August's English Set: 'Darkness Ablaze,' Plus Two New Types of Products!

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    I do appreciate the inclusion of Bird Keeper in both decks (its inclusion in Sirfetch'd may have been kind of obvious for many, but Darm getting it as well was surprising to say the least; maybe that's why they added the Pelipper that otherwise serves no purpose). But not a single Sky Circus mon in either deck (especially the duck deck) disappoints me the most. I also would've loved to see Powerful [C] and Heat [R] in the respective decks.
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  2. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    I hope Galarian Sirfetch'd will be good.
    I love Sirfetch'd
  3. The Fish 0.o
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    It could (hopefully) be the Stonjourner from Sword and Shield base set, the one that does 70 for 2.
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    Wishiwashi lets you draw 8... maybe
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    The theme deck Sirfetch'd is the one from Rebel Clash. It's not that good because Meteor Assault is a one and done attack unless it leaves the Active Spot.
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    I first thought FireLizard was talking about the entire Sirfetch'd deck being good, which I'd agree probably won't be. I guess that's the #1 downside of naming an entire deck after just one card. But the card itself is a relatively hard-hitting and affordable single prize attacker (comparable to Lucario-V's 2nd attack; for the same 180 + recharge, Luc needs 3 energies as a basic, while Sirfetch'd can use Twin, but it's a Stage 1). The recharge attacks have never been an issue for similar cards in the past (Zacian-V, Buzzwole-GX, etc.) unless those decks inexplicably don't have any switching/ retreating options. Luckily, this duck deck does include both Switch and Bird Keeper (if only it wasn't diluted by every other card though, lol).
  7. FireLizard Dragon shipper


    Yeah but it can slay Charizard and with a bit of luck even Rillaboom

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