Help Bought a Unlimited Fossil Booster Glue on package


Aspiring Trainer
Bought this pack from what I thought was a reputable seller. On further inspection it appears there is hot glue and a few spots look suspicious.
Need people with more experience to give an opinion. Only have so long to open it and find out. It does weigh 21.6g. Was on the fence about opening it. But if it's resealed I need to know to get my money back.



bbb888 on YouTube (handle: @bbb_888)
The way the light reflects off the crimp on the top and bottom of the pack are different, especially in the first picture. The pack could have been opened at the top and resealed, and the leaking glue is also suspicious. Just my opinion tho.

If you return the item to the seller, theres a chance that someone else could get scammed, so ask for just a refund if you can. Alternatively you can make a video of you opening this pack.