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  1. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    Okay I literally forgot to campaign my badddddddddd….. Okay SO! As I previously said, I'm trustworthy and I'm going to keep whoever votes me to win safe if I win this competition. I know it's a long shot, but this game is being controlled by one person, and I think that's how it's going to go for the rest of it. If I win the HOH, I have my target in mind (which everyone knows who it is). But please vote for me, it could really benefit your game and hopefully keep you in the game longer, or even get you to the final 2 and possibly win.

    Also, no hate to any of you. Oh, and sorry if I made a lot of grammatical errors and/or spelling errors. <3

  2. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    While it is true that this, as of now, is Cel's game, I would argue that an option is to vote him HoH now, so that he cannot become HoH next week. A thought, for both Cel's allies and enemies.

    Still, Flour, you do make some valid points, which I definitely agree with, about the state of the game. Echoing Flour's sentiments, please think for yourselves, haha!
    I will take my vote off anyone for the time being.
  3. Celever Wheeeee~


    Alright, everything in this post is wrong. Like from start to finish. So let's cover it:

    This isn't "my" game for the simple reason that everyone thinks it's "my" game. That takes away almost all of my power. Do any of you really see me up there in the Final 2 vying for jury votes? Cos I don't really see that happening myself, especially since I've been on the block for half of the game so far and last week came one vote away from being evicted. If I were actually calling the shots and manipulating people I wouldn't have been nominated once nevermind twice, and last week I would have stayed by a much larger vote margin than 1.

    In my entire campaign playing Big Brother I have never placed a vote for an ally -- you can check the wiki. I have never nominated an ally either, nor have I ever actually done anything more than just skate by. This is probably because I don't do any of the things you've accused me of here. I don't "cut people left and right" because I'm never really in a position to do so; I've won 1 HOH comp in 3 seasons of playing, and when I did get that opportunity to nominate a block I did it as democratically among my allies as possible. I don't pawn people; I work with them, and they keep me around because I'm benefiting their game just as much as they're benefiting mine. I don't call the shots; I discuss plays with my allies, and if they agree with me they'll do my plays, and if not they won't and that's fine too. Normally my main weapon in this series is information because I talk to lots of people, but this time around I think most of the game knows exactly as much as I do.

    Let's go over what happened week 2. Raven and Flour, who were day 1 ride-or-dies, were trying to pawn me as opposed to working with me. We faced a disagreement over a play, and even though I kept saying "it's fine that we disagree, if you're not convinced by my arguments you can do what you want", they blew up our chat because I wouldn't say the magic words "you're right, and I'll do exactly what you want me to do" (note that me being on board with them would have changed nothing). That's not the type of player I want in this game. And though yes, the onus of this was primarily on Raven as opposed to Flour, he also handled the situation poorly because when Raven asked him in their ride-or-die chat to support him, he did just that until Raven decided that it wasn't worth talking any more and burned the bridge. This is a play that I would never do, because it's not my style. I respect everyone in this game as players in their own rights, and everyone in this game necessarily has a slightly different agenda. I don't think that there are even just 2 players in this game with the same ideal block this week, so the idea of burning bridges over that sort of thing if two people don't completely agree is crazy. Hell, after Jade decided to try and backdoor me last week we've still contacted each other since and agreed to bury the hatchet and not let it impact the rest of our games in some kind of crazy vendetta war.

    The reason why I've suggested the block of Flour and Jade isn't because both of these players have targeted me at some point this game -- I promise that that's merely a coincidence. It's because by my calculations and analysis, these are the 2 players who are on the largest number of other players' ideal blocks for this week. I'm not exactly gonna show my workings and expose everyone's games, but as I have contact with every player in the house except Flour due to the burnt bridge (note that that doesn't mean at all that I'm allied with everyone, just that we chat) I think it places me in the spot where I know the two most popular nominations. And this week's HOH comp is a popularity contest, so really popularity is the name of the game.

    I don't really care if I'm HOH or not this week, but I care about the block and I think this is the best play for the entire house. I would be fine if someone else stated publicly that they would do the same noms at me and we all voted for them. I honestly really dislike this twist, but I think the best thing to do is have the house as united as possible for the mean time while we weather this comp. Also, now that I've looked at it deeper I think it's pretty up-in-the-air who out of Jade or Flour would go with this block -- and the POV still exists, even if it's a little trickier (hehe) to have it be used this week. If you're allied with one of Jade or Flour... just campaign for the other one to get evicted. And since I'm pretty sure that no one's allied with both players, and that both players have the same number of allies, there's a large swing vote in the middle to campaign to.

