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Blaziken DEX (League Deck)


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Hey guys.

I randomly got 3x Blaziken from the Dark Explorers set, and I found it quite cool. Blaziken is a real badass pokémon, and I think the card might seem som decent play. My goal is to make it as playable as possible, and I would like to brainstorm with you guys.


Pocket monsters, if you know what I mean:
3 Blaziken DEX
2 Combusken DEX
3 Torchic DEX (60 HP)

2 Volcarona DEX
2 Larvesta DEX (60 HP)

2 Entei EX

Weird people, devices and such:
4 Juniper
4 N
3 Bianca
3 Random Reciever
3 Switch
2 Super Scoop Up
2 Ultra Ball
2 Pokémon Communication
4 Pokémon Catcher
2 Super Rod
4 Rare Candy

Fuel and batteries:
13 Fire Energies

I'm going to be honest with you guys. I have no idea how to run Blaziken DEX, so please help. Volcarona is for Blazikens first attack that may cause burn, and also for Entei EXs first attack which definately causes burn. Entei EX is also nice for getting the energies back in play.


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I'm guessing you are trying to keep it BW-on. You could use Emboar for accelerated energy. and if you hit scoop ups, then it's just like saving a pokemon then being able to drop the engeries everywhere. 13 energies seems a bit high especially with the energy retrieving dog (entei), even if it is slow, he will be doing his big attack every turn when he can.

I haven't really made a fire deck in BW-on, but from what I saw, the decks are usually Typhlosion Prime (which isn't BW on) or Emboar. Entei might make the deck better, but i'd need to test to make sure.


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It depends on if you're doing BW on or HGSS on. Typhlosion Prime would make a great partner for Blaziken. Emboar would also work, but you'd have to have a way to return energy to your hand.
If I were to run Typhlosion Prime I'd do something like 4-2-3 Blaziken and 3-1-2 Typhlosion Prime, and 4 Juniper and Rare Candy make sure you can get Blaziken attacking by turn 2. Emboar probably wouldn't be much different. Blaziken is a great card that should be played. A lot. I'm kinda surprised this is the first thread for Blaziken I've seen in this forum. (sorry if I missed any)