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    ✧ Welcome to PokéBeach Big Brother: Sweet Sabotage! ✧

    After months of excitement and wait after the end of the previous season, PokéBeach Big Brother is back, hosted once again by VioletValkyrie! This game will not only test your social skills and competitive skills, but also your ability to work together, form friendships, and completely backstab each other, in a new seventh season with new twists, tricks, and sweet, sweet sabotage!

    General Rules and Competitions
    - In this game, you will compete with other houseguests to win the game, and deem yourself the best of the best! This game will be divided into a number of in-game weeks. Each of these weeks contains a Head of Household (HOH) competition, Nomination Ceremony, a Power of Veto (POV) competition, and an Eviction. With one houseguest being evicted after each eviction, this cycle will repeat until there are only 2 houseguests remaining.
    - Every week will start with a Head of Household competition. Everyone may compete except the winner of this competition from the previous week. Everyone else will participate, and the decided winner of this competition becomes the Head of the Household for the week and will be unable to be eliminated during that week.
    - After this, the Head of Household chooses 2 players to nominate for eviction.
    - Once the Head of Household has named their nominees, the Power of Veto competition will begin. The HOH, the 2 nominees, and 3 randomized houseguests will participate in this. The winner of this competition may choose to either save one of HOH’s nominees with this power or decide not to use it (thus keeping nominees the same). If they use the power, they cannot be nominated in the previous nominee's place when the HOH names a replacement.
    - Finally, to end the week, once the nominees have been locked in, then the eviction phase begins. During this time, all players (except the HOH and the nominees) will be voting for whom they wish to be evicted from the house and lose their chances of victory. The nominees may also publicly plead their cases in this time, but whoever receives the most votes will be evicted, and out of the game.

    Game Rules
    - Alliances are of course permitted, and strongly encouraged. You may make as many alliances as you’d like to with other houseguests. This can be done through PokéBeach PMs, or through Discord servers. However, I must be added to the conversation.
    - The game cannot be discussed with any evicted houseguests. If you have a Discord alliance with any evicted houseguests, please refrain from conversing about the game with them, or make a separate chat for general conversation as well.
    - In this game, screenshots will be necessary for challenge submissions. When signing up, make sure your device is able to submit these screenshots for your scores in various competitions throughout the game. When you submit a score, you must show proof the screenshot is yours. This can be done by having your PokéBeach account in another tab, or your account name on a Notepad. Whatever works to prove the screenshot was taken by you.

    Extra Information and Terminology
    Weeks: This is a game term to encompass all the game’s key phases. Each week consists of a Head of Household competition, a Nomination Ceremony, a Power of Veto competition, and an Eviction. Each week, someone will be evicted from the house until just two houseguests remain.

    The Jury: Once a certain amount of houseguests have been evicted, houseguests evicted afterward will be put on the jury. This jury will decide who takes home victory at the end of the game. They may also ask each finalist one question to help decide whom they will vote for.
    Setting and Flavour Text
    In this game, you work as new employees to a popular maid cafe, working day and night to prove yourself as the greatest new server in town. No, I'm not kidding. This is real.

    Due to returning to the same setting every day for work, this game depends heavily on your social status and your relationships with your coworkers-to-be. As different things happen in the game, keeping your workplace's view on you as positive is important!

    Different terminology will be used in this game to highlight the settings and themes. These terms will be accompanied by days of the week, starting with Monday to Thursday, allowing for Friday to be a day off, which will work as the houseguests' opportunities for End of Week. Here is a list as such:

    Head of Household = Monday: Opening Shift
    Nomination Ceremony = Tuesday: Work Evaluation
    Power of Veto = Wednesday: Closing Shift
    Eviction = Thursday: The Final Report
    End of Week = Friday: Day Off

    What's New
    Reputation and Audience

    In order to make things interesting, Sweet Sabotage will feature a Reputation system, affected by how your houseguests and audience members see you! Audience members are any people watching the game who are interested in being part of the game without directly playing. How high or low your reputation can effect things like your competition scores, popularity among the house, and might even offer distinct advantages or benefits.
    Immediate effects of Reputation act as a mutliplier of your competition score, meaning that through the Reputation system, a skilled social player may be able to triumph over a weak social player who's strong at competitions.
    A houseguest's final score of a competition will be their in-game score multiplied by a set amount based on reputation, depending on the scoring system of the chosen competition.

    End of Week
    For those who played BB4, the fan favourite End of Week system is returning!
    At the end of every week, depending on how a player does in competitions, and the audience's opinions of how they play, their reputation has the chance to raise or lower.
    Every houseguest will be given a prompt, with several options in order to complete it. Depending on your answers to these prompts, you may gain certain effects in the game, or lead to more and unique prompts if you stay in the game!

    Like the previous game, there will not be a competition penalty for inactivity warnings. However, your warnings are directly tied to your reputation. If you fail to submit for competitions, votes, or end of week prompts, you will lose reputation. The less you submit, the harsher your reputation penalty will become.
    However, the host reserves the right to discuss inactivity with players below commitment expectations, which may lead to being removed from the game.
    Before signing up, make sure to read the previous spoiler about the important details of this game!

    Similar to the previous game, there will be an application process for those willing to play. The link to the application form can be found here:
    Applications will end in fourteen days, or on October 10th at 2:00PM PST.
    At the end of this period, a post will be made to the thread and every accepted houseguest will be notified, and the game will begin. The ideal house size for this game is between 12 and 16 people, with 14 being the ideal.

    The application process allows you to show your commitment and opinions for the game, as well as supply me with necessary information such as where I can regularly contact you as a houseguest, and what challenges are available for you.

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