    So yeah, this is the best vote for different reasons to what Flour covered, and everything Flour accused my game of speaks more to how he plays than how I do. I'm a pretty unorthodox player because I'm a socialist because I'm here to have fun and I want to maximise the fun of everyone else in this game too. It is a forum game, after all, and I'm not really playing to win the gold... though winning the gold would be fun.
  4. Celever Wheeeee~


    Also, let's test this.

    I place my vote on EurekaTingz.

    If you're trustworthy and you've promised to keep whoever votes you to win safe then, guess I'm safe even though I'm your biggest target :D
  5. Vom back to the usual she-ra pfps

    Forum Mod Member

    Well, I can't say I disagree with the Flour nomination. Flour is obviously not gonna nominate himself (is that even allowed lol)...mirdo seems like a good middle ground I guess. For now. ##VOTE: mirdo

    As for campaigning, uhhhh I never was good at this. I'll nominate Flour I guess? Second nom is still up in the air so if you vote for me I'd be open to discuss that. Also you guys have known me for ages you know you can trust me <3
  6. Ephemera Faerie of the Viridian Forest


    Hmmmm, I believe there's not much time left to vote?
    Although, I am the only one who has no vote placed...

    So, the count is 3 votes for Mirdo, 2 votes for Cel, and one for Flour, as of now.
    Realistically, these are my only options, as voting someone else would be a waste of my voting power.

    Alright. I will assume there will be no more thoughts or reasonings placed here, so I'll work with what I have.

    I will be voting Celever.
  7. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    Okay well I just read a whole novel. Cel, you claimed that I apparently burnt the bridge with you and disrespected you? That wasn't the case, I stayed silent the majority of that fight and I didn't once insult you or say something offensive towards you so don't even try to pull out that card. Also, not to mention that if I'm the only one you don't talk to, that kind of exposes your game and that also means you literally talk to everyone else in this cast. That says a lot since I accused you of being aligned with the majority of the house, which now everyone is aware that you are.

    In the chat you even admitted to working with people, and you EVEN named names. If you want to know who they are don't hesitate to ask me once our chats are unlocked because I will respect people's privacies and games here, and I'm not going to be announcing their names publicly. There's probably much more people than the names you've said, because you mentioned that the majority of the house wanted me on the block. So it brings me to this, why would everyone want me on the block out of nowhere? It's because you went in their ear and told them YOU wanted me gone, Cel. That just shows you wanted me out, and you're currently working with the house to accomplish that goal. So I wasn't lying when I said he was manipulating all of these people. And if you're mad at me for attacking Cel, just realize I'm defending my game and myself, and I've had to put up with this for weeks now. Trust me, I stayed silent as long as possible, but it's difficult to do that when people tell me you're coming after me. Sucks to be betrayed by your own allies, doesn't it?

    As I said earlier, I have literally nobody in this game at this point so there's no gain on getting me out. And let me tell you this Cel, when you say I burned the bridge of our alliance, that was all you. You went behind our backs and tried to work against us, and Raven called you out on it. I just merely stopped talking to you because I didn't trust you. So don't tell me that I'm in the wrong for defending my game, thank you.

    Also, Cel, let me re-phrase what I previously said. I'm keeping safe the people that vote me to win and the people that I don't have an issue with. Let's see if I win, and let's see if you can manage to be safe if I'm the HOH! <3

    Okay anyways, good luck everyone.
  8. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Week Five - Tuesday: Work Evaluation

    1st place: @Celever with 3 votes (-1 reputation)
    1st place: @mirdo with 3 votes (-1 reputation)
    3rd place: @EurekaTingz with 1 vote (+4 reputation)

    This is certainly interesting! This competition has ended in a tie!
    Since both the 1st place holders have equal reputation, we've got no other choice but to leave this to a duel!

    | mirdo

    You'll be serving... Clockwork Cat!

    The person with the quickest time submitted to me will win the duel, and be crowned this week's Head of Household!

    You have until December 6th at 2:00PM PST to submit for this competition! This gives you just 24 hours. The time limit for this competition will not be changed without good reason.
    A reminder that you must include your name in your submission! As long as it's visible on-screen, drawn on or in something like a Notepad app, that's perfectly fine. All submissions must be made to the host in PokeBeach PMs, or in Discord DMs, and you will be notified if your submission is valid, or invalid.

    Discussion in any alliance chats is NOT allowed for this competition! This includes every houseguest, not just the two participating in this competition!
    The #big-brother-house channel of the Discord is also still locked for this competition. I am clarifying this again, and if discussion is present during this competition that is not in this thread, you will be removed from this game without hesitation. This has been made clear, and it is your final warning for the rest of this game.

