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Alt. Format Building a deck with 0 Supporter cards [Expanded]

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by DarkensAdamantDragon, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. DarkensAdamantDragon Aspiring Trainer


    So I made a little deck building experiment yesterday, then decided to polish the deck a little today after some testing. It works surprisingly well for a deck that lacks cards that would usually be staples in a deck, although it can't gust or force the opponent to shuffle their hand into their deck (I will likely add something like Red Card or Marshadow for that in the future). Here's the decklist:

    4 Unown [AOR]
    3 Keldeo-EX [BCR]
    2 White Kyurem [FCO]
    2 Dragonite-EX [EVO]
    2 Shaymin-EX [ROS]
    1 Manaphy-EX [BKP]
    1 Sudowoodo [GRI]
    1 Oranguru [SM]

    3 Sky Field [ROS]

    4 Acro Bike [PCL]
    4 Aqua Patch [GRI]
    4 Max Elixir [BKP]
    4 Ultra Ball [ROS]
    3 Fighting Fury Belt [BKP]
    3 Trainers' Mail [ROS]
    2 Rescue Stretcher [GRI]
    2 Super Scoop Up [CST]
    1 Startling Megaphone [FLF]
    1 Super Rod [BKT]

    13 Water Energy

    What do you think of that decklist and have you ever attempted to make a deck with the same restriction? Do you think I should attempt making a Fairy deck with zero supporters? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  2. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    just want to throw this out there, Red Card and Marshadow are on the banlist and will not be legal for play starting November 15.

    In addition. Is this for competitive, or for fun?

    I ask this because if we are going competitive, the deck that won in Richmond was an Item lock deck. While I do like building decks along certain restrictions, I'm not sure going with a deck that has no Supporters will yield you the results you're shootin' for. Unless you REALLY want to stick it to Stoutland Shock Lock (which was absent all weekend and probably wont show up to Portland either).
  3. DarkensAdamantDragon Aspiring Trainer


    Good to know that Red Card will be banned. I had added it to my list after posting the original decklist, so I will make sure to remove it and add in something else instead. As for the type of use of this deck, it's more of a small tournament deck that could be used to have some fun on an event or two. I do also plan to build another 0 Supporter deck to try 2 of them out against each other. It might be a Night March/Zoroark deck. I'll make sure to share the list for that one I have.
  4. Nyora A Cat


    Maybe use CEC Golurk, haha. I mean a deck in expanded could work without supporters, but it just wouldn’t be as good. Golurk? Yeah, good luck playing much to any supporters with it. Try something with that.

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