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    Week Seven - Sceptre of Safety Competition

    Greetings, deemed. And congratulations Sena! The time has come for this week's Sceptre of Safety competition to start.

    @James Sena , you have nominated @Dunk & @Senkun for banishing. The ToR, the two nominated deemed and the remaining two deemed will compete in this competition, these two being: @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK & @Mars

    As a king you will have to be both handy and quick on your feet, this competition is a very good test of these skills. Without further ado, this week's SoS competition is: Clockwork Cat! This is a platforming game where you as a cat will have to maneuver through a big clock system with many different obstacles. The person with the shortest time will be the winner.

    Reminder that you need to have two sources of documentation when submitting a screenshot for it to be valid. As long as it can identify you, it can count (e.g. your name, a Pokebeach tab, a PB wiki tab, etc). All submissions should be made in your Diary Rooms.

    This competition will end in 27 hours, or on November 23rd at 4pm EST.
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    Week Seven - Sceptre of Safety - Results

    Good evening deemed! This week's Sceptre of Safety competition has ended which means it is time to reveal this week's winner! Let's get to it!

    In third and second place we have...
    3rd - @James Sena - 1:43:35
    2nd - @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK - 1:32:53

    Which means, with a time of 1:18:18...
    ...Congratulations @Mars, you are this week's winner!

    Congratulations! As the winner of the SoS competition you have to publicly make a decision on how you will use your SoS power. You can either save one of the two tagged or keep them the same.

    You have 24 hours, or until November 24th at 4pm EST to make your decision.

    Good luck, deemed!
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    I am discarding the SoS. Good luck you two!
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    Week Eight - The Banishing

    @Senkun, @Dunk, you are the final wanted facing banishment this week. Soon your fellow deemed will be voting to banish one of you. Once the votes are cast, they will be revealed and you will have to leave the woods immediately. @James Sena, as ToR, you will only vote in the event of a tie. The two wanted will also not be voting. See you all soon, and good luck!

    As soon as you are ready, please cast your vote to banish in your diary room, and tag the hosts so that we see it. There are 2 votes this week, so it takes 2 votes to banish, and 1 to tie.

    You have 20 hours, or until November 24th at 4pm EST to cast your votes.​
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    Week Eight - The Banishing - Results

    My Deemed, welcome to another of many banishings in this game. In just a few moments, I will reveal the votes, and one of either Dunk or Senkun will be leaving us immediately. The banished Deemed will have just a few moments to say their goodbyes, and then they will be removed from the woods.

    Now without further ado, by a vote of 2-0, @Dunk ... are safe. Which means that @Senkun, you have been banished from the Shadowed Forest. Sorry to see you go, and thanks for playing!

    Sorry to see you go Senkun! Thank you for playing, and we'll see you back with the rest of the King's Court on crowning night. Now, my top 4, congratulations! Your ToR competition will be here very soon.
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    Week Nine - Taste of Ruling Competition

    Hello, my Deemed! Please all gather in the fire circle to find out what competition you will be playing today!

    The king pauses and waits for everyone to come in.

    You all are very close to the end, with only a few competitions left. Your Taste of Ruling competition this week is called Slope. The player with the highest score at the end of this competition will become the ToR!

    As outgoing ToR, @James Sena can not compete in this competition. Reminder that you need to have two sources of documentation when submitting a screenshot for it to be valid. As long as it can identify you, it can count (e.g. your name, a Pokebeach tab, a PB wiki tab, etc). All submissions should be made in your Diary Rooms.

    This competition will end in 24 hours, or on November 25th at 4pm EST.

    Good luck, my Deemed!
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    Week Nine - Taste of Ruling - Results

    Hello, my Deemed! Now that your competition is over, we will look at the results. But before we do, I would like to note the triggering of The Loot of the Greedy Hermit, a curse that is in @Mars's possession. Because this has been used, Mars will not be playing in any competition this week, nor will he be allowed to vote at banishing time. Now that that is out of the way, your results for this competition!

