Artist Review- Ryo Ueda

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Arcanine 274

hey it's time for a review on the great ex artist Ryo Ueda!  now as most of you know he has a great form, simple ex's style.  it's not that glamorous, but it always just makes you go WOW!  i'm gonna be listing every single ex he has drawn from HL-on.  please correct me if any mistakes, then i will show you some of his drawings that are best and worst to me, and let you see what you think.  thank you pokebeach for allowing these images.

Ninetales ex
Vileplume ex  = 3 ex's
Wigglytuff ex

Rocket's Articuno ex
Rocket's Entei ex
Rocket's Moltres ex
Rocket's Sneasal ex  = 6 ex's
Rocket's Suicune ex
Rocket's Zapdos ex

Electrode ex
Mr. Mime ex (odds)
Mr. Mime ex (evens)
Venasaur ex   = 7 ex's
Articuno ex
Moltres ex
Zapdos ex

Crobat ex
Hariyama ex   = 3 ex's
Rocket's Raikou ex

Altaria ex
Camerupt ex = 3 ex's
Milotic ex

UF -
Blissey ex
Politoed ex = 4 ex's
Steelix ex
Celibi ex

didn't get to see all of these scans!^

Flareon ex = 1 ex

LM -
Mew ex
Flygon ex = 2 ex's

^couldn't see all the scans!^

Mew ex
Mightyena ex = 2 ex's

In all 31 ex's that i could see.  wow that's a lot of drawing for some of the TCG's best cards.

whoo that took a little while.  as you can see i didn't get to look at all these scans.  now i am going to tell you the best and worst of his drawings.

Mew ex and Camerupt ex
for mew:
i love his form, and so cute!  it just looks so real, definitely one of his best, if not it.

for camerupt:
i love the background and the fire jutting out.  i just love the entire card.

Rocket's Moltres ex
uh just ugly, scary, and weird don't really know what to say.

well that's Ryo Ueda for ya, any comments would be great.  c ya.:)

Arcanine out.

Heavenly Spoon

Advanced Member
great artist, the best 3D artist in Pokémon, i love his work on the stadiums

BEST: mew ex hp, I love how he did the tail

WORST: all the rocket's, just because I don't like the dark effects, but the drawings are fine

Tomokazu Komiya

He's cool. Sorta.
Very nice review. He doesn't only do EXs, though.
My favorite: Celebi ex. Wow. what a great effect,
Least favorite: Hariyama EX. Just looks.... wrong.

Arcanine 274

i dunno what happened, i've already posted this. yes i did mean electrode ex, instead of electabuzz, i just got tired from fixing the article 1000 times, stupid rocket's moltres wouldn't get on. my bad. yes i did know he did more then ex's, but it'd take forever to get every single card he's done, even if just HL on. thanx anyway guys, and my bad about electrode.

Arcanine out.
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