Finished Big Brother 8: Friends and Enemies

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    Week 9: Power of Veto
    So far this game, you've played through eight weeks of tough competition, fighting to eliminate your fellow players. Now, we'll see how well you remember it. This week's Power of Veto competition is...
    A Live Puzzle!

    This puzzle will be solely about events that occurred this game, so study up! I'll try to schedule a time for tomorrow.

    Head of Household: @Lord o da rings
    Nominee: @mirdo
    Nominee: @Alfze
    "Random" Draw: @EurekaTingz

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    Week 9: Power of Veto Results
    In the live Web of Lies Power of Veto competition, @Lord o da rings won with a time of 16 minutes!

    Congratulations to Lorde for winning the Power of Veto!
    Lorde, you have 25.5 hours, or until April 18th at 6:00PM EST, to either use the veto on a nominee and pick a replacement nominee or discard the veto.​
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    This is the veto meeting. Mirdo and Alfze are currently nominated for eviction, but as the veto holder I have the power to save one of my nominees. I have decided...

    Not to use the Power of Veto. Y'all are both great people and I'm glad I got to play this game with you guys, but it's not in my interest to use this, and I wish you both luck in the eviction vote.

    Alright @NinjaPenguin it's all yours.
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    Week 9: Eviction
    @mirdo and @Alfze are the final nominees for this week.
    As Head of Household, Lorde cannot vote. Neither of the nominees are allowed to vote. This leaves @EurekaTingz as the sole voter for this week.​

    Flour, you have 25.25 hours, or until April 18th at 6:00PM EST, to cast your vote to evict in-thread.​
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    Before I begin, I just want to congratulate you all on making it to the final 4! I'm sure we have all worked hard to get here, and we all deserve to be here! But I have to cut someone to get to the F3... So I'll begin.

    With my sole vote, I vote to evict...

    You've played a great game Mirdo, there's no denying that. But I also know I could never win against you in a F2. I know that for a fact, because you've built up a good resume for the jury, and there's no way I'm able to beat that moving forward in a F2. It was great to play with you nontheless, and good luck while casting your vote in the jury!
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    Week 9: Vote Results
    In a moment, I'll reveal the evicted houseguest. This person will have to gather all of their belongings and leave the Big Brother House immediately. By a vote of 1-0...
    @mirdo, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House.

    If you had any conversations about the game this week that I was not included in, please send me transcripts of them as soon as you can. Additionally, here's a friendly reminder that since mirdo has been evicted, you can no longer include him in communications about the game.

    Week 10: Head of Household
    Welcome to the final week of this game! Here's how this will work:
    This week will be a three-stage Head of Household competition, with all three houseguests eligible to compete. The winner of Part 1 will automatically advance to Part 3, while the other two houseguests will compete in Part 2. The winner of Part 2 will compete with the winner of Part 1 in Part 3.
    The winner of Part 3 will become the new Head of Household, with the sole power to evict either of the other two remaining houseguests.
    The two houseguests remaining at the end of this week will reach the finale, where the jury will choose one of them to be crowned the winner of Big Brother 8.

    Week 10: Head of Household Part 1
    Let's cut right to the chase. The first stage of this Head of Household competition is...
    Multitask 2!

    This is the fourth time Multitask 2 has appeared in a competition. In BB4's Week 6 Power of Veto competition, it was won by NinjaPenguin, with a score of 63. Later that season, it was used as one of the competitions in the Week 9 Face Your Fears HTR competition, where TOTAL_EPICNESS kept himself safe by getting 131.75% of NP's earlier score, with a score of 83. Finally, in BB5's Week 5 Power of Veto competition, it was won by NinjaPenguin, with a score of 115.

    You have until April 19th at 6:00PM EST to submit for this competition! This gives you 48.5 hours. A reminder that I'm open to discussion about how long competitions should last, especially at later stages in the game where the competition gets tighter! Any reductions in time limits will be based on the house's opinions of a fair length.
    A reminder that you must include two forms of documentation (e.g. your name, a Pokebeach tab, etc.) to prove the score was yours in your submission! As long as it's visible on-screen, drawn on or in something like a Notepad app, etc. that's perfectly fine. All submissions must be made to the host in PokeBeach PMs, or in Discord DMs, and you will be notified if your submission is valid, or invalid.
    Discussion in any alliance chats is allowed for this competition! This competition is Full Throwing Available, and all the scores will be revealed for it.​
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    Week 10: Head of Household Part 1 Results
    1st Place: @Lord o da rings with 119 points
    2nd Place: @Alfze with 64 points
    3rd Place: @EurekaTingz with 55 points

    Congratulations to Lorde on winning Part 1! You have automatically advanced to Part 3 of this Head of Household competition!​
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    Week 10: Head of Household Part 2
    You've had to fight tooth and nail to get this far in the game. But in order to win this competition, you'll need to master a totally new weapon: the axe. The second stage of this Head of Household competition is...
    Choppy Orc!