    As only two of you are competing, all results will be revealed together...
    2nd place - @Dunk - 0
    1st place
    - @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK - 52

    ...Which means congratulations Nick! You are the ToR of this week, and with that power comes great responsibility. You are safe this week, but with that you must tag two of the other Deemed, who will then be at risk of being banished. Make your decisions wisely…

    Nick, as ToR you have 24 hours, or until November 26th at 4pm EST to tag your wanted publicly in the thread.​
  9. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK why do i do the dirt that i do
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    I have chosen to nominate @Dunk and @Mars
    Dunk, good luck on the veto comp
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    Week Nine - Special Banishment Recap

    Hello everyone! Earlier today, the Special Banishment took place, in which the final 4 competed in the Sceptre of Safety competition, and another was sent packing, bring us down to just three. Here's what happened:

    -To kick us off, the Sceptre of Safety competition was Legends of the Fallen, which @Dunk won with 4 points.
    -Dunk chose to use the Sceptre of Safety on himself, leaving @James Sena and @Mars as the final banishment block.
    -As the sole vote to evict, Dunk chose to send Sena to the King's Court.

    Congratulations to the final three, on making it so far! Only one more week remains, who will pull through and win the final ToR competition? Your next competition will be up in just a few minutes...​
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    Week Ten - Taste of Ruling Competition - Part 1

    Congratulations, congratulations! How fast time flies, truly, only the 3 of you remain already? Well, let me say that you definitely deserve to be here. This is the final stretch, and I’m sure you all are anxious to get to it. After this week, there will only be 2 of you, and at that point you will face the King’s Court, consisting of the last 7 Deemed you Banished. You will have to appeal to them and make your case as to why you should become the next ruler. Sounds fun, right?
    Now, how is this final Taste of Ruling competition going to work, you might be asking? It’s fairly simple, but let me explain:
    The final ToR competition will play out in three parts, which will look like this:

    Part 1: All three of you compete in this first competition, which you will be given shortly. The winner of this will advance to part 3.
    Part 2: This will be the second competition you play. Only the two losers of part 1 will play in this. The winner will also advance onto part 3, while the loser will become the first player tagged for banishment this week.
    Part 3: This is the final part of the competition, in which the winners of part 1 and part 2 will face off, and one of them will ultimately become the very last ToR of this game!

    Does this all make sense, my Deemed? Excellent, excellent. Now then, your competition. This one requires quick reflexes, so be ready. This competition is Bus and Subway Runner. Whoever gets the most points at the end of this competition will advance on to part 3. Good luck my Deemed!

    This competition will end in 24 hours, or on November 28th at 4pm EST.​
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    Week Ten - Taste of Ruling Competition - Part 1 results

    Hello hello Deemed, are you ready to see how you all did? Here are the scores...

    3rd - @Dunk - 0
    2nd - @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK - 3248
    1st - @Mars - 3548

    ...Which means congratulations Mars, you have won part 1 of the final Taste of Ruling competition, and will be advancing on to the final part!
    Nick, Dunk, this means you both will be facing off in part 2.

    The final two parts of this competition will be live (be on the lookout for an announcement post in the server with a time). Good luck, see you soon, and may I suggest studying again?..
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    The Crowning

    Hello everyone! Please welcome our finalists competing for the crown of Westeria, @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK and @Mars! Congratulations to both of you for making it all the way to the end and outlasting 14 other candidates for the position. Now, there is only one thing left for you to do: face the King's Court. These 7 people will be responsible for deciding which one of you will ultimately take the crown. Without further ado, let's welcome them back.

    Court member #1: @RyZe
    Court member #2: @Vom
    Court member #3: @Scorpi0n
    Court member #4: @mcgrayson
    Court member #5: @Senkun
    Court member #6: @James Sena
    Court member #7: @Dunk

    Now you may be wondering how this is going to work. Mars and Nick, as the finalist you will have the floor to debate, argue, and make cases as to why you deserve to win this game. Member's of the King's Court, you will have the opportunity to ask each finalist 1 question. You can ask whatever you want, whether you ask them the same question or different questions, that is your own decision to make. It is not required to ask them anything, but it may be helpful to get discussion between the finalists going and to decide your own vote.
    All question asking and debating must take place in this thread.

    Court members, how you cast your vote is completely up to you. This vote can be changed at any point throughout the finale, and must be cast through your diary rooms.

    The finale will end in 72 hours, or on December 4th at 4pm EST. At the end of this time, the votes will be revealed and one of you will be crowned the new ruler of Westeria, and the winner of Big Brother 11. Finalists, use the time to show why you deserve this. Court, use it to make your decision.

