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Hello again to all PokéBeach readers! It’s Gabriel Semedo with another Pokémon TCG article and this time I’m going to look at Blaziken VMAX / Zeraora V, an interesting combination that came with the arrival of Chilling Reign.
The Potential of Blaziken VMAX
One of the Pokémon I was most looking forward to testing from the new set was without a doubt Blaziken VMAX. We knew that Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX would be strong and that Ice Rider Calyrex VMAX would probably be strong too, but I had no idea if Blaziken VMAX would actually be good — all I knew was that it was an interesting Pokémon, with an even more interesting attack...

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What do you think about this deck's prospects post-rotation? We lose almost no cards (phione/koko being the two of note), and eliminate our biggest blocker (mew) outright. This deck seems like it is currently being slept on in terms of post-rotation development thought. Was curious what your ideas are on how this deck changes with EVS.