Help Are these booster packs tampered with?


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Hello guys,

Recently I bought multiple booster packs (evolutions, unbroken bonds and burning shadows) from ebay. When opening the package, I saw several 'suspicious' things which tell me they might have been resealed. Also I doubt if there are some fake evolutions packs.

In a lot of packs, there are small cuts in the upper and lower end of the package where the foils are pressed together. Also a lot of the packs seem to have a little glue of white/yellowish stuff on there upper and lower parts of the foils. Some of the burning shadows packs are even slightly opened in the upper corners. Then some of the evolutions packs seem to have brighter or different coloring then others. Last but not least, with some of the packs the vertical foil at the back sticks to the packs at the bottom and the top and with some of the packs its loose.

I am trying to figure out of these are just bad quality booster packs (from manufactory) or if they have been tampered with.

I hope you guys can help me out.


IMAGES (link is 100% safe):
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Jesse Jeffries

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Hey reyar,

I can't seem to pull up the photo you attached. I just recently purchased 36 Evolution Booster Packs, and what your describing is very similar to what received.


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I would be very careful buying individual packs on ebay. From what you described, the packs could be fake or tampered with (I can't see the pictures either). Open 1 or 2 packs just to make sure.
I suggest try buying sealed boxes (not loose packs) from licensed sellers. And check the feedback rating too.

Jesse Jeffries

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Now your link to your photos are working. I'm not too sure about the boosters with the cuts. But the 3rd photo with the stack of boosters definitely looks resealed/tampered with. As far the cuts in the Evolutions, those may just be cuts but too hard to tell.

I just purchase 36 boosters of Evolutions from a license seller at a local card shop. Some boosters packs do have different brightness. The top booster, the darker one has the vertical foil loose vs the bottom booster's vertical foil sticks. Also some Evolution boosters do have tiny openings on the edges. I have came across lots of boosters like this, ALL purchased from a legit licensed store. These tiny holes are meant to keep the boosters from exploding from pressure and doesn't mean they are resealed.

I have also included a recent Champions Path Booster that came out of an ETB. The ETB was also purchase at the same legit card shop. You can see the tiny hole on this booster pack as well.