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Expanded Bewear / Whimsicott


Aspiring Trainer
Pokémon (17)
4 Stufful RCL 149/192
4 Bewear 150/192
4 Cottonee UNM 143/236
4 Whimsicott SSH 006/202
1 Victini GRI 10/145

Trainer Cards (25)
1 Aspertia City Gym
3 Welder
2 Lysandre
1 Gladion
1 Will
3 Quick Ball
3 Evolution Incense
2 Pokemon Communication
2 Energy Loto
2 Professor's Letter
2 Ordinary Rod

Energy Cards (18)
12 Fire Energy
3 Twin Energy
3 Double Colorless Energy

The objective is to run the opponent out of Pokemon with Bewear's "Big Throw" and/or Whimsicott's "Cotton Ride". Victini's "Victory Star" ability improves the chances of flipping heads. Using the Unified Minds Cottonee instead of the S&S version because of "Dust Gathering" to draw a card. Bewear's "Hammer Arm" is also useful to take out <90 HP Pokemon without the risk of coin flips.

Trainers are constrained by the cards I have in PTCGO...I would use 4 Will if I had them! Gladion is included in case Victini is in the prize cards.

Energy is heavy on "double" type to accelerate Bewear's attack readiness. After 15-20 matches, I feel like I could get away with 8-10 Fire energy instead of 12.

Thanks for the feedback!


Aspiring Trainer
This is a pretty cool idea. I think you should use standard format only, if you use this in expanded you will just get beat by any player using a Shaymin/sky field list. You don't lose anything too important by switching to standard and the Victini can be replaced by the new stadium (does the exact same thing as Victini) coming out in August. Another thing to note is since you lose Victini when you move the deck to standard, you no longer have a pokemon with an ability in play so you could use Green's exploration to grab Will and something else.

If you switch to standard for this deck I would suggest a 4-4 line of Magneton
to grab Lt.surge greens and will or any combination of those cards and since your giving up a prize you can use surge then will and greens to grab another will and surge or maybe grab the stadium card with greens too.

here is my list suggestion. it may be a bad idea to use magneton but I think it could work. it would get you set up really fast.

4 Stufful
4 Bewear
4 Magnemite
4 Magneton
1 Tapu Fini UNM (baby Blacephelon counter, you can use whatever kind of tech you want)

2 Glimwood tangle (the stadium coming in august)
4 welder
4 will
4 green's exploration
2 Lt.Surge
4 evolution incense
4 quick ball
1 poké communication
2 ordinary rod
1 great catcher (or boss's orders if you want)
1 reset stamp

10 fire energy
4 twin energy

IDK if that's 60 and I don't want to count. this list was very quickly made but it's just to give you some ideas. please let me know how the deck turns out even if you don't use any of my suggestions. If you're wondering why I left out Whimsicott, its because it doesn't discard the pokemon so it would be very easy to get back in certain lists and make it harder for you to discard all their pokemon.

Good day.


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Thought I'd share a list I just built for this.

****** Pokémon Trading Card Game Deck List ******

##Pokémon - 19

* 1 Ditto {*} LOT 154
* 3 Shaymin-EX ROS 77
* 4 Stufful BUS 110
* 4 Bewear RCL 150
* 1 Bewear-GX PR-SM 34
* 1 Noctowl SSH 144
* 1 Victini GRI 10
* 1 Exeggcute PLF 4
* 1 Tapu Koko {*} TEU 51
* 1 Xurkitree-GX PR-SM 68
* 1 Phione CEC 57

##Trainer Cards - 32

* 1 Counter Gain LOT 170
* 4 Scoop Up Net RCL 165
* 3 Will CEC 208
* 1 Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear PHF 92
* 3 VS Seeker PHF 109
* 1 Computer Search BCR 137
* 1 Special Charge STS 105
* 2 Float Stone PLF 99
* 4 Quick Ball SSH 179
* 1 Super Rod DRV 20
* 2 Great Catcher CEC 192
* 1 Gladion CIN 109
* 2 Ultra Ball DEX 102
* 2 Sky Field ROS 89
* 1 Field Blower GRI 125
* 1 Guzma & Hala CEC 193
* 2 Cynthia UPR 119

##Energy - 9

* 5 Lightning Energy SWSHEnergy 4
* 4 Triple Acceleration Energy UNB 190

Total Cards - 60

****** Deck List Generated by the Pokémon TCG Online www.pokemon.com/TCGO ******

I don't think that Whimsicott is really needed, honestly. It can work, but I think it may be better suited to be on its own or with another Pokemon other than Bewear. This list's focus is solely on using Bewear's attack, Big Throw/-GX. Occasionally, however, Noctowl or Xurkitree-GX can step in and offer their helping hand. Noctowl can easily attack for only 1 TAE, given you have Ditto Prism Star out in the field. While it won't discard anything, it not only puts your opponent at that slight disadvantage, but also shuffles Noctowl into the deck, saving the TAE, and allowing you to possibly switch into even Xurkitree-GX if you're fighting against a deck that likes to use Special Energy. Xurkitree-GX itself isn't just here for the walling, though. It's Lighting-GX GX attack is another GX attack we can use (Giving you the choice between Big Throw and Lighting), which works really well with this kind of deck, since your opponent is going to need to waste more resources just to get an attacker up, thinning their hand a bit and adding that extra prize could really give you a much-needed edge. Rumbling Wires is in-part, your win condition as well. After you've Big Throw'ed most of/all their attackers, you can use the remaining TAE or Lightning Energy for Rumbling Wires or Hammer Arm, possibly even Double Impact if you're desperate.

As for other cards to add in, Sudowoodo GRI could be swapped in for something, as it could be pretty effective at slowing opponent's down after a Big Throw. A Bench Barrier Pokemon (Mr. Mime, Mr. Mime, or Mew) could also be added in to protective from strategies that may want to clean Shaymin-EX off your board as soon as possible with bench-hitting attacks, or even prevent you from evolving Stufful or Ditto Prism Star by hitting them with bench damage. Oranguru UPR is also a solid addition. While it won't win you the matchup, it will help tremendously against stall decks, and even in tight spots where you may be able to afford giving up a prize card in exchange for shuffling key components back in, like TAE, Will, Bewear, etc. Or even some of your 1-of cards that you may need more of if they were discarded. It also serves as a decent anti-deckout card and makes achieving your win-con easier (as you no longer have to worry as much about not having all TAE being used up after you've Big Throw'ed everything away,or not having to worry about having Lightning Energy in deck to even attack with. What to swap them with is a little hard- this deck is already tight on space- however, I think that a Lightning Energy or Great Catcher can work in exchange.

I hope you can get all the cards you need for your decks soon!