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    Welcome to PBB10: Scramble and Conquer! Big Brother tests its players every season, but this season it will be to the extreme. Oftentimes being an amazing scrambler or conqueror is enough to win the crown, but this time the winner will have to display an aptitude at both. HoH and PoV phases as you know them are no more, as the game will now move between “Scramble Phases” and “Conquer Phases”. This is a mixed season, with prior all stars meeting new recruits to battle it out. It's expected that everyone brings their A-games, however.
    most of this section was stolen from NinjaPenguin. Thanks, NP!
    General Rules and Competitions
    - In this game, you will compete with other houseguests to win the game, and deem yourself the best of the best! This game will be divided into a number of in-game weeks. Each of these weeks contains a Head of Household (HOH) competition, Nomination Ceremony, a Power of Veto (POV) competition, and an Eviction. With one houseguest being evicted after each eviction, this cycle will repeat until there are only 2 houseguests remaining.
    - Every week will start with a Head of Household competition. Everyone may compete except the winner of this competition from the previous week. Everyone else will participate, and the decided winner of this competition becomes the Head of the Household for the week and will be unable to be eliminated during that week.
    - After this, the Head of Household chooses 2 players to nominate for eviction.
    - Once the Head of Household has named their nominees, the Power of Veto competition will begin. The HOH, the 2 nominees, and 3 randomized houseguests will participate in this. The winner of this competition may choose to either save one of HOH’s nominees with this power or decide not to use it (thus keeping nominees the same).
    - Finally, to end the week, once the nominees have been locked in, then the eviction phase begins. During this time, all players (except the HOH and the nominees) will be voting for whom they wish to be evicted from the house and lose their chances of victory. The nominees may also publicly plead their cases in this time, but whoever receives the most votes will be evicted, and out of the game.

    Extra Information and Terminology
    Weeks: This is a game term to encompass all the game’s key phases. Each week consists of a Head of Household competition, a Nomination Ceremony, a Power of Veto competition, and an Eviction. Each week, someone will be evicted from the house until just two houseguests remain.
    The Finalists: Once there are only two houseguests left in the game, the jury will decide on who should win the game. The selected houseguest wins the game and the notoriety that comes with the title!
    The Jury: Once a certain amount of houseguests have been evicted (this amount will be announced at the beginning of the game), houseguests evicted afterward will be put on the jury. This jury will decide who takes home victory at the end of the game. They may also ask each finalist one question to help decide whom they will vote for.
    - Alliances are of course permitted, and strongly encouraged. You may make as many alliances as you’d like to with other houseguests. This can be done through PokéBeach PMs, or through Discord servers. However, I must be added to the conversation.
    - The game cannot be discussed with any evicted houseguests. If you have a Discord alliance with any evicted houseguests, please refrain from conversing about the game with them, or make a separate chat for general conversation as well. (If you are an audience member, the same is true; there is a very strict non-communication policy with houseguests in the game or on the jury.)
    - In this game, screenshots will be necessary for challenge submissions. When signing up, make sure your device is able to submit these screenshots for your scores in various competitions throughout the game. When you submit a score, you must show proof the screenshot is yours. You must have at least two things to demonstrate this proof, which can be done by having your PokéBeach account in another tab, a tab of this game in another tab, your account name on a Notepad, or whatever else works to prove the screenshot was taken by you.
    - Do not share screenshots of either your score in a competition or your conversations in alliance chats with other players.
    - Please abide by the spirit of the rules, not just the exact words. Loopholing the rules is strictly prohibited. If you have any confusion about anything I’ve said ever, just act and I’ll clarify.
    -Please ask me questions about whatever you’re confused about or if you’re ever unsure if something is okay or not. I will do my best to answer whatever you want to know and will be much more lenient on stuff as long as you’ve consulted me, so just ask and all will be good.
    There will be no competition bans for failing to submit for anything. However, that doesn't mean you won't be penalized. For every competition you fail to submit for (and also fail to tell me that you are unable to submit), you will receive a competition penalty on the next competition. If you fail to submit your nominations/veto usage/renomination on time, you will automatically be put on the block and be up for eviction. If you fail to submit a vote, you will receive a double competition penalty, but will not be given time to make up your vote.
    The competition penalties are as follows:
    1st Offense: 10% reduction in score in your next competition
    2nd Offense: 25% reduction in score in your next competition
    3rd Offense: Removed from the game
    Let's not ever get to that last one. I'd really like to have a game without a modkill.

