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    Head of Household: Results

    Hello houseguests! All of you have completed the competition, and it's time to see how it all went down. Let's see how the 3 of you did...

    1st place: @The Last Shaymin with 1:13:17!
    2nd place: @FourteenAlmonds with 1:15:19!
    3rd place: @scattered mind with 2:17:51!

    Congratulations Shaymin, you are the new Head of Household! It is your responsibility to nominate 2 houseguests this week, at risk of being evicted from the house and out of the game. You have until July 1st at 12:00PM EST to name your nominees in this thread.

  2. ill nominate scattered and almonds
  3. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Special Eviction Recap:

    Recapping the special eviction here for convenience (in order):

    - Going into the competition, @The Last Shaymin had nominated @FourteenAlmonds and @scattered mind.
    - The POV competition was Web of Lies (rules here). Ultimately, @Mora finished the puzzle fastest, and won the season's final POV competition.
    - Mora decided to discard the POV.
    - Mora, being the sole vote to evict either Almonds or Scattered, voted to evict Almonds.

    Part 1 of the Final HOH competition will go up at 12PM EST tomorrow, or 17 hours from the timestamp of this post.
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    Lord o da rings


    Week 10:

    Hello, Final 3! This is your final week in the game, before two of you will make your case as to why you deserve to win to the jury of 7! But before you get there, you have to earn it first.

    Final HOH --- Rules:

    Alright, since none of you have actually experienced the typical 3-Part Final HOH format, I'll explain how this works. There are 3 parts to this Final HOH competition:

    - Part 1 will be the competition I give you now. All 3 of you will compete in this competition, and the winner will automatically advance to Part 3 of the competition.
    - Part 2 will be the next competition, which will only be played by the losers of Part 1. The winner of that competition will also advance to Part 3.
    - Part 3 will be the final competition, which will only be played by the winners of Parts 1 and 2. The winner of that competition will be the final HOH of the season.

    When all is said and done, the final HOH will choose which houseguest they want to evict, and that person will be the final juror. That said, the person they choose not to evict, they are bringing to the Final 2, where they will face off against the jury and make their cases as to why they deserve to win this game.

    Head of Household --- Part 1:

    Alright, the competition is here. Representative of Big Brother, the moves and choices you make early will affect your positioning in the late stages. It's...

    Hex FRVR!

    You have until July 3rd at 12:00PM EST to submit a score for this competition, giving you 24 hours. At this point, the deadlines for these competitions will all be 24 hours, and there's really no reason in changing that by now. Again, all 3 of you will participate in this competition.

    A reminder that you need two sources of documentation for your submissions (your name, a PokéBeach tab, etc.) to prove the screenshot was taken by you. As long as it's visible on-screen, drawn on, or through a Notepad app, that's fine. All submissions must be made directly to the host either through 1-on-1 DMs or through your Diary Room. If a submission is invalid, you will be notified and be told what the problem is.

    Discussion in any 1-on-1 chats and alliances is allowed.
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    Lord o da rings


    Final HOH --- Part 1: Results

    Hello houseguests! All of you have completed the competition, and it's time to see how it all went down. Let's see how the 3 of you did...

    1st place: @Mora with 60,006 points!
    2nd place: @The Last Shaymin with 36,372 points!
    3rd place: @scattered mind with 33,394 points!

    Congratulations Mora, you have won Part 1 of the final HOH, and will be automatically advancing to part 3!

    Head of Household --- Part 2:

    Now, as the losers of Part 1, @scattered mind and @The Last Shaymin will duel in Part 2 of the HOH competition. This competition may take you on a blast to the past. It's...

    Tomb Runner!

    You have until July 4th at 12:00PM EST to submit a score for this competition, giving you 24 hours. At this point, the deadlines for these competitions will all be 24 hours, and there's really no reason in changing that by now. Because he won Part 1, Mora will not play in this competition.

    A reminder that you need two sources of documentation for your submissions (your name, a PokéBeach tab, etc.) to prove the screenshot was taken by you. As long as it's visible on-screen, drawn on, or through a Notepad app, that's fine. All submissions must be made directly to the host either through 1-on-1 DMs or through your Diary Room. If a submission is invalid, you will be notified and be told what the problem is.

