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  1. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Week Eleven - Showdown for Supremacy - Competition 5

    The third and final section of the showdown consists of two competitions, which will award the winner 1 point each. The way these competitions are structured depends on the amounts of points obtained by everyone in the first section.

    If one person has two points, by winning both of their duels:
    Any houseguest with zero points is immediately eliminated from this competition. (This is not the same as being evicted.) The two remaining houseguests must compete in both competitions of the final section, and the first person to reach 3 points overall wins the entire Showdown.

    If this wording is a little complicated, remember that the person with zero points is EurekaTingz, who has just won complete immunity due to the Promotion. However, due to being eliminated from this competition, he will be sent straight to the Final 2, and is unable to compete in these competitions, and therefore, the remaining two must fight for the second spot in Final 2. The first person to reach 3 points is the winner and will claim the remaining spot.

    Here's the next duel competition! The following players will be facing off!
    Jadethepokemontrainer | Ephemera


    Today you'll be serving... Clockwork Cat!

    You have until February 2nd at 2:00PM PST to submit for this competition! Once again, this gives you 48 hours. A reminder that I'm open to discussion about how long competitions should last, especially at later stages in the game where the competition gets tighter! Any reductions in time limits will be based on the house's opinions of a fair length.
    A reminder that you must include your name in your submission! As long as it's visible on-screen, drawn on or in something like a Notepad app, that's perfectly fine. All submissions must be made to the host in PokeBeach PMs, or in Discord DMs, and you will be notified if your submission is valid, or invalid.
    Discussion in any alliance chats is allowed for this competition!

    As every player's reputation is zero for this competition, there will be no reputation bonus.

    EurekaTingz: 0 (+Promotion) (Eliminated) | Ephemera: 2 points | Jadethepokemontrainer: 1 point

    A reminder to all workers that not appearing for your shift will considerably lower your reputation. Several instances of absence will result in being fired, subject to your workplace rules.​
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  2. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Week Eleven - Showdown for Supremacy - Competition 5 Results

    1st place: @Ephemera with a time of 1:20:48
    2nd place: @Jadethepokemontrainer with a time of 1:28:12

    Which makes @Ephemera the winner of this competition!

    EurekaTingz: 0 (+Promotion) (Eliminated) | Ephemera: 3 points | Jadethepokemontrainer: 1 point​
  3. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Week Eleven - Showdown for Supremacy - Ending

    The three of you have fought long and hard this week, but the Showdown for Supremacy has come to a close!
    Here are our final standings!

    1st place: Ephemera with 3 points
    2nd place: Jadethepokemontrainer with 1 point
    3rd place: EurekaTingz with 0 points

    Congratulations to Ephemera, the winner of the Showdown for Supremacy! Now that we have a winner of the Promotion, and a winner of the Showdown, it's time to start finale night!

    As a result, the eleventh person to be fired, evicted from Big Brother: Sweet Sabotage... is Jade. Thank you for playing!

    You've become the last member of the jury! Keep in touch with the game and myself because at the end, your opinions on the house and finalists will give the final answer on the winner of the game.

    At this time, Jade will be settled into the jury chat, and will have 24 hours to settle in and complete any requirements he may receive.
    This means that our finalists, Ephemera and EurekaTingz have 24 hours to prepare their case for the upcoming finale night.

    I imagine that now that our finalists have been decided, you'll have a lot to discuss tonight...

    We'll see you back here February 3rd at 2:00PM PST for the beginning of the end!

  4. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Finale Night

    Ladies and gentlemen! Houseguests, jury, and audience alike, welcome to the Big Brother: Sweet Sabotage finale night!

    Since I know we have some new players here, this is how this finale will work.

    This finale will last for four whole days, or 96 hours, and will determine the final winner of this game, the number one!
    The two finalists have the time period to argue, debate, and present their cases as to why they're worthy of victory over the other! It's up to the jury, the same people you've played the whole game with, to determine who should win, and each cast their vote for one of the two houseguests. The houseguest with the most votes at the end of the time limit will be crowned the winner.

