Brute Bonnet, Iron Bundle from “Mask of Change”

all you really need to implement iron valiant is enough switching cards. we saw this with last tormat, as iron valiant decks basically took the entei v rogue deck and implemented itself into it seemlessly to become a viable deck. we're not using iron valiant to attack, mainly to use its damage support

Entei only has a 2 energy requirement and magma basin was a stadium that helped accelerate energies. This allowed the use of sqwak and professor's research to cycle through switch cards.

Brute bonnet needs 3 darkness energies to attack. Powering up this thing is realistically only possible with sada's vitality and dark patches. You now don't have enough draw power to cycle switch cards.
Iron Bundle could work in some control where you can play Klefki, Iron Thorns ex, mimikyu etc. Could be fun to play

Forgot to say Retreat block Snorlax too ?
Brute Bonnet is definitely going in my Poison deck with Seviper, Muk, Pooper and Perilous Jungle.