    Discussion in any 1-on-1 chats and alliances is allowed.
  6. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Final HOH --- Part 2: Results

    Hello houseguests! All of you have completed the competition, and it's time to see how it all went down. Let's see how the 2 of you did...

    1st place: @The Last Shaymin with 483,280 points!
    2nd place: @scattered mind with 190,580 points!

    Congratulations Shaymin you have won Part 2 of the final HOH, and will be automatically advancing to part 3! Unfortunately, as a result of losing both parts of the competition, Scattered is the first nominee.

    Head of Household --- Part 3:

    Now, as the winners of Part 1 and 2, @Mora and @The Last Shaymin will duel in Part 3 of the HOH competition, with the winner becoming the final Head of Household. It all comes down to the BB classic...

    Know Your Jury!

    This competition will be live, and after it concludes and the final HOH has been named, they will immediately have to evict 1 of the 2 nominees. I will ask you both for times in the server. Because he lost Parts 1 and 2, Scattered will not play in this competition (though I recommend he still be there).
  7. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Final HOH --- Part 3 & Eviction (Recap):

    Recapping the final HOH competition and eviction here for convenience (in order):

    - Part 3 of the final HOH competition was Know Your Jury (rules here). Ultimately, @The Last Shaymin won the competition with 4 correct answers, becoming the final HOH of the season.
    - This made @scattered mind and @Mora the nominees.
    - Shaymin, being the sole vote to evict either Scattered or Mora, voted to evict Mora, naming them the final member of the jury.

    Scattered, Shaymin, congratulations. You have made it to the Final 2 and have gone as far as you can go in this game. The finale will start shortly, good luck finalists.
  8. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings



    Hello finalists! @scattered mind and @The Last Shaymin, congratulations! You have done what 10 others could not, and have reached the end of the game. There's only one hurdle left stopping you from winning this game, and that is the jury. This jury of 7 will decide who wins this game, and the bragging rights that come with it. But first, let's welcome back our jury:

    - Juror #1: @cheezee weeñ
    - Juror #2: @Babywinds
    - Juror #3: @Turtwig
    - Juror #4: @Vom
    - Juror #5: @Amici
    - Juror #6: @FourteenAlmonds
    - Juror #7: @Mora


    Alright, since both of our finalists and most of our jurors are new to this, here's how this will work. Scattered and Shaymin will have the floor here to argue, and debate one another as to why they deserve to win this game over the other player. To get the ball rolling, each jury member may ask each finalist 1 question each (though you do not have to). You can ask them both the same question, or you can ask them totally different things, that is completely up to you. All that matters is that discussion between finalists and jurors sticks to this thread.

    The criteria that a juror uses in making their decision is completely up to them, as by design there are no wrong jury votes. No right, no wrong, only what the jury makes of the finalists. Votes can be changed at any point throughout the finale, so don't feel like you're locking in a permanent decision when we're only just starting. Jurors, cast your votes in your DR (and tag me when you do), and these votes will be revealed when the finale is over and a winner is to be crowned. At the end of the finale, the finalist with more votes from our Jury of 7 will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 9!

    The finale will last for 72 hours, or until July 8th at 7PM EST, no later and no sooner. Finalists, use that time to show the jury why you should win. Jury, use that time to make your decision. This is it, you guys, good luck!
  9. That was certainly a fun game. I definitely went much further than I anticipated, so yay. I'm not entirely sure what I should be writing about, but I will gladly answer any questions you guys have for me
  10. Turtwig Retired retired Mod. Jovimohnaeliackvid.

    Forum Mod Member

    Ok, let's get the ball rolling. This game was pretty dramatic behind the scenes, with lots of tactical betrayals and toxic relationships. I'll address this issue with both finalists.

    @scattered mind Congrats on making it to final 2! I remember being excited for our alliance to go far in the beginning...except it didn't, you decided to "spice things up" by betraying several of us out of nowhere. Considering this move as well as your cooperation with other players who kept targeting me in the game, why should I consider voting for you to be the next winner?