    To make their jobs easier, each jury member will have a single question they may ask the finalists. Each jury member may as each finalist one question, meaning you can either ask both of them the same question, or different questions to either of them. The criteria of which the jury members vote is completely up to them. There is no right or wrong vote, only yours. Votes can be changed at any time, and the finale will immediately end once the last vote has been counted. Votes must be made privately to me by DM, and will be revealed publicly at the end of the finale.

    All discussion concerning finalists must be made publicly in this thread. This includes discussion between finalists, jury members asking their questions, finalists answering their questions, and any follow-up discussion necessary.​

    If necessary, the audience will be given an additional 48 hours after the finale period to decide on their votes. Jury members are allowed to speak and discuss as much as they'd like in their jury chat, as this is the moment that chat has led up to.

    In the (uncommon) event of a tie, the audience shall be the deciding factor in breaking the tie through their own vote. As we have 7 jury members, it's unlikely, but please make your voice heard.

    Ephemera, Flour... you have until February 7th, 2020 at 2:00PM PST... to win the game.
  5. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    Hi, It is I. The most mediocre PBBB contestant so far. First of all congrats to the both of you. If I got to be honest. I didnt expect to see either of you here in the beginning. Especially since one of you guys got evicted previously. Im not really sure who deserves the win atm. But Im sure you guys will give me some good reasons

    Aaaanny way.

    Question to Both @Ephemera and @EurekaTingz : What was the one play/moment you want to be remembered for from this season? You are both fairly new players in PBBB. So use this chance to build your legacy. Lol

    Gull out.
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  6. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    Thanks Mirdo!

    Okay so, if I were to state a play that I made it was probably this: As soon as I re-entered the game, it was common sense to gain as many allies on my side. It was beneficial for me to talk to you guys as soon as I came back and thankfully, I made those connections. However, at this point there was a clear line drawn in the sand and I knew exactly what side I was on. I allied myself closely with Jade and Ephe to not only further me, but to help further them as well. I knew that I needed to get the "other" side of the house out and thankfully those two really helped me in doing so (sorry about that it was nothing personal!).
  7. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Alright, let’s start the reasoning!

    As a new player, my first major play was when I turned on Cel. Previously, I had trusted him completely, and he was my only connection in the house. Still, even I could tell he was getting too much influence, so I contacted Jade and told him who to target for the nominations.
    The plan would have worked, and would have been the play I wanted to be remembered for, had Jade not put Vom on the block.
    After my failed eviction of Cel, I was an outcast in the house, with Cel and his allies on one side and Jade on the other - a really bad position.

    I’d say my best play was coming back from that - I successfully played both sides to stay in the game.
    I won HoH to survive, and when Flour returned, I allied with him and Jade with the goal of evicting Cel.
    I also reached out to Cel and Al, though, and told them honestly that my bigger target was Jade. (Sorry Jade :D)
    I managed to find allies and connections on both sides of the house, without making it too obvious that I had influence.
    I formed low-key connections with many remaining houseguests, and used that along with my competition wins to make it to final 2.
  8. Celever Wheeeee~


    First of all, congratulations to both finalists. My vote is far from locked in and the answers to jury questions has the potential to swing me one way or the other.

    Flour, there is no bad blood between us. People don't get to the Final 2 by accident, and I also don't count you being evicted as a mark against your record (after all, I won my season after being evicted and returning). I do see, however, your closed-circle social game and dependency upon rep to win the comps that you did win as clouds over your game. This is only my own perspective on what a winning game looks like, though.

    Ephe, I think it's awesome that you've reached the final 2. From being strong allies in the beginning of the game to being fairly opposed to each other later on (though maintaining a working relationship) you were perhaps the most significant houseguest to my own game. If you hadn't flipped when you did, there is a strong likelihood that I would be in that Final 2 in a position to beat whoever I ended up being there with and I respect you for that. You played one of the best social games we've seen on this site for a couple of seasons, in my opinion, so kudos for that.