    Note: In order to be able to record your times, please play on Speedrun mode.

    You have until April 21st at 6:00PM EST to submit for this competition! This gives you 48 hours. A reminder that I'm open to discussion about how long competitions should last, especially at later stages in the game where the competition gets tighter! Any reductions in time limits will be based on the house's opinions of a fair length.
    A reminder that you must include two forms of documentation (e.g. your name, a Pokebeach tab, etc.) to prove the score was yours in your submission! As long as it's visible on-screen, drawn on or in something like a Notepad app, etc. that's perfectly fine. All submissions must be made to the host in PokeBeach PMs, or in Discord DMs, and you will be notified if your submission is valid, or invalid.
    Discussion in any alliance chats is allowed for this competition! This competition is Full Throwing Available, and all the scores will be revealed for it.
    As the winner of Part 1 of this Head of Household competition, Lorde is ineligible to play in this competition. The winner of this competition will face off against her in Part 3.​
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    Week 10: Head of Household Part 2 Results
    1st Place: @EurekaTingz with 272 seconds
    2nd Place: @Alfze with 423 seconds

    Congratulations to Flour on winning Part 2! You have advanced to Part 3 of this Head of Household competition!​
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    Week 10: Head of Household Part 3
    It all comes down to this. The final stage of this Head of Household competition is...
    Know Your Jury!

    This is a classic competition, and we will hold it live at some time tomorrow, so stay tuned for that. The winner of this Head of Household competition will be asked to make their decision in-thread of who to evict immediately after the competition's conclusion, so be prepared.

    As the winners of Part 1 and Part 2 of this Head of Household competition, Lorde and Flour are the two players eligible to play in this competition.​
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    Week 10: Head of Household Part 3 Results
    By a score of 6-5, @Lord o da rings has won Part 3 of this Head of Household competition.

    Congratulations to Lorde on winning Head of Household! Please make your decision in-thread on who you choose to evict, keeping in mind that you and the player who you choose to keep will be the two finalists that the jury will vote on to crown the winner of Big Brother 8.​
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    Lord o da rings


    As the final Head of Household of the season, I have to evict one of either @EurekaTingz or @Alfze. I don't really want to do it, you're both great people and I know we all worked so hard to make it this far, and we should all be proud of that. But my decision is clear. I have decided to evict...

    Al, I'm sorry.
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    Week 10: Vote Results
    By a vote of 1-0...
    @Alfze, you have been evicted from the Big Brother House.

    If you had any conversations about the game this week that I was not included in, please send me transcripts of them as soon as you can. Additionally, here's a friendly reminder that since Al has been evicted, you can no longer include him in communications about the game.​
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    The Finale
    Congratulations to @Lord o da rings and @EurekaTingz for doing what 10 other All-Stars could not and making it to the finale! Now, the power shifts from your hands to the Jury of 5, who will determine the winner of this game.

    Here's how this will work:
    Lorde and Flour will have the duration of the finale to argue, debate, and present their cases in-thread as to why they're worthy of victory over the other.
    To make their jobs easier, each jury member will have a single question they may ask the finalists. Each jury member may ask each finalist one question, meaning you can either ask both of them the same question, or different questions to either of them. All discussion between the two finalists and all discussion between jury members and the finalists must be made in this thread.
    The criteria by which the jury members vote is completely up to them. There is no right or wrong vote, only yours. Votes can be changed at any time before the end of the finale. Votes must be made privately to me by DM, and will be revealed publicly at the end of the finale.
    At the end of the finale, the player with the most votes to win from the Jury of 5 (@VioletValkyrie, @Fiery_Lugia, @Brave Vesperia, @mirdo, and @Alfze) will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 8!

    The finale will last for 96 hours (until April 26th at 5:00PM EST), or until 48 hours after every player has asked their questions and cast their vote for who they want to win, whichever one is shorter.

    This is the conclusion of all you've fought for for 10 weeks, so give it your all. Good luck!​
  15. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~ (she/her)


    I guess I’ll go first, and I’ll start with a classic question to both Lorde and Flour, why do you think you deserve to win?
  16. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    So. Welcome the two of you. Can't say im suprised much.