    @The Last Shaymin I'm so happy for you!! You were always a trustworthy friend throughout the game and never took part in the toxic betrayals that seemed to happen every week. I appreciate your lowkey hustle and ability in the many games we've played--including the mind games. How much of your "quietness" was planned? Do you consider your lowkey approach a strategy you had from the beginning, or did it kind of take shape as everyone started picking sides around you?
  11. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    I'm sorry that you look at it as a toxic betrayal. To me it wasn't a way to spice things up at all. I gathered the information that you and vom are in a separated alliance with cheese. I am not the kind of player to let things slide. I keep trying to control the situation and to make sure I can advance as far as I can. Once you chose to become an alliance without telling me- that was your first betrayal. But not toxic- just a stratigic move like I did. This is how the game works. Taking out the strongest players like Vom was essential to move on - again it was not done with "bad thoughts" or whatever but purly as a strategy. Had I felt that the mod alliance was pure I would have never done anything and woudn't mind to let anyone win. Case in point- my alliance with Mora was pure- he didn't keep anything from me the whole game- which made me sure that whatever happens- I will do as much as I can to help him even if that means to put me on the spotlight- the very thing I did when I decided to go against the mod squad when I felt that me and Mora are in danger.
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  12. I think my quiet playstyle started because I tried working with "both sides," kinda. I was in 2 main alliances until almonds was voted out the first time, which were vom and you, and almonds and mora. I think I developed this method of play because I wanted to stay on good terms with both sides without betraying the other, which was definitely interesting, to say the least. I think my playstyle was set in stone at the start of week 2, as I had a couple of strong alliances and I didn't want to hurt either of them. That's what made this game tricky, as both of my alliances were against each other, and I submitted zero for almost all of the competitions as to not shake the boat. This passive playstyle worked pretty well, I think. It could have fallen apart very easily, but the people I chose to work with all went pretty far in the game, and made it more fun for me and hopefully them as well.
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  13. Amici Wayfaring Stranger


    @The Last Shaymin
    Your social game this game was absolutely horrendous from my point of view. We didn’t talk until F5 and even then you lied right to my face. Forgive me for sounding like a bitter bitch because lying for next to zero reason is honestly the worst thing to do to someone that will be sitting on the jury imo. It’s what I call BadJuryMamagement. Even then your overall game was better than scattered’s because of your at least commendable strategy of “do nothing and don’t piss off most of the jury”. I have no question for you other than how your day was :)

    @scattered mind
    See ya.

    I think that’s enough dragging because there’s nothing to drag because you were honestly not fun to talk to really. So tell me, why should I vote for you over Shaymin?
  14. I think my day was pretty good. I woke up, went on a walk, and played some splatoon with my friend. Now I am playing sea of thieves, how was yours?
  15. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    right.. to all those who have already showed or are going to show that they like shaymin better and ask why they should vote for me- not going to beg you. You already set in your mind and you start dissing me. So I’ll pass your vote.
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  16. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

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    Alright now I got some time to make a whole case. Yay

    First of all I want that this game was a lot of fun. As an avid mafia player, I was glad to see that some elements of that game actually appeared here. There are mind games, you don’t know who the enemy is until very late, and you vote to eliminate players. My first game here was nothing like this. I really didn’t give enough chance for the game and went pretty much inactive because I thought it was all about mini games

    stepping into this game I knew that I am going to make sure to do my best. That’s it. I had no plans and was not sure at all how the game actually works. In fact I had no idea there is even a jury vote in the end, so unlike others, I didn’t consider that at all when I played. But I’m not really regretting. Second place is a really nice spot to be in and heck eventually I play for the fun of it even if I do try to be the best I can.

    the one and only true loyalty I had this game was mora. My strategy was simple. Trust everyone until they fail you. From there I joined mora, then the mod squad And then almonds. I also had the alliance with jack who is not a part of the jury but still. That was a strong alliance. I was open completely with the mora and the mod squad as they seemed to be the most trustworthy and good players who do know what they are doing. Unfortunately at some point it appeared that the mod squad (ex mora) developed connections with cheese. To add to that, we also realised that vom is a dangerous player who switches alliances (no idea if that is true but we could not disregard that info). We decided to go for the break of the ties with the mod squad and to make sure their fairly large alliance will not stay that way to control the game. It worked. That was it. There was nothing else to it. And my only regret is that some people refer to that act as toxic and take it personally. It is really not. I love you guys outside this game and inside and I’m working with you. And btw if this game is taken that serious and personally let me announce that I will not play it ever again. A game is a game and what’s fair is fair. I really don’t see any moral code that I could have broken.

    putting that aside, I must say that hearing how shaymin submitted zero in most competitions was mind blowing and I will laugh at myself so hard if he wins. Not that I wouldn’t be happy for him but it’s just that you have no idea how hard I tried to accomplish the best scores I can in each game staying hours in front of the computer and all that while being a full time teacher and in a divorce process. So yeah that would be a nice one on me I guess.