    Please keep in mind that it is perfectly valid to submit scores or decisions on a provisional basis (e.g. "in case I don't get online to vote by deadline, my vote is for Celever, but don't lock that decision in") and you will not be given a competition penalty if you cannot get online by then (since I'll just be able to do what you told me to). It is also perfectly fine to tell me you can't submit for a comp or you want to submit a zero or something. Just make sure I know and it'll be cool. I'm perfectly willing to accommodate as long as you keep me informed.
    Scramble & Conquer
    This season will be separated into scramble phases and conquer phases. As a general rule, scramble phases are when there is no ongoing comp, such as during a vote, or when the comp is a social one. Conquer phases are when houseguests test their mettle in flash games and compete to dominate their competition by earning the best score. Are you a scrambler or a conqueror? This season, you’ll find out.

    Throwing Competitions
    During conquer phases, houseguests are permitted to throw competitions. There is a great deal of customisability with this feature. For instance, I could request that, if I get the highest score, it instead be somewhere between 2nd and 3rd places’ scores so that I come 2nd instead. It may also be done conditionally so, for instance, if I trust Jade and believe that he has the same plan for the week as I do, I could ask to be placed 2nd only if Jade gets the 2nd-highest score, meaning he wins instead of me and I get to keep my hands clean. This seems like a great option, and sometimes it is, but remember that no one will know for sure if you got the highest score originally even if you claim that you did, and that the only way to ensure 100% that the players who are put on the block or vetoed are who you want them to be is to do it yourself.

    In order to throw a competition, you must still submit a verified screenshot and then request it to be thrown. This is to ensure houseguests are still actively involved in the game.

    Diary Rooms
    Diary rooms will once again return in this season, but will be entirely private from the audience and open only to myself. They are, basically, a place to lay out your thoughts and codify your strategy to return back to it later, without any of your other houseguests knowing the contents. From time to time, I may ask you questions in these diary rooms, but they will be vague prods at most and I will not be assisting players in any way. These diary rooms will be used for player rankings at the end of the season, so use of them is encouraged to better inform the writeups. If you play well, using your diary room increases your chances of earning notable, because I’ll be able to see the strength of your rationale.

    Competition Details
    Since the theme of this season is scramble and conquer, it goes without saying that there will be more scramble phases -- or social comps -- than in a traditional season. Some of these are played on the forum alone, but I would also like to attempt some live competitions over the course of the game. I’m fairly easy and will fit my schedule around the times that others are available, and none of these live comps should take more than an hour. If no mutual time between houseguests can be found then all social comps can be played on the forums, but it will prolong the game a little since rounds will have to be 24 hours long.

    Additionally, the vast majority of flash games featured in this season will be brand new! I hope you see this as as exciting as I do, particularly because I’ve tried to diversify to the best of my ability which skills will be tested by which games, including in regards to social comps. This season will test your ability at shoot ‘em ups, platformers, endurance, precision, geometry, strategy, and musicality, to name a few. I also spent a long time testing games to see if they remain fun after repeated plays and personally I think they all do. We’re all here for a good time, after all!

    This season will also stay true to the second meaning of scramble. There will be twists designed to really test your social chops, and the traditional formula of the game (one HOH, two nominations, one POV, one eviction) will be played with from time to time. However, please trust in me as a host that this game is balanced. Though assumptions will be played with, I will never outright lie, and houseguests are welcome to ask me about anything. Furthermore, with all of this having been said, the overwhelming majority of weeks will still follow the traditional formula, and this will still clearly be a season of Big Brother. Just think of it as a game that takes place in the modern era of the TV show, rather than one from earlier eras where the game was simpler.

