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Standard Bad Kitty deck

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by SlowPokéDad, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. SlowPokéDad Aspiring Trainer


    Ok this was the first deck I built when my daughter and I started playing at the local league. However I’d like to make it stronger more competitive if I can. I put together a list of what’s in it..
    Thanks in advance for any and all help Given!

    Bad Kitty Deck
    Shining Legends Mewtwo GX
    Tag Team Mewtwo and Mew GX
    Mewtwo EX promo
    Unbroken Bonds Mewtwo

    Lost Thunder Poipole
    Dragon Majesty Turtonator (2)
    Unbroken Bonds Litten (4)
    Shining Legends Torrecat (1)
    Sun and Moon Torrecat (3)
    Shining Legends Incineroar (2)
    Unbroken Bonds Incineroar (1)
    Sun and Moon Incineroar (1)

    Burning Shadows Olivia
    Cosmic Eclipse Roller Skater
    Unified Minds Bug Catcher
    Guardians Rising Mallow
    Unbroken Bonds Fire Crystal
    Flash fire Fan Club
    Primal Clash Energy Retrieval
    Celestial Storm Hau (4)
    Celestial Storm Switch (2)
    Celestial Storm Fisherman (2)
    Ultra Prism Looker (2)
    Ultra Prism Cynthia (2)
    Unbroken Bonds Welder (2)

    Unified Minds Recycle Energy
    Cosmic Eclipse Draw Energy (2)
    Psychic Energy (6)
    Fire Energy (11)
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  2. SlowPokéDad Aspiring Trainer


    Hopefully someone can tell me if I'm at least heading in the right direction or not.. I know the deck plays ok but to me it just seems like it's missing something. I've used it at the league a few times and it has won and lost....
  3. SlowPokéDad Aspiring Trainer


    Well, played a younger kid at the league on Saturday and I got smoked!! I'm guessing I have much to learn on building a proper and competitive deck!
  4. ShaQuL That's what I do, I clown on you.


    What sort of format do you play? This isn't standard and it doesn't look like it stands any chance against any expanded decks... could you explain the strategy you are going for with this? So I know what kind of suggestions to make.
  5. SlowPokéDad Aspiring Trainer


    Hey ShaQul, guess I'm not to versed on what standard or the others are.. I'm new to all of this and started about 2 months ago.. I'm not sure by format, I have just been playing against my daughter, kids and adults at the league.. I'm still learning what I can about Pokémon TCG and better ways of playing, deck building etc..
    I know I've seen some pretty hard to beat decks at the league and I know what I have won't touch them. I like Mew and Mewtwo and when I started building a deck I just went with the Bad Kitty idea as my daughter liked the idea.. I picked up a Mewtwo based theme deck and changed some of it to what I liked better.
    Guess I have a lot more to learn and hopefully I can learn by what you all do here!! If someone could explain what standard and the like is I'd appreciate the help!! Thank you!
  6. SlowPokéDad Aspiring Trainer


    It showed you made a response but I'm not seeing one if you did. Just wanted to let you know is all...
  7. rewster1 Aspiring Trainer


  8. SlowPokéDad Aspiring Trainer


    Thank you for the info Rewster! Much appreciated!!

    To answer ShaQul's question, hope this helps...
    Ok, I think I'm getting it a little, lol. At our league, they allow you to play either the standard or current rules or similar to an open type play where you can use old and new mixed or all old expansions.. My daughter and I play with a mix of somewhat older as well as new card sets. I would like to someday build a deck for standard ruling and have all current cards in my deck. Right now funds won't allow it..
  9. ShaQuL That's what I do, I clown on you.