    Alfze: +2 | Celever: -1 | Ephemera: 0| Fiery_Lugia: 0
    EurekaTingz: +4 | Jadethepokemontrainer: +4 | mirdo: -1 | Vom: -4​
  9. Celever Wheeeee~


    Let's take this in chunks.
    Your argument:
    Premise 1: Celever is talking to most people in the house
    Conclusion: Celever is aligned with most people in the house

    There isn't even a second premise because you're jumping to a conclusion. For your argument to make sense this would need to be inserted: "Premise 2: Talking to people means you're aligned with them". And we all know that that premise isn't true, which is probably why you left it out of your post. People have different playstyles -- some people like to talk to everyone and others, like you, only talk to people they've made deals with. But don't let that make you think that everyone plays that way, because the vast majority of people I'm talking to I don't have deals with. We're literally just chatting about the game.
    Respect people's privacies and games except mine, apparently. Which is fine, because all of those names are obsolete by now. Since you and Raven have been targeting me the whole time, I've obviously had to adapt my game quite a bit more than normal. Plus, you used what I shared with you against me even when we were still allied right at the beginning of the game to form counter-alliances, so :shrug:. No surprise you're respecting me as much when we're not allied as you did when we are, but when it's a 0 in both cases it should be a warning flag for your current allies.
    Premise 1: The majority of the house wants Flour gone
    Premise 2: Celever is talking to most people in the house
    Conclusion: Celever is turning the majority of the house against Flour

    This argument is in theory a little more valid, but is betrayed once again by Flour's lack of understanding that people think for themselves. If we were dealing with dogs or bunnies then this argument would probably work out but as we're not, it doesn't. There are people in this house who I haven't spoken to about Flour who I've only heard want him gone through 2nd-hand information from a mutual contact, which immediately proves that I'm not exactly the main architect of this perceived assault against him. And even if I were trying to be, I can't exactly shift public opinion from a "we want Flour to stay" to a "we want Flour to leave" without just cause and arguments that other people agree with. The main reason I've heard as to why people want you gone is formerly because A) you were leading in rep for the entire game and B) you're only talking to the people you want to end-game with, which means that everyone who you're not currently talking to knows that at some point you're gonna target them. Don't blame me for failings in your own social game -- I haven't tried to undermine you at all, you've done it yourself.
    I already know who you're allied with and who's been lying to me about their vote the entire game, and so I've been informing them that their alliance is a sinking ship because enough of the house wants you gone that you have a very low chance of end-gaming. Whether this was passed on to you as me "coming after you" is of course something I don't know, but if it was it's somewhere between the truth and a misinterpretation. I'm certainly coming after you because you're targeting me so why wouldn't I, but at the same time I've not been trying to turn other people against you. There's not much point until someone wins HOH and we're discussing noms or something, and even then I would only ever suggest it because, let me reiterate, people think for themselves and so if they have options that they'd prefer to nominate over you I'd be fine with them doing that. I don't play the same as you where I expect my allies or even working relationships to do exactly what I say, which is probably why more people are interested in having working relationships with me than with you.
    Completely untrue and I'd be happy to tell everyone who your allies are if you'd like.
    Also completely untrue. We had an argument because I said "look, I'm not going to go behind your backs and defy you so I'm telling you now what I'm gonna do". It wasn't exactly what Cdr. Raven and Lt. Flour ordered, and that was such a crime from me that you decided it required punitive retaliation -- when the act itself also didn't even, in any way shape or form, hurt your or Raven's games. It's kind of absurd that you still think Raven actually called me out on anything and demonstrates that you still know nothing about this game, which is kind of sad at this point.

    You burned the bridge by not being able to accept the autonomy of your allies. It was Raven who kicked me out of the chat -- I didn't leave it -- and that was the single moment when the bridge burned down. The fact that you only have a small number of people willing to talk to you about gameplay and I have the majority of the house shows that when it comes to working together, I'm pretty damn good and you're pretty damn bad. Maybe that's why you can't discern between allies and working relationships -- because so few people want to work with you that the only way you get anyone to do so is to ally with them formally and bind them in.
    It's also kinda petty to let your personal feelings override gameplay. Obviously that's just your playstyle so I'm not criticising it too harshly, but it's a warning sign to everyone else that you need to be evicted. If you misspeak around Flour you'll be targeted for the rest of the game with an unwavering tunnel vision, and that's the kind of unpredictable wildcard that should be evicted.