    Good luck, my Deemed!
  14. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK why do i do the dirt that i do
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    Well, well, well. Let me get this started by saying that I am very grateful to have made it here, finally. Before I get to a play by play of my game, I want to thank our co-hosts, Jade and Al, for making this game as good as it was, and the rest of the cast, for being as nice as they were when we used the forest clearing chat. Now, here we are:

    So, starting out the game, with the duo twist, I decided to first brief my duo partner and check up on his experience. I had communication with Vom and Senkun almost immediately, wanting to try to work with them. I went to make sure that Tyler was reaching out, to which I found that he'd had Ryze reach out to him. I urged him to keep that conversation healthy. When Jalemi opened dms with everyone, I responded accordingly for a potentially good alliance. Then I decided to attempt some conversation with initial friend requests to Mars and Sena. All the while, I went to establish myself as wanting and willing to help those who reached out.
    For the comp, I was working on strengthening potential allies, and Ryze and Senkun had been friendly and I wanted to solidify that. When we were nominated for banishment, I admit I did flip out, but I trusted Ryze when he told me I wasn't the target, and sure enough, I was right to do so.
    Gotta admit, I felt defeated when Tyler didn't even try and then yeeted himself out of the game. I try to help a guy out and it turns to hot garbage. This set me way back for the coming weeks, and I may have only gotten through there out of pity, I don't know. I tried to get the dude to put in effort.
    Here we are, I'm not nominated for once. I was still recovering from the week prior.
    Now I somehow get 2nd in the comp, and I show signs of recovery, knowing I don't beat Vom in the end if we let him get here, and I start thinking about breaking back into things individually. However, I fit in better voting Luke. Not much else.
    Winterbells. I get 2nd again, but am fine not getting first because I feel Vom did the Necklace of the Overthrown like one week early, and it gave me time to think a bit more. I vote Ryze here because it keeps me off Vom's radar and I need to stay off of that for the time being as I don't know if I'll have a chance at getting her out.
    I very much dislike Grid 16, with a burning passion. Anyway, another relief to not be nominated, and I see Vom up there. Now I'm in contact with Sena, so I can actually do stuff. I know I have my best shot at dropping Vom here, and with some communication, we pull it off. One veteran gone, and who I thought would be the most troubling. I knew Dunk was clear to keep until necessary to drop. Senkun using the curse when he did was a little troubling, but Scorpion only supplied me with an easy backdoor on Vom. I also got Grayson to reveal to me his alliance with Scorpion and Senkun, and his plans if he won the next ToR to put up Dunk and Mars.
    Sena reveals to me what Vom said about Grayson's curse, with our plan to go after him I was happy with that, especially with a free week for our alliance. Sena put up Senkun and Scorpion, I was fine with either going home, and proceeded to mentally destroy in the SoS by simply putting what I honestly felt at the time. I leaned into Scorpion because Mars told Sena who told me that Scorpion was running on the other side. We eliminate Grayson's closest ally to get him against Senkun if need be.

    Now, part 2. I win the ToR by a large margin and nominate Senkun and Grayson. Only one of them is saved from the block at best, and it is Senkun by Dunk's hand. This is actually fine because of Grayson's curse. That ties the vote for me to swoop in and take the finishing blow, leaving Senkun as what appears to be the largest remaining threat.
    I create the Triumvirate chat, for more direct communication between me, Mars, and Sena. Right off the bat Mars reveals his curse, which we keep him from using until after Senkun is out, which is handily orchestrated between Sena winning the ToR and Mars winning the SoS respectively (the 3 of us walling out top 3 on Clockwork Cat). I also interrogate Dunk a bit, to get his angle. He just wants to sit in top 3, and I drop the biggest bombshell of the game on him, his being here because of the efforts of my planning and Senkun's ideal final 3 being himself, Dunk, and Mars.
    I have to win this week, the entire operation rides on it, and I do win the ToR, in a rather confusing turn of events with Dunk just not having it. What I didn't plan for was the SoS being a game awareness comp. Sena and I get wrecked and Dunk saves himself, to vote out Sena, for what I felt was the wrong reason, but when you misinterpret what the other nominee says and what you interpret it as is true, what can you do?
    Again, Dunk doesn't try in part 1, which is a bit sad, and then Mars beats me by a margin of 300, which is all good, but then the next comp gets hinted and I kid you not, I raked over the thread and wiki for hours and created a study guide. Using that, I manage to win part 2 within 3 tries. I do good on my word and intentions of the previous week when I eliminate Dunk, the final, unexpected thorn in my side. It didn't feel right to betray Mars at that point, especially when he was offline due to what we found out was something he couldn't control.

