Blargh's 2013-14 season- 15 CP


So I get there at a decent time, and expect to be playing in Masters, but no, Seniors. I guess the shop is ignoring the changeover.
20-some seniors
5 rounds

I get my packs and open them. The main pull is a Scoop Up Cyclone, but I also get a Kangaskhan, a Tropius, and some other stuff. I build the following.
1 Kangaskhan
1 Sawk
1 Tropius
1 Houndour
1 Suicune
1 Chatot

1 Caitlin
1 Ultra Ball
1 Energy Retreival
1 Scoop Up Cyclone

12 Grass
9 Psychic
8 Water

I test it a bit (run through the motions) and it works well. The tournament begins.
R1, 2, 3: all W
I don't remember anything particular from the plot, but I do remember doing the following:
Using Psypower to great effect
-Psypowering something until it could be KO'd otherwise and then focusing on something else.
Sawking several Ursarings to death
Using Houndour once and Chatot not at all
Suicune stalling once

R4 vs PieterPie with Dialga EX
His deck is Dialga EX, Kangaskhan, and Uxie. I start Kanga and get Suicune down, but he Comet Punches for a while avoiding being locked. When I have exhausted his resources (my Kanga and Uxie KO'd his Kanga and Uxie) I pick up the only other Pokemon I have, Kangaskhan, with Scoop Up Cyclone and that's the game.

R5 vs something with Palkia EX
He's also using the Water stage 1's and Ursaring. I believe I start Uxie and Psypower spam while developing other things. Once Kanga hits the field I get Suicune down, and I do eventually win. He didn't seem to know what he was doing.
And I won. I played in the afterdraft. I lost the first two for ridiculous reasons (I pulled a Genesect. That Genesect was KO'd once by a Mirror stall and once by a PORYGON.) In the third, the junior I'm playing has Mirror'd Sawk and the game, but when I promote my Genesect and say, "Your turn" he thinks I attacked, and insists that he loses even though he doesn't. OK...
I had a lot of fun and got great pulls. Thanks for reading.


RE: Blargh's 2013-14 season

Haha, yeah. But it was VERY good, I think it won me two of my games.