    Individual advantages are included in this season. As a general rule of thumb, recipients of advantages will be kept private, but once an advantage has been used it will be publicly revealed in-thread, alongside a description of its exact effects and terms of use. This is a demonstration of the overall hosting philosophy of this game: absolute transparency so long as this transparency does not advantage or disadvantage individual players.

    Comebacks will feature in this season, but through a unique process of my own imagining. Just know that whatever player returns will have worked hard to make it happen.
    Dr. Seuss wrote Green Eggs and Ham because his publisher made a bet with him that he couldn’t write a best-seller that used less than 50 different words. He did, and proved him wrong, winning himself $50 and proving himself a conqueror. And eggs can be scrambled. In order for your signup to be valid, you must include “Do you like green eggs and ham?” in your google form somewhere, advisably but not compulsorily in the “is there anything else you would like me to know” question at the end. If you fail to do this the first time, I will press you to reread the OP because your signup was invalid. In this scenario, you must send the following to me:
    I could not, would not, on a boat
    I will not, will not, with a goat.
    I will not eat them in the rain.
    I will not eat them on a train.
    Not in the dark! Not in a tree!
    Not in a car! You let me be!
    I do not like them in a box.
    I do not like them with a fox.
    I will not eat them in a house.
    I do not like them with a mouse.
    I do not like them here or there.
    I do not like them anywhere!
    As punishment for not reading the OP the first time, type this out in full. I’ll know. If Psycho Mantis can know your gaming history, I can know this.
    Big Brother is a game. This means that players should play to win and best their competitors, but it also means that the other players are just that: players. Big Brother is not personal. This isn't somewhere to take out your frustrations with people you don't like, and likewise if someone nominates or betrays you in this game, it's on you if you take it personally -- those things are encouraged here. If a player is aggressive or getting too personal with another player to the point where it's upsetting, I request that players message and let me know. I will provide warnings where appropriate, and if a houseguest refuses to stop being hateful or insulting, they will be removed from the house.

    Signing Up:
    Before signing up, read this post. You wouldn’t want there to be anything you’ve missed that would help you with this google form!

    Now that you’ve read the entire thread, fill the form out. This application is largely just a submission of interest, however it also tiebreaks like applicants so it’s advisable to put a small amount of effort in. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive, though. Applications are projected to last around 10 days, but I withhold the right to close them whenever I want if a cast signs up that I'm happy with, so get in quick.

    @scattered mind
    @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK
    @The Last Shaymin
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    Cast Reveal

    Welcome to the pre-game of PokéBeach Big Brother 10: Scramble & Conquer! Our first point of business is to reveal the cast. They are the following:
    @scattered mind
    @TeamAqua4Life #HEYNICK
    @The Last Shaymin

    Congratulations on making it into the season and I hope you're in for a fun time! Speaking of, it's time to get started...

    Hit The Road
    Welcome, houseguests, to BB10: Scramble & Conquer! Or, well, that may have been a little presumptuous. I hope you haven’t unpacked too quickly, because one of you is leaving today. The game will go on as standard starting Week 2, but you’re gonna have to prove yourselves if you want to be there.

    The structure of this week is as follows: it will begin with a social comp. There will be opportunity to save yourselves from auto-eviction during this social comp. For those who don't, it will be followed by a second comp, a flash game. If you score the lowest this time? Sorry, you lose, and your time in this game is over. Simple, right?

    This week is also a double eviction week. The houseguests who qualified for the second comp and who place 3rd- and 2nd-last in it will be the voting block for the week. We will have a Power of Veto phase, but the Week 1 block is still not somewhere you want to find yourselves.

    Good luck to everyone, and here’s to starting off this season with a bang!