    To both of you I have a fun exercise. I'd like you to name the other players in the game who you think, had they managed to make Final 2 with you, you would beat in a jury vote and why. This includes your counterpart who is currently in the Final 2 with you. Adding a question mark so this is a question: ? :p
  9. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Pretty interesting. I'll allow it.
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  10. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Oh, this is fun!
    (Hopefully I don't hurt anyone's feelings? I don't mean to demean anyone's game, haha.)

    I can't be sure whether I'd win against anyone evicted in the early stages of the game – they could have played well or badly depending on how the game played out, so I can't really judge my plays against Amici, Mae, Raven, or Nick.

    For Vom and FL, I can only give slight ideas on the outcome.
    Against Vom in a final 2, I would have arguments for my side, certainly – I feel like I antagonized less people – but as a whole, my game at the point when Vom was evicted was worse than hers, so I would likely lose (which is why Vom was nominated rather than me – she was a more powerful player). My plays now, however, could stand more of a chance, with my main "selling point" being my low-key social game.
    Against FL, I feel like I could win. The week before Vom's eviction, FL and Nick were put up by Cel's suggestion, catching them off-guard. Still, FL continued to trust Cel – not sure if this was a good move or not, to be fair – and evicted Vom over Cel the next week. I feel like my sense for knowing a good opportunity to further my game could help me get an edge over FL. Still, I can't be sure.

    For the final 6 (5 excluding me), though, I can give more concrete thoughts.

    I would win against Mirdo in a final 2 situation. Sorry, mirdo. Still, his presence in the house was practically non-existent, with him making no big plays and losing rep due to not submitting scores, to the point that he had no vote. He allied with Cel, which eventually got him evicted by Flour, but if he'd stayed in the house, he'd have lost to anyone in the final 2.

    Against Cel, I would lose. Completely. Since my whole point of why I should win is my social game, I would lose to Cel's superior social game. He's dominated the social side of this house for most of the game, having many allies and connections to use to get himself off the block – and that's when his comp wins wouldn't be enough. Cel got unlucky with the rep, but otherwise, he played the best game out of the final 6, which is why we all evicted him – a final 2 match against him is an instant loss.

    Against Al, I believe I could win. My social game is better than his, and I played the house more. Although Al did turn on Jade at some point, a relatively major play of his, it's not the most major play we've seen this game, and in my final few weeks I performed better socially and competitively. It's not a sure thing, but I would have the advantage against Al.

    Against Jade... hmmmmm. I can't say for sure. Jade's been the wildcard of this game, with no one really sure where his loyalties were. He betrayed two alliances (that I know of) and essentially was the outcast of the house for a majority of the game. His rep and competition game were strong enough to keep him in the house, though. I, on the other hand, had more of a social game and connections (although I tried not to show it), but less competition wins, at least until this last comp. Still, I was the other outcast of the house once I tried and failed to evict Cel (the week of Vom's eviction), so for much of the game, Jade and I were reluctantly working together. Since we were in similar positions for much of the game, I feel that this matchup would be swung depending on the jury's opinions of us – would Jade's more active play be better in their eyes, or would my more subtle plays have made less jurors angry with me?

    Finally, against Flour. The actual matchup.

    Before being evicted, Flour was the most outspoken enemy of Cel. While Cel was the most powerful player at the time, I can't say this was a good move, especially since his allies all formed negative opinions of Flour as a result (myself included). This antagonizing of Cel and his connections didn't make Flour a lot of friends, and this, combined with his high rep, made Flour a prime target for eviction.

    After returning, Flour played better – forming connections with Jade and me against Cel and his allies. This time, Flour wasn't the main target, with Cel and Jade being the power players on the surface. Still, I don't believe Flour played the best game, even after returning. During his week as HoH, he targeted mirdo after Cel got off the block – not the best move, in my opinion. Although mirdo would have the easiest time in the house making it to the finale, he'd auto-lose, making him a bad target for eviction. For the rest of the weeks, Flour rode on the alliance to make it to final 3, and won the Promotion due to his skill with Flappy Bird.