    You both played well and definitly deserve to be here.
    So congrats to Flour for making F2 twice in a row and to Lorde for beeing in the final for the third time in total.

    On to my question:
    I would like to know your guys look on the game as a whole. If you could've orchastrated it and put who ever desereved most into the F2. Who would've it been.
    This can include either of you or both. Please do give reason for your choices.
  17. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Hello jurors! Thanks for being here as part of this process. The host side of me is thankful that we still have a jury at all after the events of this season, so I thank you all for sticking with it. This is gonna be a long post, going through my game in chronological order, week by week. I'll spoiler each week for you guys if you want to consume it in chunks, or all at once:


    Just as an introduction, I want to say that this game has been very, very different from any game I've played before, because I've never had to play under the spotlight of being one of the biggest targets in the room. With that knowledge, I knew I couldn't play this game the same way I had in the past: overtly manipulating, playing from the shadows, and powering through without opposition, because I knew there would be plenty of it. Not only did I decide immediately to play a bold and upfront game, visible to everyone (because I'm a threat regardless), but I also decided I wanted to return people's loyalties. I have a reputation for being a snake and a liar, so I wanted to be genuine about one thing: if you have my back, I have yours, and I stayed true to this with those who I believed really did have my back, and not once did I make any grand act of betrayal of someone I truly trusted. This doesn't mean I was without moves, but anyone who was willing to work with me, I wanted to work with me as long as possible.

    I also believe this game to have been a game of seizing the moment and capitalizing on opportunities once they're presented to me. I'll make note of "seeing an opportunity" throughout this post, so look out for those!
    Week 1

    Week 1 is probably when my game was at its worst. I was a huge target, coming into the game with a lengthy resume, and I was busy with schoolwork and didn't have as many connections as I would have liked. I was in conversation with Flour, Raven, Violet, and somewhat with Al and Ephe but not nearly enough to consider myself in a dominant position at all. With the first HOH offering up immunity, I made it my goal to be in the sweet spot that enabled me to be safe for the first week, just long enough to get my footing, but not in the range of being the week's HOH (something I definitely did not want once simple safety was an option). This worked out, as I managed to gain immunity for the week, but Violet ended up being HOH, someone I saw myself working with at the time. She made it very clear that she wanted Hermes out of the way and evicted from the game. I knew Hermes was someone who would not want to work with me given our history, so I was with Violet on this one. Hermes caught on to what was happening pretty quickly, but once he wasn't picked for the veto he was as good as gone. This is really the least interesting week of my game until the sprint to the finish, so I won't go further into detail here.
    Week 2

    Week 2 is where I believe my game got interesting. Going into the week I still had little idea of where to take my game, but an HOH just so happened to fall into my hands, which I wasn't anticipating. After some thinking, I saw an opportunity and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this: the chips. Some of you may have caught on to what this was, but I had 3 goals in doing this:
    - Collect info from every single corner of this house.
    - Masquerade my week as "open to the house", and that I wasn't actually doing anything major with my power.
    - Get a target of mine gone without certain people (I'll elaborate on who) noticing I had anything to do with it.

    I accomplished every single one of these goals, but I'll start from the beginning. Flour told me that in a conversation with Ephe, Ephe mentioned that his targets moving forward were myself and Jade. Obviously, Ephe's a former winner himself, he knows how to play this, and so it was a threat I did not take lightly, and I decided to target him for eviction. The next thing I did was I made a temporary 4 person alliance with myself, Flour, Jade, and Mae. Flour repeated what he said to me there, and the 4 of us decided to target Ephe as a group that week.

    It also happened that Violet, being worried about getting backdoor by these chips, wanted to throw herself and Mirdo on to the block. She also had an agenda of backdooring Jade, but given that Jade and Violet were always going to be rivals, I saw this as stupid for my game and didn't want it happening. Chips came in for Violet, Mirdo, and Jade. Flour, Mae, and Jade all allowed me to manipulate their chips as needed so that Ephe would have the 3rd most chips by the end, and that he would be the replacement nominee.