    This period is treated as houseguests arriving to the house, and so discussing this game with fellow houseguests in private is strictly banned. This is while we finish setting up the Discord server.
  3. Celever Wheeeee~


    Scramble Phase
    Hit The Road Part 1
    As the houseguests arrive to the house, they're placed on podiums facing toward the other houseguests. Based entirely on first impressions and public discussion, it's revealed that houseguests must fight for their lives in this game without being able to form alliances.

    We will be playing Ready Aim Fire! for the first stage of this Hit The Road twist. The rules of this game are extremely simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s not interesting! Each round you have 2 options.
    Shoot [player]
    Shoot self

    These options have the following effects:
    Shooting another player attempts to eliminate them from the game. If the target shoots themself, however, the original shooter will die instead. Furthermore, this does not defend a player from any shots taken at them.
    Shooting yourself protects that player from all shots taken toward them by other players. Furthermore, all players who attempted to shoot them will be eliminated instead. However, if a player shoots themself and no other players attempted to shoot them, they will eliminate themselves from the game.

    For Ready, Aim Fire! veterans, it’s worth identifying that the piercing shot mechanic does not exist in this version of the game. The piercing shot mechanic primarily matters as an early-game risk used to advantage yourself when there are fewer players left. Since we’re not playing this game to completion, it makes more sense to omit it entirely.

    This game will end once at least 6 houseguests have been eliminated from this comp. All players who have been eliminated at this point will qualify for Part 2, meaning more than 6 players may play in the second round if the numbers work out that way. All players still in the game at this point will survive, and will qualify to play for an advantage.

    Outside Communication is still not permitted. You may speak in the house chat, but not in private with people.

    As this is a Scramble Phase, throwing this comp is not permitted. You must submit every round.

    The deadline for Round 1 is in 48 hours. However, if all actions are submitted within 24 hours, the game will progress at that point, and that is preferred. Deadline is 9PM BST.

    Please submit your actions via your DR on Discord.

    Good luck!
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    Hit The Road Part 1 Results
    As the houseguests arrived, a twist was sprung upon them. A houseguest would leave before even entering the house and, worst of all, alliances couldn't be formed as a security blanket. This was apparently enough to spook the majority of players, as the vast majority assumed defensive positions. This left only a few brave souls willing to take a shot.

    The first of these houseguests was mirdo, who took aim at NinjaPenguin in the hope that they would target someone else. However, NinjaPenguin was one of the many to defend themselves, and so mirdo was shot in retaliation. Confused, Ephemera and TheLastShaymin shot at mirdo's corpse.

    Aria, watching TheLastShaymin use up all their ammo, took aim at them and shot them dead, making the bodycount two.

    Almonds and Mora opportunistically saw Nick, previously unshot, and fired at him simultaneously. However, to their ire, Nick had also been defending, and yeeted them with an epic countershot.

    And then Quaking, Vom, scattered, Senkun, Flour, Lily, and Violet all shot themselves and died. F.

    Congratulations to NinjaPenguin, Ephemera, Nick, and Aria for surviving HTR Part 1. Comiserations to everyone else for qualifying for HTR Part 2, which will be up imminently.
  5. Celever Wheeeee~


    Conquer Phase
    Hit The Road Part 2

    That comp was brutal. Commiserations to the houseguests who have qualified for the second phase of this Hit the Road week. However, with risk comes the potential for reward.

    As a reminder, the lowest scorer in this comp from those who were eliminated from the first comp of the week will be automatically evicted. Additionally, the second- and third-lowest scores will be our voting block this week. However, something you weren’t told is that this is also a HOH comp, for Hit The Road Part 3, the title of which will be granted to the highest scorer of those who lost Ready Aim Fire!. Though participating in this comp places houseguests at risk of eviction, there’s also potential for power.

    The houseguests who are safe will instead be playing for an advantage. This advantage is the Conqueror’s Insignia where, at any eviction ceremony of a player’s choosing until final 5, they may steal a vote from another houseguest and use it for themselves. This means that the player will have 2 votes at their disposal, which they may use on the same player put on the block, or different ones. This advantage cannot be used in a week where the houseguest in question is not permitted to vote, such as if they are HOH or on the block.