    I feel that Flour's game has one major flaw: he sees the game in too much black and white. I don't mean to disparage your play or anything, Flour, but you mentioned that there was a line in the sand after you returned, and that it was me/you/Jade vs. Cel/Al/Mirdo. What Flour didn't know is that both Jade and I were contacting both sides, making connections with Cel and Al. Likewise, in the beginning and middle of the game, Flour saw Cel as an enemy, and thus targeted him overtly. Because Cel was an enemy, I feel it would have been better to connect to Cel, then betray him when he couldn't do anything about it.

    As such, Flour's play is far from perfect. Not bad, but not the best. But what about my play?

    When I joined the game, for the first 3 weeks, I only had contact with Cel. I talked to mirdo a little bit, but I only really discussed the game with Cel. Not the best start.
    Still, even I could tell Cel was too powerful, but I took advantage of that to survive in the shadows, and I began forming new connections, reaching out to Vom and the other houseguests.
    When the time was right, I told Jade who to nominate - Cel and Mirdo - and aimed to get Cel out of the house, but Vom was evicted instead. So I was left with no allies, and few connections I hadn't sabotaged myself. This left me in an outcast position, but as I said a while ago, I came back from it.
    I won HoH to save myself, and got FL evicted to reduce Cel's influence. Reluctantly, I worked with Jade, knowing he'd turn on me if it suited him. He knew the same about me, though.
    When Flour came back, I formed an alliance with him, and we recruited Jade against Cel. However, I also reached out to Cel and Al again, and built connections with both sides – ones I could maintain because there were bigger threats.
    Although I wanted Jade out first, I managed to get Cel evicted instead the next week I won HoH, and worked harder in comps to beat Jade out of the finale.

    Overall, I played a more social game, using comps as a means to further connections. Even if I may have turned against players, I didn't reject the possibility of allying with them again, which I did with Cel.

    As such, I believe the strength of my social game is the main point for me against Flour, who has more of a comp-based strategy stemming from his high rep.
    Still, I would say that I excelled in comps almost as much as Flour did, especially in the latter part of the game, and definitely in the Showdown.
    Flour lost both his games against me and Jade, and made it to final 2 due to the Promotion comp being Flappy Bird.
    As much as Flour was my ally, I feel like his win was situational, with the comp he was best at becoming the sole reason he survived the showdown.

    As such, I think I can beat Flour.
    (I hope there are no hard feelings from my analysis? This is just my own point of view on things, and I need to get this out so people know why I played the way I did, and why this was the optimal strategy in my situation.)
  11. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    P.S. Sorry for the wall of text.

    I would beat Mirdo, Al, and Flour.
    I might have beaten FL.
    I could beat Jade, but it could go either way.
    I would likely lose to Vom.
    I would definitely lose to Cel.

    I don't know about the others.
  12. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    Hi Cel! I appreciate what you said and the feeling is mutual. I'm going to get to your question in a moment because I just want to kind of defend my gameplay and the things that I did if that's okay.

    So I'm going to start off with my loud and outspoken game. I'm normally not like that at all but for this season I came to the conclusion it was the only option for me when I knew I was in big trouble. I wasn't that sociable when my allies got evicted. Also, my allies turned on me because they knew I wasn't that powerful compared to Cel, which was a smart move on their part and I definitely can't blame them for that. However, when I was backed into a corner I knew if I tried to socialize it would just end up working against me. They'd most likely feed whatever I said back to their alliance and I knew that. I knew talking to the people who were with Cel (which was like everybody except for one or two) would end up screwing me over even more.

    Now, if you want a reason as to why I was very explosive that one Popularity HOH (it's not something I'm proud of), here it goes: As I already stated, I knew I was in deep trouble. My allies were gone and I practically had no one. I figured that if I tried to flip the tables onto Cel it would hopefully open up some people's eyes, and eventually, it succeeded. A lot of his allies stayed loyal, but a few of his allies did kind of break apart, such as Eph. So seeing that, it just gave me even more confidence when I re-entered the game. And don't worry, I knew I was going to be a target. Hah, I already was one beforehand. I knew that because I was being told information that Cel's side wanted me out which was understandable. He figured I was after him and it's also a game.

