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Standard Buzzwole-GX/Regirock-EX

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by WastedSkyPirate, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. [​IMG]


    Pokémon (10)

    3 Buzzwole-GX
    3 Regirock-EX
    2 Tapu Lele-GX
    1 Espeon-EX
    1 Sawk

    Trainers (37)

    4 Professor Sycamore
    4 N
    3 Guzma
    3 Acerola
    1 Pokémon Fan Club

    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Max Elixir
    4 Choice Band
    3 Float Stone
    3 Field Blower
    1 Rescue Stretcher

    3 Po Town

    Energy (13)

    9 Fighting Energy
    4 Strong Energy


    Buzzwole-GX is one of the better Ultra Beast cards to be revealed and, considering its Jet Punch attack has been successful before (see Landorus-EX), there is reason to believe it will be a competitive card. The first question, however, is what to partner it with.

    To me there are two different directions for the deck:
    1. Garbodor (BKP)
    2. Regirock-EX
    Whilst I think Buzzowle-GX/Garbodor is probably the better deck, I'm keen to test the Regirock-EX variant upon release. The plan is to double down on the significant early-game pressure coming from Buzzwole's Jet Punch, letting you take KO's on big GXs from turn 2.

    3 Regirock let's you hit some key numbers with Jet Punch, 2HKOing all Stage 1 GXs w/Strong Energy + Choice Band and, notably, OHKOing Zoroark-GX.

    Sawk provides an out against Hoopa's Scoundrel Guard Ability (which I'm predicting will see a lot of play). Its Brick Break attack has the added bonus of ignoring additional affects on the Defending Pokémon (e.g. Jolteon-EX's Flash Ray). Plus, Quick Guard can buy time in a pinch.

    Espeon-EX gives the deck a 'Plan B', allowing you to take advantage of Jet Punch + Po Town against Stage 1 and 2 decks.

    Pokémon Fan Club is better than Brigette in this list as it allows you to grab 2 Regirock-EX.

    Choice Band over Fighting Fury Belt for allowing you to 2HKO most Basic and Stage 1 GX's with Jet Punch. Plus, Regirock-EX and Strong Energy enable donks on non-GX Pokémon.

    Po Town seems a really good fit for furthering the creeping buildup of damage on the opponent's board. At the same time, I'd love to include Brooklet Hill for getting Regirock-EX out more easily but splitting the Stadium line doesn't seem sensible...

    Let me know if you've got any other ideas and comments.
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  2. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Hi WastedSkyPirate,

    Nice deck. Consider these modifications:

    - 1 Sawk (We do have better options here)
    + 1 Sudowoodo BKP (Watch and learn is a real nice attack in Buzzwole decks)

    - 1 Acerola (most deck will be able to ohko)
    + 1 Guzma (nice offensive control card)

    On a side note: Watch out for Silvally decks. Hope this provides some initial assistance.
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