    For clarity’s sake, here is what each player is playing for.

    Phase 2 of Hit The Road:
    scattered mind

    Conqueror's Insignia:

    Since this is such a pivotal week and cool twist, I have selected what is in my opinion perhaps the hardest flash game ever to feature in PokéBeach Big Brother. We will be playing Luftrauser, a classic-style shoot ‘em up released in 2014 and then de-made for various Commodore consoles. This game is as challenging as you would expect from a Commodore game, so have fun!

    Scores in this comp will be based on the final score displayed on the gameover screen. A reminder that PBB uses double verification, meaning that your name must be displayed in the screenshot in any form (notepad app, drawn on, in the web bar), and a tab of the PokéBeach website must be open in your browser.

    Communication in DMs is now permitted. A reminder that you must include me in all communication with fellow houseguests.

    This competition will last 48 hours. Deadline is 9PM BST.

    Good luck to all!​
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    Hit The Road Part 2 Results

    The results are in, and one of you is leaving today. But first, the celebrations. 4 houseguests qualified to play for the Conqueror's Insigna, and their scores were as followed:

    1. Ephemera - 1910
    2. Nick
    3. NinjaPenguin
    4. Aria
    Congratulations on your victory, Ephemera!

    And now for the rough part. Unfortunately, the lowest score of this bracket will leave immediately. Furthermore, the next two houseguests will be voted on. However, the winner of this bracket has earned HoH for the third phase of the week. The rankings of these houseguests are as followed:

    1. mirdo - 2650
    2. Senkun
    3. Mora
    4. Quaking
    5. Shaymin
    6. Lily
    7. Violet
    8. Almonds
    9. Flour
    10. scattered mind
    11. Vom
    Commiserations Vom. Thanks for playing! Though, you're not out just yet. As confirmed in the OP, comebacks are occurring this season, and Vom is the first houseguest playing for return! Details of how this works will be posted soon.

    mirdo, despite being HoH, is allowed to vote in this vote, as he doesn't earn the power of HoH until HTR Part 3. If there is a tie, however, mirdo's vote is the tiebreak (whoever he votes for is evicted).

    Commiserations also to scattered mind and Flour, who are the first voting block of the week. Houseguests have 24 hours to submit a vote against either scattered mind or Flour. Please do so in your DR. You may change this as many times as you like before deadline. Countdown
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    Hit The Road Part 2 Vote Results
    scattered mind and Flour were the block due to placing the second- and third-lowest in the Hit The Road Part 2 comp. After a hard-fought scramble, the houseguests submitted their votes.
    scattered mind
    scattered mind
    scattered mind

    scattered mind has been evicted 11-1. Commiserations scattered, but comebacks begin now!

    As reigning HoH, mirdo would now be asked to submit his nominations. However, he submitted them ahead of time. mirdo nominated Almonds and Shaymin as the next block. The PoV comp will be posted imminently.
  8. Celever Wheeeee~


    Hit The Road Part 3 Power of Veto

    As is standard, the Power of Veto this week has been decided by the HoH, two nominees, and three players picked by random draft. These are as follows:

    HoH: mirdo
    Nominee 1: Almonds
    Nominee 2: Shaymin
    Random Draw 1: Quaking
    Random Draw 2: Aria
    Random Draw 3: Ephemera

    These players are participating in Card Toss, a returning comp from BB7 and later BB9 that I think is a lot of fun. So have fun! Deadline is in 48 hours at 10PM BST (countdown coming)


    Comebacks begin now! Vom and scattered mind are the first duellers in the Colosseum. A player gets back into the game from the Colosseum in one of two ways: they either win 3 duels in a row, precluding players from the opportunity to comeback earlier than expected, but at the advantage of getting back into the game earlier. Or, they simply win the final duel when the deadline of the Colosseum expires. This deadline is unconfirmed, and won't be confirmed until it's upon us. So duel hard every week!