    Obviously, Violet won the veto and saved herself, and I announced that Ephe was the replacement nominee as if it was the will of the people. Violet mentioned that she was hoping for Jade, which I knew considering their potential for a rivalry that I wanted to be on both sides of. This is precisely why I didn't want Jade gone, but it's also why I didn't tell Violet and anyone associated with her (Raven, Lily) that Jade was safe. Ephe went out 8-0, and I had a potential threat out of the equation before he could have inflicted damage. With the chips masking this as something I didn't have any real role in, in addition to keeping Jade safe for later (and also giving Violet and her allies no plausible way to be angry at me specificially for not putting him up), I think this was a great week for me.
    Week 3

    Week 3 was... interesting. Due to the timing of my HOH, I wasn't actually offered a choice on whether to compete in the HOH/POV or the Blockade, I just didn't play the comp. Violet won and she threw up the siblings, which was expected. The most important part of this phase was the dissolution of the spotlight chats, which allowed for the formation of Azalea, a 5-person alliance with myself, Flour, Raven, Violet, and Lily. I suggested it be made to Raven and Violet in the interest that the 5 of us had been working around the spotlight twist as a group already. I did want to be closer to Violet, just because she's such a force in this game, but I also wanted to scout out what that trio was doing. Raven and Violet turned in their chip submissions at the exact same time the week prior, and they were the same. I knew they were aligned from the start. Flour also mentioned to me that Raven told him he may have to cut him in coming weeks, as he had a designated #1 already. It was instantly clear to me that that #1 was Violet, and that Violet/Raven/Lily was a 3 person circle in the house.

    This proved to be successful when they started to talk to us about how Raven had pocketed Mirdo, and Violet had pocketed Al (more alignments that I got confirmed for me). Despite knowing I was a target on their minds, they seemed to believe I was 100% on their side, and trusted me with this information. When the POV competition came to an end, and the alliance was shocked to see Al win the veto. In reality, what happened was that Violet was offered some temptation to take an advantage in place of the veto, and the veto went to the 2nd place finisher in the comp. What Violet won was some type of advantage menu. It was 7 advantages (1 from each prior season), but she only got to actually play 1 of them, and once that happened the whole advantage was considered used. This was invaluable information to have, and I'll get to why next week.

    When it came to the eviction, Mae was taken down and replaced with Mirdo for some reason, and I quickly realized I held all the marbles on this eviction. Al, Raven, and Lily were voting to evict Jade. Mae and Brave (someone who Jade's side had but haven't needed to mention until now) were voting to evict Mirdo. Flour and I held all the power. We tossed and turned on this one for a while, he wanted to save Jade and I didn't, but ultimately I won out and Jade was sent out.

    However, something that was critical was managing Jade, because he and I both knew Violet was a massive threat who needed to be dealt with. So I told him that evicting him was the best thing to take out Violet (which I believed, this was true Jade), as it would take her completely off-guard, whereas keeping him would give her every reason to be alarmed immediately, and get me and Flour in hot water, and close off our information channel in Azalea. He understood, and told Brave and Mae to work with me to meet our common goal of taking Violet out. Just like that, because of my words I picked up 2 new allies, whether temporary or permanent I wasn't sure, but even if I just had them for the week I knew I was in a better spot. Out of the 4 of myself, Flour, Mae, and Brave the alliance La Revolución was born.
    Week 4

    Here's where the fireworks begin. Jury's begun, and I'm the last former winner left standing. Naturally I'm worried, because the amount of targets left in the house is dwindling and myself/Violet/Raven (Raven was much less of a threat to worry about with the winners + Violet still in the house, but he was definitely still one of them) are really the only "big" players left with targets on them.

    Going into the week, I plan on shooting for the moon and making the big move to take Violet out of the game, but I felt very defeated when Mirdo edged me out in the HOH by a single point. I was immediately worried about seeing the block, but he threw up Mae and Flour after 10 minutes of pure chaos. Mae was a house target at this point, I wasn't surprised to see her up, but Flour's nomination turned heads. This was actually such a big deal that it led to Violet and Mirdo arguing constantly for next few hours or so. And again, I saw an opportunity. Violet made a mistake in arguing with the HOH, who has the power to put your life in the game in jeopardy, and this ruined their relationship really rapidly.

    As I watched Violet/Raven/Lily discuss the situation in Azalea, I went to Mirdo to talk to him directly. I wanna note that though I was game motivated here because I wanted to survive and make a big move, a part of it was just making sure he was okay. He seemed really distraught over the situation, and I felt like he may beat himself way too much over how small an "error" this really was. Even though my #1 was on the block, I stayed calm and tried to make sure Mirdo knew I had his back 100%, opting to play therapist for the week as a means to develop trust. I approached this with caution at first because I had no idea whether or not he would take anything I said back to Raven or even Violet, but the more I talked the more I realized that Mirdo seemed like he wanted to make a move on Violet anyways. Opportunity time! From there, I made sure he understood that if he makes such a move, he has the numbers to make something happen (myself, 1 of Flour/Mae, and Brave, and he can break the tie). I told him (I told this to La Revolución as well as a sign of trust) about Violet's advantage to further emphasize how much power Violet really had, but I also told him (and showed him) Raven's real words when describing his relationship to Mirdo in Azalea (I wasn't lying to you Mirdo, every log I sent to you over the course of this game was real), and I told him that all of us knew about the Backdoor Blockade, and it wasn't the binding secret he thought it was. Once I knew there was doubt in his head, I did everything I could to make sure he was against Violet and would put her up.