    The tone in this post is probably fairly pointed, but I pride myself on playing honourable games. I'm not gonna sit by and let you try to character assassinate me because in week 2 I didn't follow your orders. That's ludicrous, gunboat diplomacy that is the complete antithesis of honourable. Have a good day.

    Looking forward to a 1-on-1 with you mirdo. Even playing field in terms of rep as well! :D
  10. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~ (she/her)


    lol wish i was as good at debating as cel
  11. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    Cel, you do realize this isn't a courtroom case? Relax. Also, when did I disrespect you when we were allies? Apparently not talking to you that much is disrespecting you now. What you said about that is completely irrelevant to this argument. You're taking everything I'm saying and turning it into a personal attack, so it's very hypocritical of you to call me an emotional and personal player when all I'm doing is defending my game and calling you out for your game. I only called you out because I was sick of hearing that you were coming after me, and wanting me gone. I'm not going to stay silent on that, nobody is. So therefore, your arguments for that are invalid.

    Also, I literally have nobody. And in the past when people have said they were working with me, they eventually all turned on me to side with you which is understandable because I know you have skills in manipulation. Just to point it out again, Cel's using all of you. In the alliance chat you claimed that you had major trust issues and that you wouldn't turn on us, but you literally did exactly that, and then Raven called you out on it. You're blaming me for the downfall of the alliance when I literally just read the messages and didn't insult you once, so again, me being an emotional player is also invalid in that argument.

    Also, why do you say Raven didn't call you out? He literally started to talk to you about why you were going behind our backs, while I sat there, just reading what was going on, because I didn't want to get involved. Because at first, I did respect you and I didn't want you to get upset with me, but that's all changed now.

    You also stated that people think for themselves, which is obviously true? It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. What I'm saying is that you call the shots for them, and they just listen and agree with you. I never said they couldn't think for themselves, what I said was that you controlled them and you call shots. And the reason I'm not talking to a lot of people is because you already have them on your side, so why bother socializing with them if I already know they're going to feed information back to you? Again, another invalid argument.

    Also, don't try and say you haven't turned people against me when you literally have. You suggested people are going to target people with high rep, and it's funny that people started targeting me as soon as you were kicked from the alliance chat. You told your allies to go against me because I had the highest amount of rep event though I made sure not to make you upset during the argument that got you kicked from the game. So it's really weird how fast everyone turned on me as soon as you were kicked from the alliance. Incase people don't know why this happened, it's because Cel was probably mad (because he's such an emotional player) and he told everyone to start targeting me. It's understandable though, I know that you have a hard time putting your personal feelings aside when playing a game.

    Also, what gain is there in getting me out? Every single ally of mine has turned on me at one point, and I don't think they even want me in the game either, so once again, you're wrong. Funny how we've been seeing a repeating theme.

    I never went against you because we had conflicting ideas of who to send home in week 2. I just figured you probably had a side-alliance with the person that week, so I was cautious to not go against you because as I said earlier, I didn't want to upset you. And all of your followers were right alongside you in the vote, as it clearly showed.

    You also claimed that I insult everyone who doesn't agree with me which is so untrue because that just doesn't make sense. You do realize I know how to respect other people's opinions? I'm sorry that's so hard for you to do, but we're all bad at something. :(

    This is what you're saying I do:
    Person A: "Flour I don't think we should evict this person."
    Flour: "You're so dumb that makes zero sense you have no logic."

    Read that, does that make sense to you? I'm not like that. So your arguments are so incorrect that at this point it's just idiotic to read your false arguments. Please back them up with facts next time instead of jumping to conclusions. I may be going home this week, but I'm going to fight. I'm not going to let you drag me down and try to make me upset, because it's really not working. You're claiming I used personal attacks against you and other people but where's the proof? You called me petty AND you're blaming everything on me. That's a nice way to show your true colors, Cel.

    I'll say this again. Cel is literally controlling you. If he evicts you and you complain about being allies with him in the jury house, I'm just going to say: "I told you so." So please listen to me. Do you really think I'd cause all of this drama for nothing? The answer is no.

    Goodbye Cel, I think we're done here. (posts reply with 20000 grammatical and spelling errors)
  12. EurekaTingz Aspiring Trainer


    Let me point this out, there's no benefits to your game on getting me out. What if you're the person they target right after I'm gone? If you think about it, I'm practically shielding people from being the next biggest target. So if I'm stuck on the block, think about how keeping me benefits your game, and don't listen to Cel when he says: "It doesn't bEneFIt yOur gAME"
  13. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Week Five - Tuesday: Work Evaluation

    1st place: @Celever with 1:44:03

    This means @Celever is this week's Head of Household! You have 24 hours from this post, or until December 7th at 2:00PM PST to name your two nominations for this week's Power of Veto competition!