    Colosseum participants will also be playing Card Toss with the same deadline. The victor of Card Toss is announced alongside the results of the veto comp. And the loser of Card Toss will be our official 15th-place houseguest. You're fighting for clout as well as the opportunity to return, so play hard!​
  9. Celever Wheeeee~


    Hit The Road Part 3 Power of Veto Results
    The houseguests were tasked with throwing cards into a hat outside in the wind. It was surprisingly good TV.

    1st: Random Draw 1 Quaking: 367,822
    2nd: Nominee 2 Shaymin
    3rd: Nominee 1 Almonds
    4th: HoH mirdo
    5th: Random Draw 3 Ephemera
    6th: Random Draw 2 Aria
    This means that @quakingpunch73 has 24 hours to submit his usage of the Power of Veto by posting in-thread. If he wants to do it over Discord he can but I'm still the only person to post in this thread so :L


    Vom and scattered were tasked with the same, except they were fighting for their lives in the game. The winner progresses to their second duel of the season, while the loser is the first evicted houseguest and is ranked 15th. In order of eviction:


    scattered mind is ranked 15th this season, as he didn't submit for this comp. Commiserations.

    Vom has already beaten her eviction order and is now fighting for whether she's 14th or higher!
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  10. quakingpunch73 At The Beach


    Hey guys! Welcome to the first veto meeting of the season! It's pretty exciting, right? As the veto holder, I've got an important decision to make, so make it I shall. Without further ado:
    I have decided to use the Power of Veto on Shaymin. I hope everyone can respect my decision. Even if you are disappointed, feel free to talk with me so that I could explain my reasoning to you. I'll turn the rest of the fun this week over to mirdo, so he can decide the replacement nominee and the vote can proceed.
  11. Celever Wheeeee~


    Scramble Phase
    Quaking has elected to use his veto on Shaymin, who has now been removed from the block.

    @mirdo please nominate another houseguest to be on the block alongside Almonds.
  12. mirdo Seagull Overlord and Business Entrepreneur


    Thanks for giving me the "honor" to renom I guess.
    Im not mad at that. Its what you have to expect as HoH

    I will nominate @Mora for evicition.
    This is nothing personal of course. Everything the light touches is only game.

    Almonds, Mora, I wish you both good luck in the vote.
  13. Celever Wheeeee~


    Hit The Road Part 3 Vote
    mirdo has nominated Mora to sit on the block alongside Almonds. Please submit your votes for either.
    Nominee 1: @Mora
    Nominee 2: @FourteenAlmonds
    Deadline is at 10PM BST in 24 hours, as this was done quickly enough from comp results to not require another day. Countdown
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  14. Celever Wheeeee~


    Hit The Road Part 3 Vote Results
    Let's not bother with spoiler tags here. All the houseguests joined together and formed a flash mob to evict Mora in a unanimous vote. Nearby a bowl of almonds breathed a sigh of relief.
  15. Celever Wheeeee~


    Conquer Phase
    Week 2 HoH

    As incumbent HoH, @mirdo may not play in this comp. Everyone else can, except for Mora and Vom in the Colosseum as they will instead be duelling with the Power of Veto comp this week. Y'all have 48 hours, I'll add a countdown tomorrow when I'm not about to sleep ^^"

    Twist Reveal
    So y'all wanted another twist, right? Well don't worry, this is a fun one. In addition to the player who places first in a HoH comp winning the power of HoH, the player who places second in each HoH comp this season will earn the power of Chieftain. Traditionally, the players in Power of Veto competitions are the HOH, the 2 nominees, and then the remaining 3 houseguests are decided by random draw. Indeed this is what happened during the first week. However, from hereon out this season we’re doing things a little differently. The Chieftain also gets to play in the Power of Veto, and gets to choose 2 other players to fill the last 2 slots. Furthermore, they have immunity for the week and may not be nominated by the HOH. So do you want the power and safety of HoH, or just the safety of Chieftainship? It's up to you what you gun for. And as a reminder, this is a Conquer Phase, so the comp is full complex throwing available. Have fun.
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  16. Celever Wheeeee~


