TCG Fakes Base Set Rebalanced (feat. Jungle and Fossil)


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Patch 1.6

First of all, the Tabletop Simulator mod has reached 200 over downloads! That's truly incredible!
Please note that it might take a while for these changes to appear in the gallery or in the RAR picture download. This change is currently applied to TTS.

Energy Cleanup

Rectified multiple mistakes and inconsistencies, where the terms "Energy", "basic Energy" and "Energy card" were misused. In particular, some cards were interacting with Double Colorless Energy where they shouldn't have been - this has now been rectified.
Card affected:


Wartortle is currently the only Pokemon with an Ability that lets you accelerate Energy beyond the regular one-a-turn attachment. Charmeleon was already nerfed indirectly by removing all discard effects from Trainers, switching it into a re-accelerator instead. This leaves Wartortle as the only Ability accelerator in the format.
It is quite obvious that any format will center around cards that let you accelerate Energy - it's the clearest way of gaining a tempo advantage over your opponent. Now, Wartortle for me wasn't as strong as acceleration in today's game, because decks seem to be less consistent. However, it still stands as a Pokemon with a truly unique and overpowered ability, compared to everything else available.
Because of that, its Ability gained a clause that it only works if you're not ahead in energy - therefore, just like Charmeleon, it has now mainly became a re-accelerator. The only two ways of gaining an Energy advantage now are Cooltrainer and Dratini's attack - which are two absolutely valid ways of achieving this effect, due to their slowness.


The Ability of Omanyte was meant to target DCE users, but it also unfairly targeted the few cards that actually had off-color attacks, such as Golduck. This made the card's effect too narrow, but also misplaced - it might have even seen like it had negative synergy with Kabutops. In reality it did not - Kabutops cares about having a Water Energy card, not being provided actual water energy - still, this confusing combination was popping out frequently, as these cards were clearly meant to be played together.
The Ability was, therefore, overhauled. Now, Omanyte blocks healing instead - there are a few very annoying healers in the format which, while numerically balanced, can stall the game quite a bit. Now Omanyte and Kabutops make for a strong mid-range control-combat deck, or you can splash for Omanyte if you believe in the Water's philosophy of "more is better" - even when it comes to damage counters.

Item Finder

I feel like Item Finder is a wholly underrated card. Sure, the cost is high, but it can theoretically give you access to almost any resource - be it Pokemon though Pokeball, Energy through Energy Search, or a Supporter through Computer Search. It can also justify a lot of one-off Items to tackle various threats, like Potion, X Attack or Poke Flute.
I want to position Item Finder as a card similar to Maintenance, it terms of trading cards that aren't currently useful into something more useful. As such, I am removing one card from the effect's cost, making it reshuffle only one card to get any item. Hopefully this allows decks to play even less direct search Items and focus on more interactive cards.

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I have been slowly reading this thread for last couple of days and I got to say this has been inspirational. I am glad that this has went a more than a bit further than simple number adjustment that mkst that atempt rebalancing do.


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First of all, thank you for the effort you put into this. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through this thread, and my only regret is that I took so long to find it in the first place. Well done!

Like many others, I have also toyed with the idea of rebalancing the base set, though I have never come nearly as far as you have. I do enjoy most of your ideas, and I agree with many of your views, namely of having some sort of "identity" going on for each color.

Instead of each person trying to do its own thing from scratch, I believe a better use of my time would be to contribute to your already developed idea in some way. Let us know your preferred method of playtesting and obtaining feedback.

One piece of feedback that I can give you right away, is that I find the lack of consistency in move names a bit annoying. Seeing different Pokémon (especially if it happens in the same evolutionary line) using attacks with the same name, but with different effects, might be a bit confusing. The game would improve if names were akin to keywords. Regardless of the Pokémon using a move or ability, if you hear its name you know what it means. Only energy costs and damage outputs would be the wildcards.

Another suggestion: switch the Magnemite and Voltorb lines around. Give Self-destruct to the Voltorb line, and the fancy Chain Lightning and Sonic Boom effects to the Magnemite line. Or leverage the "magnet" fantasy by having these Pokémon pull Energy from somewhere (Lightning from deck to hand, probably).