    One of you has failed to show for your shift. The following player(s) will receive a reputation penalty:

    mirdo: -2 (-3)

    Alfze: +2 | Celever: -1 | Ephemera: 0| Fiery_Lugia: 0
    EurekaTingz: +4 | Jadethepokemontrainer: +4 | mirdo: -3 | Vom: -4​
  14. Fiery_Lugia ニャンパス~ (she/her)


    are alliance chats unlocked now?
  15. Celever Wheeeee~


    I will make this quick and follow through on my word.

    I nominate Flour and Jade.
  16. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Now that nominees have been named, I can express some good news to everyone! Alliance chats and the server channel have been unlocked! You may now continue to speak there as much as you'd like as you would normally. Now onto the competition!

    Week Five - Wednesday: Closing Shift

    The following players have been nominated!
    EurekaTingz | Jade

    This week's Closing Shift features the following players! No other player may participate in this competition!

    @Celever - Head of Household
    @EurekaTingz - Nominee
    @Jadethepokemontrainer - Nominee
    @Fiery_Lugia - Random Draw
    @Vom - Random Draw
    @mirdo - Random Draw


    Today you'll be serving... Hot Air Bloon!

    You have until December 9th at 2:00PM PST to submit for this competition! This gives you 48 hours. A reminder that I'm open to discussion about how long competitions should last, especially at later stages in the game where the competition gets tighter! Any reductions in time limits will be based on the house's opinions of a fair length.
    A reminder that you must include your name in your submission! As long as it's visible on-screen, drawn on or in something like a Notepad app, that's perfectly fine. All submissions must be made to the host in PokeBeach PMs, or in Discord DMs, and you will be notified if your submission is valid, or invalid.
    Discussion in any alliance chats is allowed for this competition!

    Your Reputation Bonus is 5% of what I earned playing this game for each point of reputation you have.
    You will gain or lose 13.5 points per point of reputation for this competition.

    Alfze: +2 | Celever: -1 | Ephemera: 0| Fiery_Lugia: 0
    EurekaTingz: +4 | Jadethepokemontrainer: +4 | mirdo: -3 | Vom: -4​
  17. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Week Five - Wednesday: Closing Shift Evaluation

    1st place: @Jadethepokemontrainer with 693 points (639 + 54 reputation)
    2nd place: @EurekaTingz with 569 points (515 + 54 reputation)
    3rd place: @Fiery_Lugia with 280 points (280 x1 reputation)

    Congrats to @Jadethepokemontrainer for winning this competition!

    As it's the only remaining veto, the Tricky Power of Veto must be used this week. This means that Jade must name his vetoed nominee, who must then complete a secret task. What could it be?~

    Upon completion of the task, the vetoed nominee will be removed from the block! The current HoH will then choose a renomination, and voting will proceed.
    However, if they fail, they will remain, as if the veto was discarded, and voting will start without a renomination.

    As the winner of the Tricky Power of Veto, Jade has 24 hours, or until December 10th at 2:00PM PST to name his vetoed nominee.​
  18. Jadethepokemontrainer We're on the edge of greatness~

    Forum Mod Chat Room Staff Member

    Well, let's make this quick as there isn't much of a point in waiting. I'll be choosing myself to use the veto on.
  19. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Week Five - Wednesday: Tricky PoV - Opening

    Jade has chosen to use the Tricky Power of Veto this week, and use it on himself. This means that Jade has a task to complete in order to prove their worth and be taken off the block!

    From this point forwards, Jade has 24 hours, or until December 10th at 2:00PM PST to complete the following:

    Score higher than 25 points playing Color Switch!

    Upon completion of the task, Jade will be removed from the block! The current HoH will then choose a renomination, and voting will proceed.
    However, if they fail, they will remain, as if the veto was discarded, and voting will start without a renomination.​
  20. VioletValkyrie The Third / 死ぬんじゃねぇぞ


    Week Five - Wednesday: Tricky PoV - Ending

    Task: Score higher than 25 points playing Color Switch!

    Jade's score: 49

    Congratulations! Due to passing this task, you have been removed from the block!
    From this point forwards, From this point forwards, @Celever has just under 21 hours, or until December 10th at 2:00PM PST to name a replacement nominee in-thread! Voting will then start once an update has been made.​
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