    I've been mulling this over for almost 12 hours in my head now. This game has been my greatest glow-up yet, and the biggest rollercoaster for me. I want to thank each and every person who made this game possible, and got me here. It was an honor playin this game with so many new people, and while it may not have been much fun for some of you, I sincerely feel that this is a game you learn to love as you get better over time and evolve both as a player and a person.
    I look forward to answering any and all questions, but, I must sleep for now.
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    James Sena


    Congrats both of you for making it here, I think you are both genuinely deserving of winning in your own ways. My question for both of you is this: How did your gameplay adapt throughout the course of the season? Feel free to use specific examples if it helps explain easier.
  16. Mars Aspiring Trainer


    Hello everyone who is reading this! As you may know, my name is Mars and I am currently one of the finalists and I am sitting next to someone who I have been working with for the second half of the game. I am super grateful and ecstatic to be in one of the final 2 chairs especially considering the fact that I beat 3 other veterans. While no, this is not my first org, it is my fourth. Before I explain my gameplay throughout this season, I just wanted to start by expressing my gratitude for both Jade and Al for casting me this season. It was an absolute ton of fun. Next, I want to thank and then apologize to Vom for a reason I will explain later. For everyone else, I will mention them in the coming spoilers. This game was a rollercoaster of emotions for me and I feel like I have grown as a strategist and a social player. Now is the time that I would like to explain what I have done throughout this game and why I deserve to win Pokebeach Big Brother.

    After the duos twist was revealed, I found out the my duo was Sena. Sena and I immediately made a group and began to talk about game and what would be best for us moving forward. I actually knew who Ryze was before even coming into the game so I knew that we would work well together. I managed to convince Sena and a couple other of people that Senkun and Ryze winning the first ToR would be best for our game. As I was closely aligned with Ryze at the beginning of the game, this just made sense. I was only talking to a few people at the time because I wanted to stay under the radar. Ryze mentioned that him, his alliance, and myself were guaranteed final 5. At that moment, Sena and I weren't sure who to target. We didn't really see any red flags with anyone but that's mostly because I didn't talk to many people. I'm not exactly sure who Sena was talking to at the beginning of the game though. As Ryze promised, Sena and I missed the banishment for that week. Sena and I didn't get to play in the SoS so that doesn't really matter. We knew we were safe with Senkun and Ryze in power. Sena asked me to vote for Nick and Tyler to leave because apparently Sena hadn't done much talking with either of them. Little did I know, Nick and I would become closely aligned later in the game. Ironic isn't it? Jalemi, who had proven to be a big social threat, was banished that week with his duo.

    When week 2 rolled around, Sena and I weren't exactly sure what we wanted to do. With Ryze and Senkun now being a target for Nick and Tyler, we weren't sure if we wanted to win the ToR to prevent them from going up or not. The reason for that is if Sena and I won, we would be seen as players who were able to win things and that could in turn make us a target for future weeks. ToR only guarantees your safety for one week and we were trying to think ahead. On the other hand, if we didn't win the ToR, it's a great possibility that Senkun and Ryze would be in danger for nominating Nick and Tyler. In the end, we decided to throw it. I actually scored a very high score that would have won us the competition but I decided not to submit it. Sena and I agreed it would be in our best interest to continue to lay low as it was only week 2. I ended up scoring 500k and not submitting it. This was when Sena and I began to see the duo or Scorpion and Grayson as a threat. They had won the ToR with a relatively high score. I was beginning to question if throwing it was the right move. As I suspected, that alliance nominated Nick and Tyler as well as Vom and Legendary, none of whom I had a relationship with. After Scorpion's duo wins the SoS, Sena and I begin to realize that he needs to go before he sweeps this entire game. We knew that he would continue to win competitions and started devising a plan to get him out as soon as possible. Then the cave was introduced. All of those powers made me excited but also very nervous. To hear that we would have to give someone a power made me even more nervous. Nick's duo ends up walking (for unknown reasons) and then Legendary is banished.