Lastly, even though you did well with Fire being a discard-centered type and Grass being a Status and healing type, I feel like there was a missed opportunity for a "rapid growth" theme on Grass. Charmeleon's power would fit well with Ivysaur, as in turning the discarded Energy into compost, ready to fuel other Pokémon. However, this would require coming up with something else for Charmeleon.

All in all, great job! I do not have the time to implement all these mechanics in a GBC ROM hack, but some of the changes are manageable, and I would love to work on it.


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Thank you for your feedback!

When doing this kind of "rebalance", there is a balance to be found between changing things and leaving things as they are. I agree with you that, in principle, attacks with the same name should have the same effect, or at least have a scaling version of the same effect. However, that is not the case in Pokemon TCG - and I would have to change a lot of names to make it happen. Also, there isn't a lot of attacks in actual Pokemon to use as names - sure, there is no rule that Pokemon TCG only uses names from Pokemon games, in fact that wasn't the case in Base Set, nor is it the case in BSR - but it does feel weird to make up names for attacks just so they can have slightly different effects.

Same is the case with Electrode and Magneton from Jungle - their attacks are inspired by the original cards.

As for the Type uniqueness, Lightning does do stuff with resources, but the theme it follows is usually to be "violent" and explosive - such as the classic Electrode self-sacrifice, or even Pikachu hitting itself to draw cards. As for Grass, there is a bunch of cards that basically are required to have healing (like Golbat), and giving Grass both healing and acceleration would be quite unfair to Fire.

I hope you do get a chance to play this format! You can find me on the Custom Card Community Discord!


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I finally decided to create an account on Pokebeach to start posting, but I've browsed the site for a few years now. I was so excited to download the Remastered Base Set and print physical copies of the cards. It was like being 10 years old all over again! Questions for you @Yaginku:

1) Do you have plans to rebalance anything beyond the base set era?
2) I noticed the MSE watermark on your cards, are you active on the MagicSetEditor forums? It seems like the Pokemon thread over there is pretty dead...

Thanks for all your hard work!


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@cmoonrun Hey, thank you for the warm message! If you have any feedback for how your games went, let me know!

1) I toyed with the idea of rebalancing Rocket, especially since it's a direct sequel to the GB game. I have a lot of thoughts about the mechanics introduced in that set, but the problem is that I would change A LOT. The entire concept of "Evil Pokemon" as a gameplay mechanic I don't see as very valuable. I would have to spend a lot of time to make sure I am not changing too much.
2) Yup, I'm using MSE. I was never very active on the MSE forums and the pack I'm using is very incomplete - modern blanks aren't supported. I also use GIMP to finish off the cards by increasing their resolution. The blanks made by the Custom Card Community from this forum are probably a superior option, but I've just been using MSE for 15+ years and won't really feel like switching now.


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I played with a few childhood friends, and we are planning to get together again soon. The middle stage evolution acting as the Power-User was a big hit with all of us! It created an interesting choice, so that decision has our ringing endorsement.

1) I would encourage you to think about a Rocket Remaster you definitely have the chops for it. Change as much as you want! One thing I have thought about is that the Light Pokemon from Neo Destiny never got enough attention which is something I may give a try myself.

2) I have tinkered with the data files in MSE, but I'm not a programmer by any means and got stuck on a few minor things. I'm hoping the folks in the main resource thread will be able to help me get over the hump... Because I have gotten really comfortable with MSE as a program.


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@cmoonrun I am definitely considering it, although I am still not entirely sure about all the features of Base Set Remastered. For me, the retreat mechanics could still use some tweaks - I have a solution ready to test, but I think it might change the base game a bit too much (even though it doesn't actually change the cards in any way).
I honestly never tweaked anything in MSE, nor made my own blanks or anything of the sort. I just render the card frames with a "greenscreen" in place of the picture, then manually add the picture later in GIMP. I recently realized I can also use this technique to make long attacks/abilities more readable, like on the Fearow.

What I'm thinking of right now is a separate Discord server for this set. Nothing against the server ran by the Custom Card Community, but it is hard to organize there, or even keep track of the players that want to play.