thoughts?

  2. FreePandas Mother Father Pandaman


    If Pokemon X/Y come out in October, wouldn't that be perfect timing to release XY1 and not BW10?

    IIRC there's usually a ~3 month gap between English sets, and they're 5 months behind the Japanese sets. That means Plasma Freeze would come out in May, Megalo Cannon in August... and XY1 in November?

    Dunno, I'd be down for Arceus EX or something crazy in BW10 though.

    Edit: Are the English and Japanese sets off by one? I thought Megalo Cannon was BW9... o_O
  3. 色違いピジョット


    BW10 is practically a given. Genesect was majorly covered in Megalo Cannon which gives them free reign over the 'movie block' of the TCG in July. Then in October or November we'll see XY1. Exact same pattern that followed the end of Legend era into BW.
  4. NarcoticHobo Aspiring Trainer


    Exactly my thought. But Pandas does bring up a good point and something that could throw that off:

    XY is getting released WORLDWIDE in october. They may, and I mean like really really slim possibility, try to sync up the TCG releases to go along with that as well (I think that would be great personally).

    IF that were the case then we could see BW9 hit in English around August, then a simultaneous release of XY1 in ENG/JPN around January 2014. That would leave the expected gap for ENG releases and a large gap for JPN releases.

    I'm still thinking we will have a BW10, but I guess XY1 could be possible too.

  5. Athena The Cooler Danchou

    Advanced Member Member

    Huh, you know, I'd always just assumed BW10 as a given, but thinking about it, I could see them doing something a bit differently, especially if they're intending to sync the TCG releases when they sync VG releases with XY. And it's interesting that we haven't gotten any information about the next Japanese TCG set. If I remember correctly, we usually get a bit of teaser information about the next set around the current set's release. Too lazy to look up anything more at the moment, but as an example, the PokéBeach main site posted the scans for BW8 on 12 Dec last year, and a snippet about BW9 on 10 Dec. BW9 came out almost a month ago and we still haven't gotten any info on BW10 as far as I know.

    An interim set of some sort could be fun, especially if they were willing to do something a bit different with it, maybe some new kind of mechanic for a single set similar to Arceus.

    EDIT: At the same time.... I would really love a Suicune EX. ._.;
  6. MrSquarepants Heavenly Illusion Star


    I really doubt they'll sync up with the TCG just cause XY is released worldwide. The game, they're able to work together and plan everything and probably let you select the Language to play in. The cards however... I really don't think they'll just release English cards all over the country. And they would need time to translate from Japanese to English and English always does weird things with sets such omitting certain cards, upgrading and degrading rarities, combining different sets... etc...

    Even if we do decide to go along with staying with the Japanese sets and mirroring it exactly card for card, they would need time to turn them from Japanese to English right? At least maybe a month instead of 3 months.

    I think there's a shot of BW10 coming out and August will have the English BW10, and XY1 will come out worldwide, and XY English will be a month after in November.

    But I'm just some guy.

    I'm also biased into hoping to see...

    Arceus EX as the mascot of the set
    Suicune EX (even if he has to be Team Plasma...)
    Shiny Samurott (C'MON! You can't just do 2 outta 3 like this!)
    Gen 2 Starter holos
    Tyranitar holo
    Elesa Full Art
    Caitlin Full Art

    So I'm very hopeful for one last set.
  7. NarcoticHobo Aspiring Trainer


    I agree shiny samurott has to happen... but that would mean shiny venusaur needs to happen too.... hmm

    now... this is PURE CRAZY SPECULATION... but maybe we could see something like this in a split BW10 set:

    Set 1

    Azelf EX SR
    Mesprit EX SR
    Uxie EX SR
    Elesa Full Art
    Shiny Samurott
    Shiny Tyranitar or Dragonite
    Shiny Tool Scrapper?

    Set 2
    Arceus EX SR
    Suicune EX SR
    Manaphy EX SR
    Caitlin Full Art
    Shiny Venusaur
    Shiny Cobalion
    Shiny Dark Patch?
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  8. omahanime Come and visit me.

