Pokemon Black & White series episodes on UK Pop Max

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    This is something that literally came out of nowhere. Been flicking through the Sky TV guide, I see 'Pokémon Animated Series' airing on Pop Max (A UK kids channel that shows a mix of shows aimed at kids/teens, including stuff like LEGO TV shows, Rabbids shorts and the occasional anime like Dinosaur King and Beyblade Burst). Apparently they've been doing an all day marathon of Pokémon Black and White to celebrate New Years (And probably to celebrate such a popular show like Pokémon hitting the channel) which amounted to the first 30 episodes.

    Kind of amazing that it hasn't been brought up or mentioned anywhere, normally stuff like the UK Pokémon Twitter would announce if something Pokémon-related was to air on a channel.

    (Watching through a few episodes as well. Ya kind of forget that TPCI had gotten a LOT better with the music editing at one point in time before backpedaling HARD)

    EDIT: Had to add in this little gem, another thing I had forgotten - Pop Max and its sister channels (Pop, Tiny Pop), all their channel idents proudly proclaim themselves as 'A Sony Network'. Yup, Pokémon's airing on a channel owned by one of Nintendo's biggest rivals. The logic in that is kinda staggering XD
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