    I think that looking at the jury members my chances to win this final round are fairly slim, but it’s ok. Next time I’ll know better how to play and hey, not bad for a first time playing this game seriously. I always remind myself that what I was doing the best I could at that moment when it comes to review my mistakes.

    Overall this game was a lot of fun and shout out to mora who was my ultimate partner till the very end.

    Thank you everyone :)
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  17. Vom back to the usual she-ra pfps

    Forum Mod Member

    I explicitly stated on numerous occasions in the mod squad chat that I was in contact with cheez. I understand maybe you felt betrayed but that was really not the case. It wasn't until we broke up that I pursued that alliance further with Turtwig.
    Like I tell some of my friends: they key to a good relationship is communication. If you'd asked me about it, I would've explained what was going on that game, like I did with Turtwig and I think even Almonds. I thought we were fine since you didn't say anything in the chat. If anything, why didn't you just confront me in the chat? That would've effectively achieved the same thing while discrediting me more and no one feeling betrayed.
    I am only slightly annoyed that you never bothered to answer a single message I sent you, but I knew those were a long shot anyway. Still, even a 'lol vom nice try' would've been nice. :p

    That being said, it's seeming more and more to me that arguably the most impactful moment in the game came from a misunderstanding. I mean, obviously it worked out for you, but wow knowing that things could have been so different.

    As for Shaymin, well, nice strategy lmao. I didn't think something like that could work because of eventually becoming collateral damage, but honestly I was very surprised to see you popping off towards the end of the game - I think I even laughed out loud, it was such a welcome change of pace. Now that we know you were secretly a comp beast, I guess you would've gotten out of harm's way should you have been put in it, but thanks to the repeated nola nominations that never happened.

    What was up with nominating nola so much btw, genuine question. To whomever pushed that eviction for so long. I think the only other person to have been nominated so many times this game was me lmao.

    You'd think since I'm horrible with answers (just ask lorde, my unfiltered answers for Know Your Jury left a lot to be desired) I'd at least be good with questions, but I'm really not. So, any jury bias that you think may or may not exist aside, why do each of you think the other deserves to win the game? I'm not gonna ask y'all to bring each other down (positivity hell yeah!) so instead I wanna see what you've learned about each other. I am specifically leaving any suspected jury bias that may or may not exist out of the question because, once again, everything is possible with the power of communication. Case in point, I was upset with one of the jurors because of stuff, but we talked it out and now we're good. :D

    Speaking of learning about each other, how on earth did you manage to nail the Know Your Jury, Shaymin? You didn't really talk to any of us besides Turtwig, but you got the best results by a mile. also can someone please show us what the statements were we didn't get to see
  18. here we go. A really long monologue to rival the likes of Shakespeare.
    I started the game off very, very confused. I did not have any idea where to start until I received 3 particular DM's from Almonds, Mora, and Turtwig. At the time, I did not know that 2 of these messages would become my most important alliances for the entire game. These two alliances were what I based my entire playstyle around. Instead of them playing with me, I was playing with them. Initially, I worked with a large alliance with Almonds, Mora, and a few other people, along with a separate alliance with Turtwig and Vom. Already, on week 1, I was in 2 alliances that wanted to split the other one up.

    Week 1 already had problems. I couldn’t participate in the HOH challenge because my dad had taken my computer away. I still had my phone, so I could chat with my alliances, but I was already relying on other people on week 1. I did not know then that this would be my strategy for almost the entire game. I was able to compete in the achievement unlocked challenge, but I did terribly, so I just requested 0 again. Turtwig and Jack were the final nominees. I voted Jack, and he ended up being the first one voted out. This whole interaction let me understand how tricky it was to keep both of my alliances in check. One was already trying to take bites out of the other.