    Now as to what Eph said about me taking out Mirdo. I am going to stand behind that move and I'm going to say it was 100% the best thing to do in that situation for my game. And honestly, we're all playing for ourselves at the end of the day so you can't forget that factor. If you're wondering this: Why didn't you take out Jade? It's simply because him and I had a final 2 deal as soon as I came back into the game, and we also had a strong bond before my eviction. We were 100% bringing each other to the end until we found out about the final three twist. So why would I want to take out my strongest ally? We both could easily win comps and keep each other safe. So again, why would I risk all of that when I still had three people against me in the house? It wasn't a smart move from my game standpoint.

    "So why did you evict Mirdo?" That's because when the plan of taking Cel out failed, I knew Mirdo was his right-hand man. I wasn't going to evict Al, that's stupid. Al wasn't as strong of a competitor in terms of competitions than Mirdo. Sure, Mirdo didn't get to vote, but that doesn't mean he couldn't of won the HOH and easily evicted me. If you realistically look at it, Mirdo was the second best option for me. And after all, I was playing for myself. I had to think about my game, nobody else's. I'm sorry that Mirdo had to be a casualty that week but I don't regret doing it because if I tried to evict Jade my cards would be revealed and the entire game would just blow up in my face and I'd be left with another enemy.

    Okay now for Cel's question lol. We all know I had an outspoken game and that I didn't have much social game but that all turned around as soon as I returned. I was locked and loaded and I had the mindset of making it to the final 2, even if I didn't win. I don't really want to make anyone upset, and I'm sorry if I do but this is MY opinion and if you don't agree that's totally fine!

    Ephe - I do think I have an okay shot to win against Ephe. This is only because I was more out there in terms of my game. I won a ton of comps right off the bat, which obviously gained a target on my back. Not to mention my high rep at the time. I also called out Cel which was a bold move (no hard feelings hopefully)! Once I did that, I knew I was just digging a grave. But think about it like this, how did I manage to survive for so long with such a large target on my back week after week? I was targeted for my physical game, who I worked with, and just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Not only did I survive, but I was determined to make it as far as possible. Every week was a power struggle and every week I fought as hard as I could and it ended up working in my favor. So, let me ask you this, do you think that's something notable? That I was a house target week after week and STILL managed to pull through. However, Ephe was kind of under the radar, a game he played well, but it doesn't really compare to a game where you make it to the final 2 even after being a target for the entire game. Ephe essentially talked to people which kept him safe, but I relied on all aspects. I relied on a social game, a competition game, and even a strategic game.

    As Ephe said, he was in the shadows while I put myself out there and I still made it to the final 2. When I was evicted, I was upset. But when I came back, I knew I had to repair my bonds. And I successfully did that. I chatted with Ephe and had to convince him that we were in a final two. Also, I convinced him that it was a good idea to get Jade (who at the time was already my F2 deal) onto our side. It took a lot of convincing, but I managed to convince Ephe that bringing Jade with us into a F3 deal was an excellent move for both of us. Jade had the double vote and he also had power in the game. I told Ephe that if we "recruited" Jade, it would certainly benefit us. And I gave no indication that I had a F2 deal with Jade at the time because I managed to convince Ephe really well. When Jade and I succeeded in getting Ephe to trust him a bit more, I knew we would be able to make it to the F3. And guess what? We did. The three of us made it! (Also Ephe, I'm sorry if I sounded rude here. No hard feelings!)

    Now if I were to talk about everyone else, I honestly have no idea but here's how I think it would go:

    Cel - Pfft, is that a question? I'd lose within a heart beat. He had the numbers on his side.
    Vom & Mirdo - I think Mirdo could most likely beat me as well, and so could Vom, but it could also be 50/50. They might've not played as bold as me, but again, they had the numbers.
    Al - I'd say it's a fair shot. Al and I never really had a flowing conversation except when I returned and attempted to make an ally out of him. So I have no clue where his head is at other than the fact that he wasn't on my side and he was mainly with the "other side."

