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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Agb, May 17, 2018.

  1. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    Man, I think we had all heard that Toy's R Us stores are all going bankrupt around us and some have even just disappeared. Does anyone think there will ever be anymore of these card giveaways? I think the last one was in November or something, the one where they gave out the Pokeball legos and the figurine of that Pikachu looking Pokemon. *sigh* I am going to miss it. They went three years strong of giveaways and now.....we need a new store.

  2. move them to GameStop?
    personally, I don't really care about these kinds of giveaways as a more competitive player, but I have to admit I do like my holo Alolan Vulpix promo, but from a collectors perspective I can see the disappointment, I would think they would either move them to GameStop of discontinue them as they have been doing for the past 2 sets.
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  3. CrossBeau Aspiring Trainer


    ^^ I agree with moving them to another company like GameStop. I don't think I have visited Toys-R-Us in the last 15 years, so moving to a Target or GameStop would be much better!
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  4. Articuno_Aria Articuno is UNO for a reason

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    Last promo was in January/February when Ultra Prism was released we got Piplup (I got a playset for my Empoleon/Zoroark deck lol). I also collect in addition to playing, so in that aspect I'm a little bummed, but that was the only reason I ever went to Toys-R-Us, so I'm also not too disappointed. GameStop seems to have taken the role of handing out promos or other special cards (ex: the Zygarde legendary promo and Heatran).
  5. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    There was a Fennekin promo in Canada since the TRUs were purchased and kept running there. This one has the set name stamp on it instead of "Toys R Us." I can see how that happened since I'm sure when they were printed TRU was going down in flames everywhere. But they were printed, so I wonder where they intended to distribute them if not TRU?

    I'll miss them as a collector and my boy always had fun driving around to all the TRUs in the area to get a few playsets. I'd be pretty ok with them continuing on at GameStop or Target if TRU U.S. can't pull out if the current nosedive (some toy maker keeps trying to buy them out).
  6. Otaku The wise fool?


    I don't think I ever got any Toys 'R Us promos "naturally". Stores have always been sparse in areas where I have lived, so it always made more sense to just trade for the promos if I really wanted them.

    So, to answer the title question... no, not really. I would often forget that Toys 'R Us even had promos, but I can somewhat understand how others feel about it.
  7. JigglyDad Aspiring Trainer


    I cannot say that I will miss the Toys R Us stores so much, even though they were a much bigger deal when I was a kid. However, it was one of the things that helped keep my kids be into the game. My daughter's favorite Pokemon is Piplup, so the last giveaway of the foil Piplup was perfect for her. Obviously, they aren't really that big a deal in any sense of collectibility or for serious players, though.
  8. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    Apparently, this year, there was a card promo event in January at Best Buy (so I am guessing they moved these events from Toys R Us). Additionally, today they had an event at Target. Weird how they are actually having two events this month: one at a participating Best Buy (the one near me is not doing it). The one at the Best Buy seems to be giving away more; however, it is limited in location. I have a Target in my area and I ended up getting a Psyduck and a Pokemon poster.
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  9. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    You should hit a Gamestop quickly if you want a shot at the Snubble promo they handed out on Friday the 10th. Walfart is handing out a Bulbasaur promo on the 18th.
  10. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    I actually had no idea that Gamestop was doing these promos. How many have I missed?

    Also, I made a list of the Pokémon promo cards to date, held at the promo events at big retail stores, by their damage and HP ranking (how good the card is). I could not; however, compile a list of cards for the Best Buy locations because the ones near me are not participating in this. It was just the Toys R Us and now the two Targets near me.

    These are my Pokemon card rankings that may make some people, who never made these events, not feel as bad. These were all released in Pokemon Toys R Us events:

    Pikachu (paralysis caused by muzzle, 30 damage by quick attack) 60 HP (missed the event)
    Clefairy (moonlight heals 30 damage, pound does 20) 60 HP
    Stufful (deals 20 damage) 70 HP
    Alolan Vulpix (Icey snow does 20 damage) 60 HP
    Jangmo-o (Does 20 damage attack max a turn) 60 HP
    Meowth (50% chance it will attack the opponent or itself doing- 30 damage) 60 HP
    Magikarp (25% chance it does 30 damage) 30 HP (missed the event)
    Cosmog (does no damage) 60 HP

    First Target Pokemon Giveaway of 2019

    Psyduck (30 damage a turn) 70 HP

    Seems like this Psyduck will beat out all except the Pikachu (was a really good promo card).

    Anyone find out the cards for the Best Buy event in January and the one today (if you were next to a participating location)? Seems like the best card from these promo events is the Pikachu!

