Help Anyone know of photos from old events (specifically 2012 USA nationals)?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Celebi23, Feb 23, 2020.

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    This is a long shot, but figured I'd try. I attended the 2012 USA national championships and remember having a great time playing an Eelektrik deck. I ended up making top cut and someone taking pictures of the event got a few pictures of me playing in top 64. The pictures were shared online in a large album that I've since lost track of (probably on Pokegym/Pokebeach/etc). But I recently realized that those pictures are the only ones I have of me playing the game - even though I spent practically my entire childhood playing it - so I'm trying to hunt them down. Does anyone who played at the time happen to know of that photo album, and if it's still available somewhere?


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    I did a quick search of the PTCG forums around June / July 2012 and a looked through all the posts you made around that time period. Unless you didn't actually post in the thread, I don't think the photos were posted on PokeBeach - or the thread got deleted at some point (unlikely).
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    Thanks for taking a look. I think the photos were shared on a website rather than a forum so it probably wouldn't be in my comment history. It was part of a large shared album that got circulated pretty widely among the community (that was the first season where professional photos/videos were recorded at events or shared, so I remember it being a kind of big deal). I've tried searching Google and the PokeBeach main page but no luck, guess it might be lost :(

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