    Going into the veto, I also made sure Azalea wanted to remove Flour from the block. Though I think it's likely they would have, either trying to get Mirdo to put Brave or myself up instead (Mirdo mentioned that both Al and Lily went to him trying to put me up, two people I knew were 100% loyal to Violet, meaning I had concrete evidence she wanted me out just so y'all know), I'll never know because I took matters into my own hands and gunned the veto, won it, and pulled Flour down myself. Mirdo named Violet as his replacement nominee, and all hell broke loose.

    Azalea was furious, both Violet, Raven, and Lily were pissed with Mirdo, but I don't think any of them suspected that Violet was in any real danger. To her credit she had a massive amount of connections: Al, Raven, and Lily were all 100% with her and keeping her safe, and I like to think I was a good enough actor that they expected me to keep her that week. But myself, Brave and Flour voted to evict Violet that week, and Mirdo turbo-voted because of fears of Violet using one of her advantages, and the deed was done. The impossible happened, and Violet was evicted, becoming the first member of the jury in the process.

    In reality, I give myself lots of credit for this move, but my main role in it was making sure Mirdo knew he had support to make the move, and to convince him that he wasn't destroying his game by making it happen. But Mirdo was already considering the move anyways, and it wouldn't be fair not to give credit where is due: Mirdo that was a strong move and I do a new found respect for you as a player for it. I went from having to play the week to survive, to hijacking the HOH to go exactly in my favor.
    Week 5

    Week 5 is interesting for obvious reasons. I went into it fully intent on keeping La Revolución alive. I didn't want the alliance to collapse immediately just because the original goal was met, I wanted to work with them. This is where loyalty came in for me. I told that 4 that I was 100% loyal to them, because they showed me their honesty that week, and I meant it completely.

    Mae won HOH, and I was initially excited about this because I saw it as following up Violet's ouster with a potential Raven eviction. But it wasn't to be, she tossed Brave and Lily on to the block, something I thought was a terrible play and nonsensical, and I told her as much. I went to Brave 1-on-1 after this happened to make sure I was still good with him, and to make sure he knew he had me in his corner. Mae went on to win the veto, and proceeded to take Lily down. I had zero clue what she wanted to do from there, but I knew I had no influence with her at that point and it wasn't going to work controlling her.

    And then we found out she was cheating, and that explained everything. Why would she take my word as the truth, when the audience who supposedly have all the facts, are listing "trap moves" or whatever for her to fall into, which she would perceive as the best moves automatically. Because of this, I don't really fault my lack of success on this week, but I wouldn't really fault anyone for failing to get their way here, there's literally nothing you can do in a situation like this. Mae was expelled and removed from the game, sure, but my words to Flour and Brave still stood, and from then on I wanted to accomplish making it to Final 3 with the both of them.
    Week 6

    Week 6 was fun. I knew I was still the biggest target left in the house, and I knew I wanted to grind out a win on the HOH competition just to stay safe. It proved to be worth it, and I won. Flour and I had a debate over what to do this week with nominations. Though we both wanted Raven up, he wanted Lily and I wanted Al, but even though I "won out" on this one I don't really consider this enough to call it control, just something to note. In addition, Mirdo reached out to me and talked to me about nominating Brave and Flour. I obviously considered the 2 of them my closest allies in the game, and shot this idea down immediately. But more important than that, it was a red flag that Mirdo had been flipped back to Raven's side of the house, and I stopped trusting him with any critical information.

    I put up Raven, considering he was the biggest opposition to me, and Al as he was someone who proved immediately he could win comps (I considered myself good at Clockwork Cat, but apparently he had me beat). In addition, with those nominations, I became the last person to see the block for the whole season, something I'm very proud of given the target I came into this house with. In addition, something I was careful to do here was to add reasons for why I was against them in the game. This wasn't really to aggravate them in any way, but it was something I did to try and keep Flour and specifically Brave's loyalty, because they would know 100% that I'm not coming after them.

