Art History - Magneton

Best piece?

  • Base Set - Kenji Kenibuchi

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  • Fossil - Ken Sugimori

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  • Vending - Mitsuhiro Arita

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  • Gym Heroes (Lt. Surge's) - Ken Sugimori

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  • Neo Revelation - CR CG Gangs

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  • Dragon - Midori Harada

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  • Other

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Might as well give one of these things a whirl.

Due to bandwidth issues with other sites, I won't be directly linking to card images, so we will have to compromise. Just visit sites like PokeOrder, Pokemon-Paradijs, Serebii, and of course, Pokebeach for your image needs.

Magneton has popped up in more sets than most others due to a lack of Lightning types on the field, particularly at the beginning. He has seen many designs over the course of the TCG, and I can't even fit them all into the poll. (If I did Magnemite, it would be even worse) Surprisingly, Magneton has nothing truly outstanding even with all these cards. That said, I will include an "Other" option if your choice does not make it in. Just post about it. And with that...

Base Set - Kenji Kenibuchi
Kenji is the earliest CG artist to join the team and left serveral sets later, but he left some pretty decent works behind, if a little clay-like. This one's pretty decent, though I prefer the orange background on the 1st Edition over the yellow background on the later prints.

Fossil - Ken Sugimori
Typical Sugimori stuff. While it's practically impossible to dislike the guy, it's all stuff we've seen before.

Team Rocket - Miki Tanaka
*pukes* Miki Tanaka was downright AWFUL when she first joined (moreso). Those are absolutely pathetic excuses for "evil eyes", and if that's supposed to be a Rocket member in the background, then WOW. Let's not forget to mention that the background itself is flat gray.

Vending - Mitsuhiro Arita
For one of Arita's earlier works, this one's pretty good. Nice to see a Magneton that doesn't have an industrial background for once.

Gym Heroes (Lt. Surge's) - Ken Sugimori
One thing I really liked about the Gym series is that Sugimori started doing original work for the cards. This is definitely a keeper.

Neo Revelation - CR CG Gangs
The second wave of CG artists arrives on the scene. I'd imagine Magneton is a simple one to work with. This Steel version looks very similar to the Base Set one, though more refined.

Aquapolis - Hikaru Koike
Koike finally arrives on the scene, who pumps out many ex's today. This is one of Magneton's more "active" poses, firing strands of electricity across the room. This gets my vote.

Skyridge - Hajime Kusajima
This is when I liked Hajime a whole lot better, but man, what happened to this poor thing's megnets? They've been horribly shrunken! Cool effects, putrid anatomy.

Skyridge - Kouki Saitou
Kouki was merely alright when he first hopped aboard, and this proves it. The view of Magneton from underneath is interesting, but I really think this guy improved as time went on.

Dragon - Midori Harada
I definitely think Harada has done better. The pose is unique, but it's still pretty uninteresting. In addition, it's just...lacking color diversity.

Dragon - Kyoko Umemoto
I could puke on a piece of cardboard and it would look better than this. Enough said.

Fire Red Leaf Green - Ken Sugimori
This set was a big showcase for Sugimori's revamped art for the RBY Pokes. Nothing special.

Team Rocket Returns - Emi Miwa
The style doesn't really appeal to me. Don't miss this artist one bit.

Delta Species - Katsura Tabata
The CG is far too flat and undetailed for me. I could do more realistic effects in Photoshop. Give me Hikaru Koike any day.

Delta Species - Kagemaru Himeno
Defferent from the other Magnetons, if due to the nice forest setting instead of a mechanical one. It's definitely up there.

Legend Maker - Hisao Nokamura
I've drawn better Magnetons than this. For crying out loud, the entire right half of the picture is totally empty.

Was that an adequate write-up?

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RE:  Art History - Magneton

Arcanine 274 said:
It's not a good article without the pics.  so you might want to add those in;)

Arcanine out.
They shouldn't add them, they should just link to them.

But yea, I have to compare images. So link to them if you can.

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Yeah, you can just put the images on a photobucket account and link to them from there. Yeah, I think I'll do that right now...

Anyhoo, Skyridge Saitou gets my vote.

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Ken has 2 great ones, but I'm now officially finding it too normal, so my fave artist is now kouki, who did the skyridge in a near perfect pose, the statues on the background look great, so, my vote goes to KOUKI
2nd: LM, I love those anime-style artists, with kouki being the best and kagemaru being second, he's so good, and the half-empty frame makes it seems natural, I totally disagree
3th and 4th: Ken's magnetons

aquapolis by "big mama", I think our own lord9511 can do it a lot better.