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Expanded Black Clover (Guzzlord-GX/Missing Clover/Sableye)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Otaku, Feb 8, 2018.

  1. Otaku The wise fool?


    Below is an as-of-yet untested deck. I am trying for a competitive deck but I'll settle for a fun meme deck.

    11 x Pokémon
    1 x Darkrai [Prism Star] (SM - Ultra Prism 77/156)
    1 x Darkrai-EX (BW - Dark Explorers 63/108)
    2 x Guzzlord-GX (SM - Crimson Invasion 63/111)
    3 x Unown (XY - Ancient Origins 30/98)
    4 x Sableye (BW - Dark Explorers 62/108)

    39 x Trainers
    4 x Dark Patch (BW - Dark Explorers /108)
    3 x Battle Compressor (XY - Phantom Forces 92/119)
    1 x Computer Search (BW - Boundaries Crossed 137/149)*
    1 x Choice Band (SM - Guardians Rising 121/145)
    4 x Cynthia (SM - Ultra Prism 119/156)
    2 x Gladion (SM - Crimson Invasion 95/111)
    1 x Guzma (SM - Burning Shadows 115/147)
    1 x Lysandre (XY - Flashfire 90/106)
    4 x Missing Clover (SM - Ultra Prism 129/156)
    1 x Muscle Band (XY 121/146)
    4 x PlusPower (Black & White 96/114)
    4 x Professor Junper (Black & White 101/114)
    4 x Puzzle of Time (XY - BREAKpoint 109/122)
    3 x Trainers' Mail (XY - Roaring Skies 92/108)
    4 x VS Seeker (XY - Phantom Forces 109/119)

    10 x Energy
    10 x Darkness Energy

    *Dowsing Machine (BW - Plasma Storm 128/135) or Life Dew (BW - Plasma Freeze 107/116) or Scramble Switch (BW - Plasma Storm 129/135)

    Most of this list is a placeholder. I have the basic concept for the deck in mind, but not the card specifics. For example, I've included nothing to deal with Tools or Stadium cards.

    Strategy: Sableye uses Puzzle of Time in an attempt to spam Missing Clover over and over again. Just when your opponent has gotten over that, you surprise them by going Darkrai [Prism Star] => Attach [DD] via Ability => Attach [D] from hand => Dark Patch twice more to reach [DDDDD] => Ninja Boy into Guzzlord-GX, use Glutton-GX for game, or at least close to it.
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  2. giggling Bulbasuar Aspiring Trainer
    giggling Bulbasuar


    Add a gladion to search a missing clover in prizes.
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  3. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    The big problem with Clover is that you can only use the ‘prize’ effect once.
  4. Otaku The wise fool?


    Edited initial post to replace two Lusamine with two Gladion... which is actually what the two Lusamine were supposed to be; just had a total brain fail and put the wrong one. ^^'

    You're not the first person to tell me this. I assume it is based on this bit of text:

    • If you played 4 cards, take a Prize card. (This effect works one time for 4 cards.)

    While I may be mistaken, this reads as a clarifier in case someone tried to play four Missing Clover at once and activate the second effect on each of them at the same time to draw four Prizes at once. I do not believe it means you cannot use the effect again if you recycle all four cards and re-play them all together. However, if you know different, feel free to share your source. I will share what I find out if the question is answered anytime soon.

    Edit: Turns out the ruling is already out, as it was in the FAQ released for the Pre-Release.

    == MISSING CLOVER (SM:Ultra Prism)
    Q. If you somehow get 4 Missing Clover back into your hand, can you play them all again a second time to take another prize card?
    A. Yes, you can.
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  5. Merovingian Dead Game Enthusiast

    Articles Head Member

    Checked the FAQ.

    Holy hell. I was mistaken.

    That said, the wording could have been a lot better to avoid this sort of confusion.

    Prize away!
  6. giggling Bulbasuar Aspiring Trainer
    giggling Bulbasuar


    No you can use it it multiple times. The text means you can’t take more than 1 prize.at a time
  7. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    See I thought that was so obvious that the extra text on the card could only possibly mean once per game period
  8. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    Same here.

    Otaku, very interesting concept. But you're missing Dark Patch. Also, why muscle band over 2nd Choice Band? You OHKO every non-ex in the game already, and against something like Zoroark, you OHKO with it without any other help, and if you GX, you would do 210 if you played Kukui and all 4 Plus Power, which isn't likely, but it's a better reason than playing a random Muscle Band for no reason, right?
  9. Otaku The wise fool?


    Aye, this has been a problem since Day 1 of the Pokémon TCG... but it helps to remember we're playing a Japanese card game translated into American English, and geared for all ages.

    Getting back to the deck itself, thanks, @gumball51321 as I can't believe I forgot the copies of Dark Patch! They are rather important. XP Muscle Band may not be the right call, but unlike leaving out Dark Patch (which I mentioned in the strategy, even) it is no mistake. The goal is to attack for a KO once in an ideal situation. Ideal situations are rare. So I wanted a variety of boosts so that Glutton-GX could do its thing (though I'll happily fall back on Tyrannical Hole or even Eat Sloppily and Night Spear if needed). I doubt I'll be in a situation where I can easily use all four PlusPower and Professor Kukui in the same turn, and even making sure I've got Choice Band or Muscle Band is hardly guaranteed. I'll think about switching to two Choice Band, however.

    Anyway, the list will be changing momentarily, as I try to make room for four Dark Patch. No wonder I kept having more and more room. Also, I'm still a bit worried about Tool dependent strategies. I know, I know, the deck isn't a super-serious one, but I'd like to approach it as such just in case it really does have a shot, and because it is kind of sad when a troll deck gets trolled by something real (like Seismitoad-EX backed by Garbotoxin).

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