Ruling Black Market *


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The new stadium Black Market * reads as follows:

Whenever either player’s [D] Pokemon with [D] Energy attached to it is Knocked Out by damage from an opponent’s attack, the opponent takes 1 less Prize card.

Does this work for dark pokemon with unit/rainbow/counter energy attached? Or does it have to be basic dark energy?


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CrownAxe is correct: any Energy Card that provides Dark Energy, whether a Basic Energy card or not (ex. Unit/Rainbow/Counter/Blend/Dangerous/Darkness Energy), would be considered a Dark Energy for the purpose of Black Market Prism's effect.

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Yes, it would count.

From the Compendium in the "Energy Cards In General" section towards the bottom:

* If a card gives off Energy of any type then that card COUNTS as an Energy card of that type. This means a Buzzap'd Electrode that was chosen to give 2 Grass Energy COUNTS as a Grass Energy Card and can be Energy Transferred by Venusaur's Pokémon Power. (Mar 30 WotC Chat)
* Any card that provides Energy is considered an Energy card of the type it provides. So if you were to Energy Burn a DCE, it counts as a Fire Energy card that provides 2 fire Energy until the end of the turn. So it could be Gathered by Team Rocket Charmander but would only provide 1 coin flip for the Continuous Fireball attack on Dark Charizard. (Jul 6, 2000 WotC Chat Announcements)

Note that this is only true if it is attached to a Pokémon, not if it's in the deck, discard pile, or hand.