TCG Fakes Base Set Rebalanced (feat. Jungle and Fossil)


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Patch 1.6

First of all, the Tabletop Simulator mod has reached 200 over downloads! That's truly incredible!
Please note that it might take a while for these changes to appear in the gallery or in the RAR picture download. This change is currently applied to TTS.

Energy Cleanup

Rectified multiple mistakes and inconsistencies, where the terms "Energy", "basic Energy" and "Energy card" were misused. In particular, some cards were interacting with Double Colorless Energy where they shouldn't have been - this has now been rectified.
Card affected:


Wartortle is currently the only Pokemon with an Ability that lets you accelerate Energy beyond the regular one-a-turn attachment. Charmeleon was already nerfed indirectly by removing all discard effects from Trainers, switching it into a re-accelerator instead. This leaves Wartortle as the only Ability accelerator in the format.
It is quite obvious that any format will center around cards that let you accelerate Energy - it's the clearest way of gaining a tempo advantage over your opponent. Now, Wartortle for me wasn't as strong as acceleration in today's game, because decks seem to be less consistent. However, it still stands as a Pokemon with a truly unique and overpowered ability, compared to everything else available.
Because of that, its Ability gained a clause that it only works if you're not ahead in energy - therefore, just like Charmeleon, it has now mainly became a re-accelerator. The only two ways of gaining an Energy advantage now are Cooltrainer and Dratini's attack - which are two absolutely valid ways of achieving this effect, due to their slowness.


The Ability of Omanyte was meant to target DCE users, but it also unfairly targeted the few cards that actually had off-color attacks, such as Golduck. This made the card's effect too narrow, but also misplaced - it might have even seen like it had negative synergy with Kabutops. In reality it did not - Kabutops cares about having a Water Energy card, not being provided actual water energy - still, this confusing combination was popping out frequently, as these cards were clearly meant to be played together.
The Ability was, therefore, overhauled. Now, Omanyte blocks healing instead - there are a few very annoying healers in the format which, while numerically balanced, can stall the game quite a bit. Now Omanyte and Kabutops make for a strong mid-range control-combat deck, or you can splash for Omanyte if you believe in the Water's philosophy of "more is better" - even when it comes to damage counters.

Item Finder

I feel like Item Finder is a wholly underrated card. Sure, the cost is high, but it can theoretically give you access to almost any resource - be it Pokemon though Pokeball, Energy through Energy Search, or a Supporter through Computer Search. It can also justify a lot of one-off Items to tackle various threats, like Potion, X Attack or Poke Flute.
I want to position Item Finder as a card similar to Maintenance, it terms of trading cards that aren't currently useful into something more useful. As such, I am removing one card from the effect's cost, making it reshuffle only one card to get any item. Hopefully this allows decks to play even less direct search Items and focus on more interactive cards.

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I have been slowly reading this thread for last couple of days and I got to say this has been inspirational. I am glad that this has went a more than a bit further than simple number adjustment that mkst that atempt rebalancing do.