    Week 2 HoH Results
    The houseguests were tasked with hurling cats in space for the highest and longest distance. They were scored on their performances:

    1st: Quaking 352,844
    2nd: Almonds
    3rd: Lily
    4th: Shaymin
    5th: Violet
    6th: NP
    7th: Aria
    8th: Ephe
    9th: Nick
    10th: Flour
    11th: Senkun
    This means @quakingpunch73 won and earned the power of HoH, congratulations! Furthermore, @FourteenAlmonds earned the power of Chieftain and has earned immunity for the week, along with the power to select who chooses in the PoV comp instead of the random draft. The next phase will commence once the HoH and Chieftain decisions have both been made!
  17. quakingpunch73 At The Beach


    Hey guys! This is the nomination ceremony. As HOH, it is my duty to nominate two houseguests for eviction this week. I’ve gotten to speak to a bunch of people this week, and it’s been great talking to all of you. Unfortunately, as I said, I’ve still got to nom some people. So, let’s get on with the noms.

    Aria, you’re my first nomination this week. We talked a bit last week, but I don’t necessarily think that our conversation ended as well as it could have. You’re an awesome person, but from a game perspective, I feel I have to nominate you this week. I hope there are no hard feelings involved. If you want to talk things out with me, I’m always free to chat.

    Sen, you’re my second nomination this week. We haven’t really talked a lot throughout the game so far. You’re new to this game, and I feel really bad about nominating you, but it has to be done. Please don’t take this nomination personally at all. Like with Aria, if you want to discuss things with me, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

    With that, I’m handing over duties to our chieftain, Almonds, and then the veto ceremony can commence.
  18. Celever Wheeeee~


    Week 2 Power of Veto

    In accordance with the Chieftain twist, the players in this Power of Veto comp have been decided by Almonds, as well as the HoH and the two nominees. These are as follows:
    HoH: Quaking
    Nominee 1: Aria
    Nominee 2: Senkun
    Chieftain: Almonds
    Chieftain Pick 1: Shaymin
    Chieftain Pick 2: Ephemera​

    These players are participating in an old classic that took the world by storm. Flappy Bird! Deadline is 48 hours from now. Have fun.

    Colosseum participants will also be playing Flappy Bird with the same deadline. The victor of will make it through as the 13th placed houseguest this season and stay in the game with the chance of a return. The loser, however, will be evicted in 14th place. Good luck to both @Vom and @Mora in this final stand.​
  19. Lord o da rings ♕ The Queen ♕
    Lord o da rings


    Week 2 HoH Results
    Due to @Celever currently being who knows where and me having revealed the results anyways, I may as well post the update here myself. The houseguests were tasked with getting a little yellow birdie through some pipes. They were scored on their performances:

    1st: Almonds -- 29
    2nd: Ephemera
    3rd: Senkun
    4th: Shaymin
    5th: Quaking
    6th: Aria
    This means @FourteenAlmonds won and earned the Power of Veto, congratulations! You were alerted on time, but at the time this is being posted you have 18.5 hours, or until 5PM EST tomorrow to make your decision in-thread.


    Vom and Mora were tasked with the same, except they were fighting for their lives in the game. The winner progresses to their third duel of the season, while the loser is the second evicted houseguest and is ranked 14th. In order of eviction:


    Vom is ranked 14th this season, as her score was lower. Thank you for playing!

    Mora has maintained his eviction order, and is now fighting to see if he can go higher!

    Hopefully Cel will be back by the time for the Eviction Ceremony, but if not, I'll take care of things in his absence.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2020
  20. Celever Wheeeee~


    Week 2 Veto Usage
    Almonds has decided to use the power of veto on @Senkun. This means @quakingpunch73 needs to name a replacement nominee to go on the block beside Aria.
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