    It was at this point when I decided that this would be my strategy for as long as possible. Submit a score of zero, vote for the person who I met the least, rinse, and repeat. It was smooth sailing for quite a while, until week 6.

    Week 6 was when Turtwig and Almonds became enemies. This was a bad spot for me, because I was working with both of them, and I chose to vote nola. This was the week after almonds got back in the game, and I already had to make a crucial decision. I could either vote out turtwig and ruin my relationship with Vom, who I had been working with since week 1, or potentially ruin my relationship with almonds. This was definitely one of the more terrifying parts of the game, when almonds accused me of ghosting him because I didn’t want to tell him that I voted for Nola. I really wanted to keep an alliance with both players, as I consider all of them my friends and I wanted to go far with them. Luckily for me, almonds wasn’t too sad when I told him I voted Nola, so that was a success for me.

    The week after this was the worst. Almonds had nominated Vom and Turtwig, both of which I was allied to. I was absolutely garbage at frat boy beer pong, and to be frank, I hated the game. The problem here was that if I won and saved turtwig or vom, I would ruin my alliance with almonds, so I had to submit zero. This was probably one of my most crucial decisions the entire game. The worst part was that I had to vote for one of my alliance members, and almonds pressured me into voting turtwig. Turtwig ended up going home, and that was the end of 1 of my alliances.

    Next up was the double eviction event. This is when things started to get spicy. At this point, Vom was voted out and I got my first eviction vote. That was almost like a wakeup call, and I realized that I would have to start to actually win challenges. I lost the HOH competition (man, mora is good at logic puzzles) and was nominated with amici. The POV game was fibbage, which happened to be a game I was familiar with. I won it, which let me stay in the game along with almonds, and this is where Amici sent me a DM. This was actually the first DM I had received other than those original 3 from week 1, so I was completely confused as to what I should do. I must have said something that was exactly the wrong thing to say. I am sorry about this, and I hope you can forgive me for whatever I did.

    I think you guys know what happens next. Almonds and I realized that all we needed to do was to win POV, and at least one of us would make it to the final 2. I played clockwork cat, and It was such an interesting speedrun. I got down to 1:14 when almonds asked me how I was doing. He checked the page and we could still shave a few seconds off, so I got to work. My final time was 1:13:something and I was completely satisfied with the results, with almonds getting 1:15 as his time. I nominated almonds and scattered, just as he asked me to, and all we needed to do was to not screw up the POV competition.

    …which is exactly what we did. Mora won, which means that my second main ally was out of the game. This was it. I had to fend for myself now. I didn’t do so well in Hex Frvr, but I played temple run as a kid and tomb runner is just a direct rip-off of it, so I had some prior experience. I honestly expected scattered to do better in the competition, it has a somewhat low skill ceiling and just needs some time thrown at it. I won by what I would consider a landslide, and led me into the final game, Know Your Jury

    Headed into this, I was extremely worried. To me, it was a luck-based game, where I would just guess and maybe get it right. Little did I know that I would win 4-1 with only answering 4 questions.
    Question #1: When asked how he would rank his gameplay on a scale of 1-100 and why, Cheez said:
    A) I would give myself a 40 cuz I didn’t make as many allies as I wanted
    B) I would give myself a 65 cuz I played well but didn't make it that far
    The correct answer is B. Shaymin got it right, Shaymin leads 1-0.
    Question #2: When asked what their favorite moment in the game was, Nola said:
    A) Everyone else miraculously recovering from throwing the game to Vom
    B) When I got evicted because this game was boring to me
    The correct answer is A. You both got it right, Shaymin leads 2-1.
    Question #3: When asked what the most shocking moment of the game was, Turtwig said:
    A) Probably Mora guessing Vom’s invincibility
    B) Probably Scattered turning on Vom and me
    The correct answer is A. Shaymin got it right, Shaymin leads 3-1.
    Question #4: When asked which houseguest needs a reality check the most, Vom said:
    A) definitely amici. I dont understand why she thinks she played this great game, she didn’t do anything.
    B) lol almonds. I don't know exactly what he said to turtwig, but from the sounds of it it was preeeetty smug.
    The correct answer is B. Shaymin got it right, Shaymin leads 4-1.
    (I had won at this point, so I asked lorde what the last 2 questions were)
    Question #5: When asked which evicted houseguest’s gameplay she respected the most, Amici said:
    A) Vom. She was a target from week 1 and lived til f6. Props to her.
    B) Almonds. He was evicted, came back, won 2 hohs, and almost made it to the end.
    Answer is A
    Question #6: When asked what his biggest mistake this season was, Almonds said:
    A) Not realising Mora and Scattered were as tight as they were, had I known that I would’ve made a different path to the end.
    B) Not realising when I was being a dick -- I wouldn't say that my gameplay was wrong, but the way I went about it certainly was.
    Answer is B
    You can do with this information however you like
    To be completely honest with you, I won mostly because I had luck on my side. My reasoning with question 1 was that cheez had allies, in the form of turtwig and vom, so it was probably B. for question 2, A is the only answer that makes sense, and with 3 and 4, I was tight with you guys so it only makes sense that I got the answers correct. Question 4 and 6 was definitely the most obvious of them all though.