    In regards to everyone else, I don't really know. It's mainly because they were either early boots, or I honestly don't have a clue how the votes would fall.

    Good luck everyone and that question was pretty good! If I make a ton of spelling and grammatical errors I'm sorry lol.
  13. Vom back to the usual she-ra pfps

    Forum Mod Member

    Alright, I have the same question for both Flour and Ephe. I would like to point out that in my eyes the floor is fairly even, with Flour being a constant threat in both this and last BB game, and Ephe being pretty new.

    What made you choose your allegiances early on, and how did other player's social games specifically with you affect those? Jade and Celever were the two most prominent factions for a while, so I'm more interested in your individual interactions and the reasoning. What made you betray a former ally or stick with them? (just to be clear this is just a clarification/specification of my question and not a question in itself).
  14. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    Hey Vom! This question is pretty simple for me. At the start of the game, I already knew there were people that I was willing to work with. A primary example is Raven. Right off the bat, I was invited into an alliance chat with Raven and I knew I could trust him 100% because we played BB6 together last season and he never wronged me. Also, I'll point out that I never betrayed an ally that I trusted. If I didn't trust you, then I'm sorry but it most likely meant we didn't see eye to eye.

    Once Raven was evicted, and I was left with nobody, my next best option was to turn to Jade. He proposed an idea for us to work together and I graciously accepted because I realized we were both strong competitors and we could leave an impact. We formed a good bond and we made a deal to take each other to the F2. At the time, this was before my eviction. Way before it. Jade also helped me with my social game because he came with a select few other "loyal" people on our side. Once we established who was with and against us, we quickly got to work. We fought to stay every week and eventually it led to my eviction. But when I returned, Jade and I made sure we were on good terms and that we were still bringing each other to the F2. It's funny actually, in BB6, I worked so hard to evict Jade. But this season, that perspective completely changed. It changed because I needed an ally, and Jade extended that olive branch.

    So anyways, when I returned I made sure to solidify a relationship with mostly everyone in the house. This actually really benefitted me because I got a ton of information on the current standpoint of the game, who was with who, who was perceived as a threat, who had powers, etc. Of course, I knew most of this but some of it was new information. With this information, I used it to my advantage and slowly slipped into people's trust zones. And it worked, because now I'm in the final 2!

    If I misunderstood the question let me know lol.
  15. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Hmmmm, allegiances, huh?

    At the start of the game, I was approached by Celever to be his ally. Being completely new, I had no reason to reject him, especially since I had no idea where to start, so I ended up being Cel's ally. The first few weeks passed with me being completely loyal, with few connections to the rest of the house, but I realized that I couldn't get by with such a weak social game, which led me to contact many more players in the house, and develop connections – the most prominent being you, Vom. This was before the factions mindset of Jade vs. Cel started.

    Cel and I later formed an alliance with Jade and Al, which Jade promptly betrayed. This made me realize that I couldn't completely trust my allies, so I continued to strengthen connections in the house. I also realized that Cel had way more allies than I first thought, and was the most powerful player in the game.

    Knowing this, when Cel formed another large alliance later on (Cel/me/Al/Mirdo), I figured that I couldn't be safe, completely. I had the most outside connection in the alliance, and once the others were evicted, I'd likely be the first out. As such, I flipped, telling Jade who to target for the week. The betrayal failed, and Vom, my other strong connection in the house, was evicted instead. So I'd lost one connection and burned the other.

    My alliance with Jade for the rest of the game was more one of necessity. We were the outcasts of the house, and if we didn't stick together, we'd be evicted quickly. Still, I wouldn't say that I was Jade's ally per se, since he still remained one of my main targets – I just couldn't evict him until Cel was vulnerable, too. So I wouldn't say I was part of "Jade's faction" towards the latter half of the game; I was working with him and Flour, but still maintained a healthy amount of caution.

    Even though I betrayed Cel, I still maintained a functional relationship. We each respected the other as a player, but would target the other if the opportunity came. Despite having no complete allies, I rebuilt connections throughout the house, and managed to get the house's sympathy.

