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Standard Blaga Deck (Blacephalon GX/Naganadel)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by AcePlayz, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. AcePlayz Just call me, the Pokemon Master!


    Pokemon: 14
    4 Blacephalon
    4 Poipole
    4 Naganadel
    2 Tapu Lele Gx

    4 Sightseer
    3 Cynthia
    3 Guzma
    1 Lillie

    4 Ultra Ball
    4 Beast Ring
    3 Acro Bike
    2 Mysterious Treasure
    1 Choice Band
    1 Rescue Stretcher

    2 Ultra Space
    1 Heat Factory ( * )

    Energy: 17
    16 Fire Energy
    1 Beast Energy ( * )

    Once again I personally stink at build a deck from the ground up, so YouTubers who create deck lists are life savers for me. Some people might call me a phony for using someone else's deck list, but I do not really care!



  2. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    Your use of a "net deck" is not uncommon; many players are challenged with initially building a good, solid deck. Sometimes, a net deck is a good "start" which can be revised after your testing to better fit your playing style, meta in your area, etc. So, no worries about copying someone else's deck. Besides, it's done quite often especially after top players' deck lists are posted after a major tournament.

    I too play a Blacephalon GX deck (oriigally received from a Poké pal.... lol), and have tweaked it quite a bit since then due to my testing. So, in regards to your list, following are a few suggestions for your consideration:

    2 Tapu Lele GX is 1 too many, IMO. With 2, you're likely to use both due to "convenience." From my experience, 1 has been quite sufficient - just replace it with another good Supporter (e.g., Tate & Liza).

    Note that there is a Sceptile (I believe) with an Ability that will prevent damage from Ultra Beast Pokémon to Pokémon with an attached G energy. So, you may want to consider incorporating a non-Ultra Beast Pokémon (e.g., Ho-Oh GX, Tauros GX, Turtonator GX, etc.).

    IMO, the 4th Cynthia and the 4th Guzma are far more critical than a 3rd and 4th Sightseer.

    Lastly, I'm not a fan of Acro Bike in my deck. Consider replacing them with another Lillie, another Mysterious Treasure and a Tate & Liza. Also, consider perhaps incorporating 1 Pal Pad in order to recover and recycle discarded Supporters (never know when you might actually need a 5th or 6th Guzma.... lol).

    I hope you find these comments helpful.
  3. SuperHoundDoom Aspiring Trainer


    I like the ideas listed here, I agree with Acro Bike but instead of another GX I would recommend an Oranguru with instruct. A colorless attacker that can do damage. Also with Ninetales and glaceon making a serious bid for meta play you may want to consider adding another type or a Naganadel GX.
  4. TuxedoBlack Old School Player


    I concur!
  5. Audiofreak19 Aspiring Trainer


    I like the naga gx for stall. Load it up and then stinger. Then beast ring the other nagas and start attacking

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