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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by killercactus, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. killercactus Aspiring Trainer


    So I've just come back to the TCG after a bit of a hiatus. I played up until Team Up and then took a bit of a break, but have just jumped back in. Wow.

    The game is a lot different from just a few sets ago, but what really blows my mind is Arceus, Dialga, Palkia. I just dont understand this card. To me, a self-admitted only average player, it seems absolutely, completely OP.

    I play this thing, get above average HP for a tag team, a 2-shot KO attack that charges up another attacker on the bench immediately, and I get to GX to give my attackers extra damage AND take extra prizes??

    I just.... what???? This thing has literally everything you want out of a card, and as it's a GX you can get it out easily in this meta.

    What disadvantages does this thing have? It takes 1 extra turn to GX? So then I just Mallow and Lana away the damage?

    Just... wow.

  2. Yaginku Aspiring Trainer


    Dies to scaling damage. I don't personally play ADP, so I'm sure people that do can list bad match-ups, but essentially dealing "only" 180 damage and needing one empty turn to set up, where you're NOT dealing upwards of 200 damage on Turn 2 is somewhat slow.

    But yes, it's an absolutely un-fun card that gets to do everything.
  3. jamashawalker Ikouze!


    So far it is one of the most dominating card in this metagame. I played this deck a lot during the cosmic eclipse metagame and it's pretty nuts the amount of combinations you can make from this card. Yaginku said it best that it loses pretty hard to scaling damage decks like Baby Blacephelon. Baby blowns +Pidgeotto completely uptrades you on the prize race, making it hard for you to stay ahead or slow them down with Reset Stamp. Abilityzard+Mewthree hitting turn 2 300 damage with Welder was annoying, until I teched in choice helmet to at least give me some life support. Doesn't stop Reshizard's GX attack but then again if they managed to get 6 energy on Reshizard, that's a lot of energy in their deck gone. It also loses to Gardeon. LucMetal can help but they play Lugia GX to counter that, and it is easy for Gardeon to get Lugia's Lost Purge GX off in an instant.

    While Cosmic Eclipse is about to come to an end, I can tell you that it only gets better SwSh onward. We haven't even seen all of the insane combinations ADP brings to the game in general.
  4. Wolfe_XD Metagross :)


    It has like a 80-20 with baby blowns(80) and is probably it's worst mu, tangrowth can be pretty bad too if they know they can stall you out. Other than that mu's are either 50-50 or like 60-40 or better. It's best mu is probably malamar, giratina can't touch you because of mallow lana and stuff like UN-GX needs 4+ [P] to ohko but espurr is also a card to look out for, basically have less than 90 and your good. It's biggest contender in terms of mu spread right now is probably GarTina just due to the fact they have the same engine but it's like a 50-50 anyway so it may as well be a mirror.

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