    This was the first week where my trust was really tested. Ryze was apparently trying to backdoor me for an unknown reason. I'm not 100% sure if this is completely accurate or if Ryze confessed it as a joke. Needless to say, I had to be a bit more wary of what Ryze was doing in the game from that point on. Sena and I continued to keep to ourselves and lay low. There were clearly people going after each other and we wanted to stay out of the frays. The ToR was really something that I didn't want to participate in. It was a competition on who you think is so and so. After hearing that our results would be publicized, I decided to accept a strike and abstain. This was a strategic strike so that I wouldn't make enemies due to my answers. It was clear to me at this point that Vom was going after the alliance that Ryze mentioned to me. He didn't tell me who was in the alliance though. After Scorpion wins SoS, he only solidified his spot as my top target. I didn't want to take that shot though because if I missed it would be game over for me. Vom nominated Asher after Scorpion saves himself. Come banishment night, it was Asher and Ryze. While yes, I was considering voting for Ryze, I didn't think I had the numbers to do it. Sena and I had been voting together the entire game so we ended up voting for Asher together as to not sever bonds with Ryze this early. Doing so could have caused the entire alliance he was in to come after us.

    I really don't have much to say about this week as nothing happened that was eventful.

    This week was an interesting one to be honest. In the winterbells competition I read the rules wrong and submit an extremely low score by accident. Grayson scores over 2 million and wins the ToR. However, Vom realizes this is a travesty and uses a power known as the Necklace of the Overthrown and takes Grayson's spot as the ToR. Immediately after, she nominates Ryze and Scorpion. I had received the ability to grant a power to someone via the cave and I decided to find the thing that sounded like the most power and give it to Grayson. In that moment I knew that I wasn't going to be able to beat that alliance of 4 and I had to start to whittle down their forces or I would have to align with them. If the power turned out to be bad, I could turn around and profusely apologize to Grayson and say "oh I was trying to work with you" while still keeping Sena as my top ally. As a game move, I acted shocked when the power actually turned out to be a curse and Grayson was told he would have a vote against him the next time he was up for banishment. I apologized as much as possible and convinced Grayson that I wanted to work with him and that I would stay loyal to him. That alliance of four was a force to be reckoned with and I didn't want to be caught in the radius of their wrath. If I didn't try to get in close with them, I would have just been taken out. Grayson then told me that he was in an alliance with three other people. Those three people were one normal person and two veterans. It didn't take a lot of deduction to realize who was in that alliance. Grayson then said that he had no intention of taking me past final 5 and that was a massive red flag for me. I then knew what I had to do. A power was used to save one of the nominees so I then went to Vom and told her that I would be loyal to her and that I wanted the other alliance out. Everything I was telling her was 100% factual and I didn't fabricate any of it. Vom was actually thinking of renominating me so I had to reassure her that I was not coming after her and I was instead going after the majorly dangerous alliance of four. She ends up nominating Senkun. From that moment on, Sena, Vom, and myself formed a group and we began to work together. She wanted us to evict Ryze and I wasn't going to go against my ally so I evicted Ryze, someone who I was working with early on.

    Grid 16 was actually a competition I thought I could win. I submitted a relatively high score and came second. Scorpion once again wins ToR and immediately I realize how grim the situation is. Sena, Vom, and myself were wondering how he scored so high because we thought that my score would be good enough to win. Apparently not because Vom and Dunk end up on the block. At this moment I am praying that Vom wins SoS because I really wanted to keep her around because she was a close ally of mine and Sena's. She loses the SoS (Scorpion wins and that makes him even higher on my threat list) and Sena and I try to rally votes to keep her. Vom if you are reading this, we really did try to keep you. Sena and I unfortunately realized we didn't have the votes and didn't want to make ourselves look like the outcasts so we had to vote with the rest of the house. I am so sorry and I didn't want to see you go that week.

    I find out that I received a curse that would literally remove me from playing in an entire week of the game. I wouldn't be able to vote, or play in any of the comps from the week I chose to use it. Sena wins ToR and we are freaking out in our little one on one chat with each other. For once, we were both safe and there was no way we would be nominated. Sena and I work together to create a threat list, putting Scorpion up at the very top of it just because of his sheer power to win comps. We decided to keep Grayson around because we saw Senkun as more of a social threat. Nick wins SoS and decides not to use it. Now was our one and only shot to get Scorpion out. Sena and I realized we would not have another shot and I made Dunk and Nick realize this even more than they already did. That week was a double so after Scorpion leaves, Nick wins ToR. I had been talking with Nick in the previous week and we both realized we needed to get the huge alliance out. Now that alliance was just a duo and WE were the huge alliance. Senkun and Grayson are nominated and Dunk wins SoS and uses it for the reasoning of "I just felt like using it." Well this really almost screwed me over because after being nominated, I almost went home. I was ever grateful for the curse that I gave Grayson in that moment because it forced a tie and Nick was honest with me and broke the tie in my favor. Now we were at final 5.