    Sorry for the late reply, I was busy and didn't get a chance to follow-up. As you now know what the formats are, I mainly play Standard and haven't got a great deal of knowledge about what cards are good in Expanded, never mind a mixed, local format. So I won't be able to give you great help, however, I have a couple of tips which I think may be useful:

    First of all, I don't think you need that much energy in a deck. Personally, I use between 11-16 energy cards in deck, depending on what kind of deck it is; since most of your Psychic cards use just 1 Psychic and Colorless energy, I'd cut the number of Psychic Energy down to 3 or 4. Personally, I'm not too fond of the Special Energy cards you included since they seem a bit out of the blue, so if you'd like you could cut all Recycle and Draw Energies and then settle with 11-12 Fire Energy. However, if you feel like you want to keep the Recycle Energy, just to use with Incineroar, you could keep that one.

    Now, let's look at the Pokemon; Mewtwo & Mew GX are good, but you aren't really making the most of them at the moment; it would be good to include a couple of Fire or Psychic type GX's for MewMew to use their attacks. There a whole bunch of expensive ones you could use, but from the cheaper ones I'd recommend Blaziken GX (Celestial Storm), Magcargo GX (Lost Thunder) or even Dragonite GX (Dragon Majesty). Mewtwo GX is also okay to go in the deck; the one I'm not so sure of out of the Mewtwos is Mewtwo EX; if it's the XY107 Promo, then it's just like a weaker version of Mewtwo GX, where it only counts Psychic Energy rather than all Energy towards it's attack. If it's the XY125 Promo, then again, it seems a bit weak. If it's the BW45 Promo then it's like a slightly more situational version of XY107/Mewtwo GX. So I'll leave it up to you whether you want to change any of these or not.

    The Dragon Majesty Turtonator is a great addition to the deck, it is a good card. I can see why you include the Poipole, but don't you feel that it is a free Prize waiting to be taken by your opponent if you have it out? I'd replace it with something else. If you are wanting to go the Incineroar route, I'd replace the Sun & Moon one with another Unbroken Bonds or Shining Legends as I don't trust cards based on coin flips.

    I'd go through your trainers one by one, but it's a lot, so I'll just post a list that I came up with quickly (so it may not be the best), so if you have any questions, feel free to ask and I'll answer as soon as I can. Since I have no idea about the format you are playing in, I just went ahead with cards that are Standard now, or were last year.

    Pokemon: 13
    1 Mewtwo & Mew GX (UNM)
    1 Mewtwo GX (SHL)
    1 Mewtwo EX (Promo)
    1 Mewtwo (UNB)
    2 Turtonator (DRM)
    3 Litten (Any)
    1 Torracat (Any)
    2 Incineroar (UNB)
    1 Incineroar (SHL)
    1 Suggested GX (Look back at the bit about using MewMewGX's ability)

    Supporters: 12
    4 Welder (UNB)
    3 Cynthia (ULP)
    2 Roller Skater (CEC)
    2 Pokemon Fan Club (Any)
    1 Olivia (BUS)

    Items: 17
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Ultra Ball
    3 Acro Bike
    2 Switch
    2 Professor's Letter
    1 Fire Crystal
    1 Energy Retrieval

    Stadiums: 2
    2 Viridian Forest/Giant Hearth

    Energy: 15
    3 Psychic
    11 Fire
    1 Recycle

    As you can see, I mostly left the Pokemon untouched, because I know what it's like to want to use certain Pokemon, even if others could be suggested.

    Hope this helps, good luck and let me know if you have any questions!
  10. SlowPokéDad Aspiring Trainer


    That is a lot of great info, when I get home tonight I'll pick apart my deck and look into the cards you're suggesting. I'll have to then see what I can do to obtain them..
    The Mewtwo promo I have is the BW45 promo. Link below...


    I myself have a few Fire GX cards and will see what I have. My daughter has a bunch of Fire GX's but I don't want to borrow to many of hers. I'll be looking online and seeing what is out there and available..
    I'll have to reread what you posted so I can digest it better when I have more time.. I do appreciate the time and help!! I have another more "Standard" deck minus one card. Looking for a Sharpedo to make it a standard deck.. I'll have to post that deck up later too.. Would like a little critiquing on it as well... Thanks again ShaQul!!!!

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