    The POV happened, it was a live logic puzzle (which I hate), and Raven beat me out by 2 minutes. Obviously he saved himself, and I tossed Lily on to the block as a replacement. Brave and Flour debated over which one to send home (Flour wanted Lily, Brave wanted Al). Raven was my target and I didn't really want to see either Al or Lily go that week, so I allowed them to decide amongst themselves as a sign of trust. They didn't reach a consensus though, so when it came down to it I decided to tell them to vote for Lily, with the logic that Lily is a core member of what remains of that Violet/Lily/Raven trio, and Raven will likely try to save her, and will probably successfully convince Mirdo to do so as well. This didn't happen though, and I assume Raven and Mirdo decided to split their votes to avoid bias, and Lily was out 3-1.

    It was down to the Final 6, and in my mind the game was very clear-cut and the lines were drawn. It was myself, Flour, and Brave vs. Raven, Mirdo, and Al.
    Week 7

    Week 7 was initially very stressful. I recalled Violet was nipped as an outgoing HOH, and I didn't want that to happen with me. Fortunately, the competition was something only I have used as a host before NP, so I knew very well how it worked. My key to success this week was coaching my #1 ally Flour to the win. After stepping him through multiple tips and tricks, he barely edged out the win over Mirdo and I knew I could rest easy, since if worst went to worst he would probably throw Brave on the block before myself. He tossed up Raven and Mirdo, knowing the 2 of them were probably the best competition players left in the house (and we now knew Mirdo was 100% against us). Mirdo ended up winning the veto with some obscene score, which was fine considering he wasn't the target, Raven was (as he had been for like 3 weeks now).

    Here's where stuff gets really fun (and by fun I mean horrible). Flour and I decided we wanted to flip Mirdo to our side once again, at least for this week to vote out Raven. Flour initially composed a document of logs as "proof" that Raven had never seen Mirdo as a true player, but I decided to go straight on in, and just use my words, and be honest with how I felt.

    I think I should note that Mirdo and I had a really interesting relationship this season. We went from rivals, to allies, to rivals, to collaborators, to rivals, all while remaining friendly and respectful of one another. So I talked to Mirdo about how I believed what he needed to do to have a shot at winning the game was voting out Raven. I meant this, I believed the jury would need definitive proof that Mirdo was an independent and conscious player, and I think following up a massive move like backdooring Violet to just being perceived as a sheep of the same person he just defied with said backdoor would be a really bad look for him if he were to make his case. This was 100% truthful from me Mirdo, I meant every word of what I was saying there.

    Eventually Raven was forced to come clean on some of his lies from over the game because I was giving Mirdo far too much evidence that what Raven had led him to believe was flat-out wrong. My understanding of what happened from there is Mirdo felt betrayed, Raven felt like this was unfair, drama happened, and Raven walked and left the community. I won't elaborate further with respect to their privacy, but I will note that nothing I did there was meant to tear up a friendship (as Raven told me I had done), and that nothing from the game was meant to be taken personally in literally any manner. Regardless of the drama and the stupid way it happened, Raven was gone, and then there were 5.
    Week 8

    Week 8 is the week where I officially had nowhere left to hide. There were no more "big targets" left in the game and I had to set myself up as optimally as possible in the coming weeks to succeed. The HOH was Ultimate Tic-Tac Toe, and I was devastated to lose to Mirdo after 5 rounds of that game (you're really good at that by the way), and I saw the end of my game coming. Mirdo made the obvious move to put me and Flour on the block, and right then and there I considered myself totally defeated, because either myself or my closest ally was going to be leaving the game.

    The POV came around and I fought like mad to take it home, and ultimately I did. I chose to save myself, obviously. I tried to see what Mirdo thought about putting Al on the block (I was still true to my Final 3 deal with Flour and Brave), but he shut it down very quickly and named Brave his replacement. This was his optimal, obvious move and as a player who respects game I'm glad he didn't bend to me there. But here's where it gets very, very interesting.

    Flour is basically doomed as it is, because Mirdo and Al have set out the goal to take either him or I out of the equation to increase their odds. And until about 1-2 hours before the eviction rolled around, Flour was probably going home. However, Mirdo talked to me about his doubts (because I've been arguing very hard for Flour to stay, because he's the 1 person that I know will never betray me, and 100% has my back), and again I saw an opportunity.

    I talked to Mirdo about keeping Flour, and how I believed it was better for his odds of making it to F3, and by extension F2, because he locks Al's loyalty in. I stressed to him that Al could cut him and go to end with Brave, since Mirdo's played a bold and open game and it'd be a big, respected move on Al's part to make that cut. I also pointed that out that by keeping Flour around, even though he is aligned with me, I would have been going into the F4 HOH facing off against Brave and Al, who do not have the best of records in comps. Mirdo was there in BB7, and he witnessed Flour win comps first-hand, so I argued that keeping Flour around makes it more likely that I could lose the HOH, and by extension more likely that he can make another big move and evict me the following week. This was the one occasion where I was making stuff up as I went based on what Mirdo reacted to. Sorry Mirdo, this is the one and only example of when I gave you total BS, and I honestly didn't expect it to work (I was flipping out in my DR, believe me). But it did, and Mirdo went to convince Al that this was the optimal move as well. By a vote of 2-0, Brave was evicted.