    This was by far one of the best weeks for me game wise. Nick, Sena, and myself form a final 3 known as The Triumverate. We needed Senkun gone because we felt as though he was a bigger threat because he had won a couple of comps. Sena wins ToR by a small margin over Senkun and puts up Senkun and Dunk, staying loyal to me and Nick. I end up winning my first crucial competition when I score a 1:18 on Clockwork Cat. I decided not to use the SoS and allow Nick and myself to decide who goes home. After discussing for so long about a plan to get rid of Senkun, I would have been stupid to go against Nick and make Sena break a tie. Senkun leaves 2-0. We made it to Final 4.

    This was the worst week of the game for me. First of all, my curse was activated and I couldn't play in anything from that week. Nick won ToR and put up me and Dunk. I now realize that if Dunk wins the SoS, I may be in grave danger. This is exactly what happens. Dunk goes into the SoS competition more prepared than both members of my alliance and ends up winning the competition. Congratulations for that win by the way. That was huge. He obviously uses it on himself and puts my closest ally next to me on the block. I promised Sena I wouldn't campaign against him and I told Dunk that I have never thought of nominating him or backdooring him and that he was one of the people I was actually okay with. I didn't mention Sena's name, he came up with that on his own. He ends up banishing my closest ally, Sena. We were the last remaining duo and I feel happy for making it all the way to final 4 with him.

    I win the first part of the ToR and wait for the second part to take place. However, right before the comp happens, my discord account gets hacked and I am unable to participate in the rest of the ToR. Nick ends up winning and taking me to final 2 with him. I would have taken him too.

    I really hope that after reading this, you feel like I should win the game. I really had fun and am honored to be in final 2 with one of my allies. Love you all!
  17. TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK why do i do the dirt that i do
    TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK


    Good question. I told you before in our chat how I was looking to take what I had learned in the past and apply it to this game. My initial goal this game was to be charismatic and approachable. I started working on that almost immediately by offering help to those who asked. When Tyler didn't put much effort in during the first week, I urged him to try the second week, which didn't work, but it was worth a shot. Weeks 3 and 4 were very much recovery focused for me and I make the most safe decisions for myself possible in that time. By week 5, I know I have to make a u-turn in my behavior this game, one last safe play and wait. From there I start my plan with Sena to eliminate the other veterans in as quick order as possible, putting myself ahead of the house and enlisting fear to my advantage. Sena reaching out to me offered the perfect vessel of which to carry out the series of events that brought me here. Using the experience of the other veterans against them and limiting their ability to control the game was a major point here that I wanted to drill into. When Dunk misread my intentions during the special eviction, I was quick to reveal to him what took him there, and what I believed the most logical course of action for Senkun if he were allowed to exist. The final example of my adaptability this season that I will exhibit is probably the smallest (or biggest given the circumstances of how it went down) one, the shift from week 9 SoS to week 10 part 2. I studied the events of the game for seven hours upon the hint because I could not let Dunk win and end up being completely upended from this game. This turned out crucial as, had Dunk won that he would've been the final head of household, and in the perfect position to eliminate me, his final wall prior to the end.

    Reading Mars' post, I will respond with this: had he been there and able to compete, in the event that I won that final round, I would've eliminated him then and there. Out of sportsmanship, I let Dunk walk, knowing full well that I'd have a tougher first final 2 experience that I couldn't be more proud with.
  18. Senkun Aspiring Trainer


    Now that both finalists made their recaps, my question:

    What was the most important move during this game leading you to be in this final?
  19. Mars Aspiring Trainer


    Throughout the course of the game, I have experienced a rollercoaster of emotions. I stuck with you throughout the entire game and told you that it would be in our best interest to lay low until jury. That is just what we did. Afterwards, I began to establish alliances and start to craft plans to get out the core four alliance members that up until that point were clearly running the game. I have done some very deceitful things such as lying to Grayson about the power he got but it was all to get the two of us further into this game.
  20. Mars Aspiring Trainer


    Easily the biggest move I made was when I gave Grayson the curse and cried to him about how I thought it was a power that could get him further into the game. I talked about how I wanted to work with him and his alliance and this was to get Grayson to reveal information about the alliance. He did just that and even told me that he would eliminate me at final 5 because he wasn't going to go against his alliance. I never intended to work with Grayson. That was all strategy. In the same week I managed to convince Vom that I wasn't working with that alliance and that I instead wanted to work with her to get that alliance out the door. That part is completely genuine and I did want to work with her.
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