    And here we are. I decided to evict Mora, as he was a challenge beast (vom, turtwig, and I were joking about me being a challenge beast by submitting 0 over and over, looks like we predicted the future lol) even though most of the jury hated him. I tried to play this game without betraying anybody, and I think I succeeded in that regard. Juggling 2 completely different alliances was difficult, but it ended up working for me The sketchiest votes of mine were met without any feelings of betrayal (I hope) and I think that I certainly exceeded mine and some other‘s expectations.
    in case you were wondering, i requested for zero a total of 8 times

    ok, question time
    man, scattered definitely played a strong game. He won challenges when they were imporatant, and he did everything in his power to put himself farther in the game without being dragged behind by anyone. I definitely want to be able to play without fear of betraying my friends, but i think its impossible for me :/
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2020
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  19. scattered mind Competitive VG Forums Mod
    scattered mind

    Forum Mod Member

    Well, I guess I never saw alliances as relationships. To me it was a part of the game. Again, I might have been heavily influenced by Mafia.
    Shaymin deserves the win for having the ability to stay on balance between alliances without getting anyone feeling like he is a threat. We had the same fear that a low key player will eventually win with Amici too. But unlike Amici, Shaymin also has a lot to offer in his overall better smooth easy going character that was appealing to pretty much anyone who had conversation with him. (See Amici? I can be mean too <3 )
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  20. Mora Don't Panic

    Forum Mod Member


    Congrats to both finalists! I'm just going to get straight to the point.

    @scattered mind, the biggest criticism of your game from the jury pool is that you relied on me too much to make all of the moves. Now I feel like we made a lot of those decisions together, since we had such a tight bond from day one. Looking back, we were probably as much of a threat as Vom and Turtwig since we made final 2 back in the old Challenge days, but that was so long ago and there's not a wiki, I don't think anyone even had a clue.

    @The Last Shaymin I'm warning you now, I'm going to be a little harsh on you since it doesn't look like the jury is going to give you a single tough question. But I feel like you're in the same boat as Scattered. If Scattered relied on me to get him to the final 2, then I think it's only fair to also say that you relied on Vom and Turtwig. You basically admit as much.
    To be honest, you were never in any real danger as long as they were around. They were taking all the heat, and then once they were gone, me and Almonds I think were the obvious targets for the house to get rid of. By my count, four of the final six were considering taking you to a final 2 just because they didn't think you had a good case to the jury. So you might have been able to do literally nothing and still make it this far, depending on who went home when.

    Not that I'm knocking you for that, I mean if it works, it works. I can respect a passive strategy, I just want to make sure that it actually is a strategy on your part and not just a case of being at the right place at the right time. It seems to me like a lot of other players put in weeks worth of work and strategizing to find a spot in the final 2, but all you had to do is win a challenge or two at the very end. And speaking of that final HoH:
    I agree that part 3 of the HoH felt really luck-based. A few of the "wrong" answers in that challenge were things that I specifically remember those players saying in our DM's, but apparently they gave different answers in their one-on one with Lorde. The goal I assume was to reward the players who had been paying attention to the jurors, but since both statements were things they had said, I think it failed in that regard. At that point, I would have much preferred a coin flip. Even so, I believe a "nice job" is in order, so nice job!

    But in order for you guys to win my vote, I need to hear from both of you, what's a move that you made that had a lasting effect on the game?
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