    I wanna make an additional note here of something to @Brave Vesperia: I know that in our last season together, you were not happy with me for being someone who lied to people and betrayed their allies. I want you to know that I do not consider this a betrayal. I was completely real about wanting to go with you to the Final 3, but once you and Flour were on the block, I had to vote you out. Being completely honest, the real loyalty call was fighting to keep him as I did, as we've had a Final 2 deal since week 1. But I want you to know I am sorry how things went down.
    Alright this is kinda less interesting because by now it's really just a fight to the finish line. Flour and myself vs. Mirdo and Al, go. Mirdo and I continued to talk, both about the game and personal stuff, but ever since Raven was gone we both knew very well we could not keep one another.

    HOH was another Neopets game, and I fought like hell to ensure I was going to the Final 3. I won it with a solid lead, and secured my spot. Nominations at Final 4 don't really matter, so I just threw up Mirdo and Al and was done with it, since the veto is where the power really lies. POV comes around, its another puzzle, and apparently I'm better at string puzzles than I thought because I won that one too (first time I've ever won more than 1 comp in a week). I discarded, as I had to make the move against Mirdo for my odds of making it to the end. Flour followed through on evicting Mirdo, and he was gone.

    This one goes out to @mirdo: Though we had our ups and downs, and were both allies or rivals, and friends at any given time, it was a true pleasure playing this game with you, and I mean it when I say that I think this season you've proven to have the strength, guts, and thinking skills necessary to be an incredible player. I also think our relationship over the course of the season embodied the 'Friends and Enemies' theme better than anything else, because we were sometimes one, sometimes the other, and sometimes both. Much love. <3
    Yawn. This week was just competitions and nothing else. Flour and I were both bringing one another, and I assume Al was bringing Flour to the end had he won. Part 1 of the HOH happened, which I gunned for while watching Netflix with my mom (if my mom were reading this I would apologize for my gamer rage). Part 2 happened, which based on the times is another comp I would have won. Similarly to the Bowling HOH, I coached Flour through the comp, giving tips and showing him how to move quickly through the levels. Ultimately it paid off, and he won Part 2. Part 3 was Know Your Jury, which I wish I was better at. I was more alert on this competition than one might think, because I was actually genuinely worried about Flour cutting me. I was completely loyal to him, I think we all know that by now, but the way I saw it: had Flour managed to cut me at the end, he would have had a massive hit on his resume walking into the Final 2, and I saw every reason as to why he would do it. I didn't know whether or not he would have (I think he was taking me, but I'm not certain), but I obviously decided to gun for the HOH just in case. In the end, I won out by a single point, and decided to cut Al loose.

    Some of you might wonder why I decided to actually bring Flour to the end of the game with me, but my answer to that is: loyalty. The biggest single change in how I thought about the game this time was "who can I trust, and how can I help them so that they would want to work with me?" as opposed to the "who will work with me, and how can I use those relationships to make what I want happen?" My previous approach was extremely selfish, and my approach this season had others in mind (though it's impossible to be completely selfless in a game like Big Brother). Flour was an easy ally because though we're friends, I'm always a solid shield. Mirdo saw me as someone who would give him the truth and wouldn't BS him (and other than the F5 plea to save Flour, I always did). Mae and Brave saw me as someone they could work with because they saw Violet as too big a threat, and through conversations with Jade I made sure they knew I would help them out.

    I know I have a reputation of being a liar, and a heartless manipulator, but honestly I think this is the most "heroic" game I've ever played here, and it's not even close. My mentality changed from exploitation to collaboration because I knew my old, mean tricks would get me nowhere on a season where everyone knew to expect them from me. And I think that queue to adapt is the reason I found so much success this season.

    I could talk about my competition wins, and how I won 4 HOHs and 3 POVs this season (almost doubling my previous PR), but I don't think my competition wins alone reflect my gameplay, nor do I think winning comps alone makes a good winner, which is why that's not part of my argument. I could talk about my legacy, being a 3-time finalist now, but a big problem I made that ultimately lost me the game in BB4 was I spent a lot of my time arguing I deserved based on legacy. I'm not repeating that mistake, which is why everything above is a week-by-week recount of how I played this game, and why I deserve it based on the actions I have taken.