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Japan going 6 months without a set is a long time, but it is strange there is no news about future releases yet.
  9. The Yoshi Wumbo
    The Yoshi


    inb4 we get another Call of Legends filler set
  10. NarcoticHobo Aspiring Trainer


    It was 7 months between BW1 and BW2... so its very possible.

    Its just very odd that we havent got news yet, usually we already know the name of the set and have seen a few cards by now.

    Its possible that they have strongly integrated a translation team because of the worldwide release of XY, and they may be keeping that going for the TCG. I mean if they have a full team working on translations as they go and making revisions as necessary I don't see that delaying the release more than a month behind what it would normally take.

    Time will tell I guess.
  11. 色違いピジョット


    I highly doubt it though. It'd require the entirety of the US PTCG handlers to actually sync the rotational rosters too, and given they've always had so many sets in rotation for tourney runs vs Japan ... it's not likely. It wouldn't 'garner money' like they try to with the TCG already even with crappy print quality and terrible quality control.

    BW10 news will likely hit shortly. We're in the interim months where it's filler decks and promos until July -- and no matter what the change is coming up with the generations there is always some kind of set released in conjunction with the movies. After all, that is merchandise mecca in Japan. July/August are the most profitable months for the company.
  12. signofzeta Aspiring Trainer


    There is one thing that you have to take note of. The US version of XY1 never releases before the Japanese version o XY1. It just won't happen. So if Japan releases their XY1 in December, which is most likely so far, then our November set won't ever be XY1.

    It is all down to what the Japanese do with their TCG releases.

    Don't forget about the movie as well. We probably will have a set to tie in with the latest movie in November.
  13. Mudkip711 Aspiring Trainer

    Advanced Member Member

    I don't think we'll get a BW10 honestly. If they didn't release a set until October we'd be all caught up. In August we get Megalo Cannon and then in November/late October XY1 is released. If they really are trying to sync worldwide releases then this would be the perfect way to do it.
  14. ForeignDude Aspiring Trainer


    Does Japan ever try making their TCG releases slightly tie in when a movie is about to release? If so, they could probably throw in a shiny Genesect at us. Not only that but now that "Mewthree" isn't part of the XY pokedex, maybe he'll make an early TCG appearance as an ex? :eek:
  15. dmaster Aspiring Trainer

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Yeah, that's what I was thinking if they wanted to have simultaneous releases for the TCG. But they could still do things like they've done in the past and give us a filler set/keep the releases delayed/etc. But if they release things at the same time, they would have to not release anything new in Japan.

    dmaster out.
  16. NarcoticHobo Aspiring Trainer


    I honestly have no idea. I would hope that they sync up the releases though. The ENG sets would do well to mimic the japanese sets identically (I can't stand 10 cards to a pack with usually worthless rev holo, would rather 5 cards with possibly no rare).

    However the small releases that japan has (unique cards in a theme deck) might not go over so well here.
  17. bagoly14 Collecting is expensive -_-


    Did you just say reverse holo cards are annoying and worthless? How could you?!?!

    Japan agreed since they had reverse holo cards for what, a whole 3 sets :D

    (Shame on me but I still like the legendary collection reverse cards, some of them actually look quite nice despite the seizure causing foil)
  18. NarcoticHobo Aspiring Trainer


    Yea... I'm not a fan of reverse. It always struck me as that crap Topps did with baseball cards. Oh here is the set, and also one in 3 packs will have a bronze border card! And one in 100 packs will have a silver border card! And one in 500 packs will have a gold border card! Better collect all of the "parallel sets" if you are a True Collector (TM).
  19. omahanime Come and visit me.

    Elite Member Advanced Member Member

    Because they are!

    They are just a gimmick to get money.
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  20. evilpacman Voltorb Collector


    But then again, the 1st edition cards are sort of gimmicky too...

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