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BW-on Empoleon/ Terrakion/ Mew EX for Fall BRs

Cobalt Phoenix

Best Kappa
=====Pokémon (16)=====
4 Piplup (DE-27)
1 Prinplup (DE-28)
4 Empoleon (DE-29)
2 Terrakion (NV-73)
3 Emolga (DR-45)
2 Mew EX (DR-46)
=====Supporters (10)=====
4 N (NV-101)
2 Professor Juniper (BW-101)
4 Cheren (EP-91)
=====Items (22)=====
4 Rare Candy (DE-100)
2 Super Rod (NV-95)
4 Max Potion (EP-94)
4 Pokemon Catcher (EP-95)
2 Pokemon Communication (BW-99)
2 Ultra Ball (DE-102)
4 Switch (BW-104)
=====Energy (12)=====
6 Water Energy
4 Fighting Energy
2 Blend Energy WLFM (DR-118)
Open with Emolga; start searching deck for basics. Get Empoleon and possibly Mew EX by T2 (if not 3.) Load up bench and swing in for at least 70 each turn (depending on what my opponent's board is like.) I teched in Tool Scrapper for the Garbodor match-up, since Garbodor shuts off my Mew's Versatile Ability and my Empoleon's Diving Draw. Max Potion is mostly for Empoleon and Mew since they each need 1 energy to attack (Attack Command is my main Versatile target.) I do however have a rough time getting a full bench, so if I could get some pointers, that would be swell. Thank you.

-3 Bianca +3 Cheren: Labaru.
-1 Prinplup +1 Emolga; -2 Scrapper +2 WLFM: - RichD
-1{W} -1{F} +2 Switch- myself.


I like Tangelas.
The deck is pretty solid, but, in my opinion, Cheren is better than Bianca for Empoleon/Terrakion.
And you doesn't run any Blends, I see. Since Blend Energy can provide both Fighting and Water energies, it can be useful.
Try 7 Water, 4 Bland and 1 Fighting.

Cobalt Phoenix

Best Kappa
Truth be told, Labaru, Blend energy, in my opinion, is a bad idea. I run basic fighting so that Mach Cut and Enhanced Hammer won't discard them. So Cheren over Bianca, then? Thank you.


Aspiring Trainer
I would suggest dropping a Prinplup and adding another Emolga and dropping one of your tools to max out Cheren at 4. Both of those will hopefully get you to your Basic pokemon faster to fill the bench.

I would also encourage you to add a few Blends even if it is just two. I think you'll find the increase in consistency is worth the risk.

Cobalt Phoenix

Best Kappa
Did some testing with RichD's suggestions, and I found that this deck runs a lot more smoothly! I really appreciate it. : ) Thank you. Also updated list with current changes.