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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Spectre_Makoto, Aug 11, 2019.

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    So I'm coming into the new legal rotation with my Beast Box deck, and it seems like Ultra Beasts are a pretty safe option all things considered.

    -Reliable Search cards: Mystery Treasure, Cherish Ball, Ultra Space (which can also bump stadiums), Net Ball for Buzz-Mosa

    -Decent Draw options: Naganadel GX (Dragon), Ultra Recon Squad, staple supporters, Stadium Nav, etc.

    -Energy Acceleration/Recovery: Beast Ring, Naganadel, etc.

    -Many notable attacking Pokemon: Naganadel GX (both versions), Blacephalon GX and non-GX, Baby Buzzwole, Buzz-Mosa GX, Naganadel/Guzzlord GX down the line...

    It honestly feels like they have the most in their favor compared to other deck archetypes. Perhaps not the most hard hitting, but they will at least have potential in consistency.

    Although losing Buzzwole GX is a serious blow considering we have Pikarom running around; Baby Buzzwole will work only once or twice per game if that. Also they really haven't much against Reshizard, and many of Ultra Beast's star players are weak to Fire. They do however hit Mewtwo-Mew, any Fairies, most Fighting types, anything with 170hp or less, among other lesser threats.

    So despite finding it hard to compete with the big boys up top, they still have quite a few victories afforded to them and will still be a fun archetype at the very least.

    Anything I may have neglected to mention?

  2. Wechselbalg *****


    Beast Box is a trap. They are better suited to being tech in other archetypes rather than a deck of their own. Being consistent means nothing if you can't KO anything. Besides, MewMew has Psychic Zone Jirachi which removes weakness. The only fairy player right now is Whimsicott-GX which you not only cannot KO but it also has the ultra beast fairy charm which more or less auto-wins against beast box.
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    Theres a beast box deck post rotation called checkmate beast box. You use naganadel GX’s GX attack to put you both in three prizes, then knockout a tag team, or a GX + something else for the win. You only play two or three naganadel gx with the beast raid attack, a few of the unified minds naganadel GX since its a good draw engine in the deck, and you also play stuff like a few non-GX dusk mane necrozma, a few stakatake GX, and maybe a single buzzwole/pheramosa tag team GX.

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