Help Are there any cards that "protect" stadiums?


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I am looking to "protect" a Prism Star stadium. As it is a Prism Star card, it's not recoverable with Lusamine, Dowsing Machine, etc. Are there any cards that "protect" stadiums either from the likes of Field Blower, Faba, etc. and/or from a new stadium that is played?


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Prism Stars are NOT standard anymore. If it was, assuming you want to look within BW-CRE cards only, then Shadow Rider Calyrex V could prosper by its first attack, Shadow Mist, which blocks stadiums and special energy from being played by your foe.

BUT now, you cannot fully protect a prism star stadium w/o the abilities Garbotoxin or Power of Alchemy on top.

Field Blower Faba, among other items and supporters, may not work anyway on Prism Star stadiums(
According to prism star stadium text:

"Whenever any player plays an Item or Supporter card from their hand, prevent all effects of that card done to this Stadium card."
), but why do you need ability blockers for full prism star stadium protection?

^ The answer?

^ A pokemon with an ability that can remove your prism stadium to the lost zone on Bench entry.

What is its name again?

^ Pumpkaboo(EVS 076/203)

^ Oh?

^ No Garbodor and tool nor Alolan Muk w/ basic ability-blockers?

^ To the Lost Zone of the past, Prism Star!
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Also, Regice [CES] and Palkia [CEL], when in the Active Spot, have an ability that prevents the opponent from playing Stadium cards.