    In the end, I never got the opportunity to turn on Jade, and instead beat him in the duel.

    Overall, I allied with Cel at the start since I was new, and I could use advice from an experienced player. I turned on him later because he was too powerful, and I was the one among his allies who had the most outside connection, which made me the first target after the others. After that, I had a working alliance with Jade, but one born out of necessity only.

    For my allegiance, I tried to be as loyal to my allies as I could without sabotaging myself. I preferred not to turn on people I generally trusted – I only did so for Celever because he was too powerful to stop later on – and tried not to lie outright to anyone I worked with. Other players' social games were the main source of how I built my connections – I contacted Vom initially because she had a relatively strong social game, and later on I worked with Jade because we had the worst connections in the house at the time. Essentially, I played a very social-oriented game, with my allegiance being based on who was best to work with from their connections.
  16. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    If I can say a bit more about my interactions with others:

    Initially, while I was getting a feel for the game, I didn't contact people much, and mostly voted on hearsay from Cel.
    Later on, when I had more connections, I learned what to trust and what not to trust, and voted for myself, instead.

    I would say these social interactions with me were the biggest factor in my growth as a player, teaching me how to maneuver the social aspect of the game.
    Cel's interactions with me initially won him my loyalty, but later on, caused me to distrust him and flip in time to stop his momentum. We kept in contact though, and continued to work throughout the weeks.
    As for Jade's interactions with me, well, he betrayed an alliance I was in, then turned on me when I flipped, which earned him my enmity. Still I had to work with him, due to our outcast status.

    For other players who talked with me:
    Flour didn't really contact me until he returned. When he did, I believed I could use him as an ally, which worked out alright in the end.
    Al and I didn't really talk too much, but we agreed that Jade was the biggest enemy.
    Mirdo was probably the one I contacted least in the final 6, due to him being practically non-present from his rep deductions.
    Vom was likely the player besides Jade and Cel who affected my allegiance the most. Due to my connection with her, I decided to turn on Cel, which changed the course of the game.

    Hopefully this answers the question!
  17. Alfze Aspiring Trainer


    Hey hey hey! I’d like to first congratulate you both on making it to the finale! You’ve both fought hard to be here and both deserve it. But, there can only be one winner, or can there? Yeah.
    Here’s my question:

    If you could change anything about your performance this season, what would it be? Basically, what’s your biggest regret?

    I look forward to seeing your answers, good luck!
  18. Jadethepokemontrainer We're on the edge of greatness~

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    uwu hey guys! I'm so happy to see both of you here and you both definitely deserve it! Congratulations to y'all!

    I've got the same question for both of you. I hope you have fun with it ~

    What move/aspect of the other finalist do you believe to be the weakest part of their game and why?

    Have fun y'all and I can't wait to see who comes out on top!
  19. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    I'll start with Al's question!

    If I had to change anything from my game... I'd probably change how trusting I was. In the beginning of the game I was way too trusting and that's what set my game off course in the first place. I went through conflicts with my allies and then eventually it led to a war in which I was in the minority week after week. I'll give an example, in my first alliance, two of the members shifted gears and turned on me. Because of that, I was labeled as a target and a threat due to my reputation and competition wins. If we put all of that together, it's what led to my original eviction.

    Good question, and thank you!
  20. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    Next up is Jade's question.

    I can't really name a good example that was weak on Ephe's part, mainly because I didn't really talk to him until I came back into the game. This isn't really a move, but more of a game aspect I suppose:

    Coming from me, I played a very dangerous game. Ephe said that he was more behind the scenes which is a valid strategy, don't get me wrong. However, I just wish Ephe played a little more boldly instead of slinking in the shadows because at times I found it difficult to reason with him and get him to make a move that was outside of his comfort zone. It's probably because it would show his allegiances but only he really knows the answer to that so I can't speak for him. As I said, Ephe played the game really well and that's probably the only complaint I have of his game. It was just difficult to manage relationships when you were the one that had to do the hard work in terms of targeting people out in the open. Ephe and I worked well together, so I think that we definitely had a team effort though!

    (And thank you Jade!)
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