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Standard Budget Busters: Alolan Ninetales (CEC)


Aspiring Trainer
4 Vulpix (CEC)
4 Alolan Ninetales (CEC)
2 Blitzle
2 Zebstrika (Sprint)
1 Rotom (Psychic)
1 Wash Rotom
1 Ditto Prism Star

1 Fairy Charm UB
2 Fairy Charm Ability
1 Fairy Charm Dragon
2 Fairy Charm Psychic
2 Fairy Charm Fairy
2 Escape Board or U-Turn Board
2 Adventure Bag
2 Great Catcher
2 Lana's Fishing Rod
2 Pokegear 3.0
4 Pokemon Communication
4 Giant Bomb
4 Acro Bike
4 Professor Elm's Lecture
4 Hapu
2 Cynthia
2 Lillie
2 Shrine
1 Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star

Total: 45-50 USD

You dump as many Tools as you can into the discard and Alolan Ninetales does 10 damage for each one with no cap. On average you will probably be hitting for around 100 damage or so since you want at least one Fairy charm attached to Ninetales.


Aspiring Trainer
I tried to build ninetales and so far I'm underwhelmed. Getting 9 tools in for the rotoms was already a two turn process at best, so getting any more significant damage with ninetales doesn't happen until 3 turns into the game, add to that the fact that it has to evolve and therefore wastes deck space and sometimes you whiff... not great. I'm almost considering going back to just rotoms, or maybe a 1-2 line of ninetales in an otherwise rotom based deck, with ditto for either a vulpix or a spare blitzle. Might as well have a couple each of psy and frost rotoms, to hit meta weaknesses, and just play dragon and ability charms to try to not lose to ADP. You also lose to malamar, which is probably not as relevant because it gets stomped itself by ADP, but still not great for you.