Best Theme Deck?


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Just got back into TCG, friends have been telling me to buy singles and make a deck, but by time I get it all added it's around $50-100 which isn't a lot, but it is for a card game I only play maybe once a week. I want to go to Walmart or Target and pick up a deck or boosters that will get me going. I currently have Talonflame theme deck, but Im 2-10 playing with this deck. Help!?:)

Shiny Shinx

If you use a theme deck, don't expect anything from it. 2-10 sounds pretty reasonable against custom-built decks.



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In addition to what Shiny Shinx posted, Talonflame is also just one of the worst theme decks in general. I would suggest using one of the theme decks as base and then add single cards that you manage to pull/trade to improve it. I'd recommend looking at the Xerneas theme deck or the Greninja themedeck. The latter can be used to make a toolbox - many types of Pokemon in one deck - using Rainbow Energy and Aromatisse. Got a neat Mewtwo-EX from a tin? You can chuck it in.

The other option is to make the Greninja themedeck into the Greninja BREAK archetype, a very powerful archetype in current meta. It would be more expensive than a budget Xerneas deck (but the Xerneas deck will likely rotate out of Standard at the end of this year).


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Another semi-legit way is to get 2 theme decks , that way you tend to have more consistency out of the box.