    My "legacy" and comp wins are not why I believe I deserve to win. I believe I deserve to win BB8 because I adapted to the situation, changing up my gameplay to something that would work much more efficiently in a season with the players here. I exercised incredibly good social skills, managing to get someone who I was sending home to help me out (Jade, telling Brave and Mae to work with me), gaining Mirdo's trust on big decisions not once, not twice, but three times, and gaining Azalea's trust so that I was able to get information from their group, and use it to my benefit. I exercised top-notch strategic skills, using the chip week to gather information, take out a threat to my game specifically, and do it all under the guise that it was "what the house wanted", and know when an opportunity presented itself to me and capitalizing on it: Violet nominating herself on chip week, Mirdo expressing his willingness to turn on Violet, and his doubts about evicting Flour. I have put in the effort to ensure competitions were won by myself (or Flour when I coached him those 2 times) when I need them. The argument isn't that I won comps so I deserve your votes, but that I tried my absolute hardest and never slacked off when I needed something to happen.

    I believe I deserve to win BB8 because I played the hardest, the smartest, the boldest, and the most tactful game in the house. Thank you. Also forgive any typos I made on this, I basically just spent the last 2 hours writing it.

    Alright, that was a read. It's a lot, and I don't really expect all of you to read it in full, but that's what the questions are for. Speaking of those, I've gotten some emails notifying me that some questions have been put up, so I'll get to those now.
  18. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    I believe I deserve to win because I've put so much time and effort into this game. Let's be real, I never make it to the end of a BB game again without massive amounts of work put in, just given how big my bounty was, and how big of a target I always will be. I also believe I deserve to win this game because I:
    - Saw opportunities when they came by and I pounced on them.
    - Was socially savvy enough to convince others (admittedly, usually Mirdo) that what I was pitching to them was the truth and best for their game. And more often than not, it is.
    - Was strategically savvy enough to get moves done in a way that worked for me. I took out Ephe, while no one outside of that 4 (myself, Flour, Jade, Mae) + maybe Brave knew I had anything to do with it. I took out Jade, while picking up 2 new allies. I took out Violet, while destabilizing your side of the house. I took out Raven, while destabilizing their group again. And I took out Mirdo, instantly shooting my odds of making it to the end up through the roof.
    - I was able to adapt to a situation, and become what I needed to in a situation. Loyal player for the whole season? Check. Diplomat for chip week? Check. Therapist to try and talk to Mirdo? Check. Comp beast once it came time where I had to win comps? Check. I was able to become what I needed to be at any given point.

    Alright, this is a fun question. I hope I don't upset anyone with my choices, but I see no reason to lie to you all or beat around the bush when it's time to present a case. My selections for the Top 2 are:

    Myself ~ I hope no one reads this as an arrogant decision, but I do genuinely believe I have adapted well, I've been socially witty, strategically aware, competitively solid as needed, and unstoppable once I set the cards right.
    Violet ~ Violet is someone who I think, other than 1 crucial mistake of fighting with you when you were HOH on week 4, played an impeccable game. Her social game was the best it's ever been, as she had Lily, Raven, Al, and at one point you yourself as people who were loyal to her. I'm someone who's said in the past that Violet has been strong competitively, and strong strategically, but had a weak spot in her social game. As a game player, I loved seeing her focus on the social game and making those relationships this time, and it made evicting way more challenging than it ever should have been. If she hadn't been evicted then, she absolutely would have beasted through the rest of the game and would probably be where Flour and I am right now.

    Again, I hope no one's offended by not being picked, this is just how I see it.
  19. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    I hope you can hear me groaning from over here, haha. But what's done is done and I have to say well played because I didn't get the chance to when it all went down.

    On that topic, here's my question for @EurekaTingz. I'll be up front with this and say that I have a vote right now for Lorde. I believe that she not only played the game very well, but has voiced a very clear case on why she deserves to win, and knows the game well enough to deliver that case.

    So Flour, a simple question, what reasons do I have to vote for you? What did you do to set yourself apart from Lorde or what were major plays that make you worthy of votes that aren't just "I vote for Flour because Lorde backstabbed someone"? You haven't said a single word to make a case and it's been over 24 hours.
  20. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    To show that I'm serious about my Lorde vote, and that I vote independently and will not be swayed by any member(s) of the jury, my question for Lorde is just one I want to have fun with.

    You already have my vote right now, so Lorde, please praise me. What did I do well this game, and how did I improve to show I'm a better player than getting completely cucked previously? Thanks. ♡
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