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So today Toy's R Us is holding another one of these Poke events and it had me thinking, which of these cards are actually good to use in battle?

So far we know of several.

Last year, we had Magikarp and Pikachu followed by Meowth and Clefairy
This year we have Cosmog and this Alolan (sp?) Eevee

Judging by the cards last year, I would see it being that Pikachu. No, I never attended that event; however, if we put them one on one with each other, that thing paralyzes first. In order, I would assume this would be the best card to least.

Pikachu (paralysis caused by muzzle, 30 damage by quick attack) 60 HP
Clefairy (moonlight heals 30 damage, pound does 20) 60 HP
Alolan Vulpix (Icey snow does 20 damage) 60 HP
Meowth (50% chance it will attack the opponent or itself doing 30 damage) 60 HP
Magikarp (25% chance it does 30 damage) 30 HP
Cosmog (draw a card and does no damage) 60 HP

I am thinking the Alolan Vulpix falls under the Clefairy in terms of being a good card.
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