    Now I see something about events at Gamestops, feel free to add any promo card that may beat out this Pikachu one!
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  11. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    In terms of this Detective Pikachu series, just the Gamestop one, but I'd be willing to bet they still have cards at some since the one by me still has cards from the Year of Legendary Pokemon promotion.
  12. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    OMG..you do not even know. Yesterday, I went to my Target and I received a poster without ANY kids lining up or anything. The only thing you had to ask for was the actual card (Psyduck). Funny thing is, I went back after about 30 minutes because I actually wanted to buy somethings. I asked for another and I ended up getting two more.

    Judging by the same process I used back when Toys R Us was still here, I basically received 2 and sold 2 on Amazon. Well, the Clefairy is still pending, but the Meowth I sold for like 1.50 and Amazon gives a really good shipping reimbursement. In the end, I sold a free card for like $4! This time I have two Psyducks up and I am selling them at $5 a card (of course, in total with shipping). We'll see if there are any takers.

    If I should go to a Game Stop, I probably would do the same thing if they had leftovers. I would be like "Would I be able to have like half the box?" I would probably sell them all on Amazon! It's actually a good business for one of two reasons 1.) because some people, who never had these promos, have a chance to get one and 2.) because it does not hurt to make some money of things that will be sitting there and maybe thrown out at some point. I know I would pay something for the Pikachu and Magikarp promos for Toys R Us promo. Thing is, right now, there is one on Amazon for like $5 (too steep for me on a free card).

    What I find odd though is that this Psyduck is actually as good as that Pikachu that I never received. 70 hp and does 30 damage? WOW!
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  13. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    Well, that's how I get the ones I miss so I'm glad others have the patience to deal with selling on Amazon and Ebay. I ended up with like 16 Snubbles, and 12 Psyduck. I just gave some of the Snubbles away to some kids who missed the Gamestop day. Plan to do the same with Snubble and Psyduck at the Walfart one if anyone shows up.
  14. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    Well, I think the Amazon and Ebay are for like collector's right? The guys that want like every card ever made or something. There are also those people that try to get something and sell it for more. I am just trying to get them out there, to a bigger audience and if money comes from it, why not?

    Have you been to any of the Best Buy ones yet? I think those just began this year and yesterday was the second one. You may be close to a participating location. I had seen somewhere that you could get a card, a coin, a trivia book, etc. It kind of reminds me of the Toys R Us promos. The nearest participating location to me is in a city one hour from where I am at.

    I felt so bad because I had it planned out. That promo was going to run from like 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and the one at Target, ran from like 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. I would have actually received everything had the Best Buy near me participated in it. Then again, they possibly could have and I just missed it because I went off a website.
  15. Raven Zombie Dark/Ghost Trainer
    Raven Zombie


    Ive done every one from TRU, before they closed. so stopped at Piplup, i believe.
    -Pikachu [Toys "R" Us logo] (Generations)
    -Magikarp [Toys "R" Us logo] (Generations)
    -Clefairy [Toys "R" Us logo] (Generations)
    -Meowth [Toys "R" Us logo] (Generations)
    -Slowpoke [Toys "R" Us logo] (Generations) with gen album 1
    -Charmander [Toys "R" Us logo] (Evolutions) with ev album 1, too late for pikachu figure
    -Electabuzz [Toys "R" Us logo] (Evolutions) with ev album 2, took info for meowth figure never got it
    -Cosmog [Toys "R" Us logo] (Sun & Moon) with album
    -Alolan Vulpix [Toys "R" Us logo] (Guardians Rising) with album, didnt have eevee figures out
    -Stufful [Toys "R" Us logo] (Burning Shadows) with album, made me choose between eevee or meowth figure
    -Jangmo-o [Toys "R" Us logo] (Crimson Invasion) got told the event was only for kids, refused me togedemaru figure
    -Piplup [Toys "R" Us logo] (Ultra Prism) with album AND poster

    from what i understand they have still been doing a TRU card for every set in Canada.
    Tangela [Toys "R" Us logo] (Generations)
    Geodude [Toys "R" Us logo] (Generations)
    Ponyta [Toys "R" Us logo] (Generations)
    Fennekin [Toys "R" Us logo] (Forbidden Light)
    Dratini [Dragon Majesty logo] (Dragon Majesty)
    Mareep [Lost Thunder logo] (Lost Thunder)
    Moltres [Team Up logo] (Lost Thunder)

    Ive only got half of the ones from Gamestop, where you had to buy $20 of pokemon stuff
    -Ash Hat Pikachu 3pack (I Choose You)
    -Heatran [Ultra Prism logo] (Ultra Prism)
    Zygarde [Legendary Pokémon logo] (Forbidden Light)
    Treecko [Celestial Storm logo] (Celestial Storm)
    -Groudon [Legendary Pokémon logo] (Celestial Storm)
    -Snubbull (detective pikachu) 5-10-19 with poster

    -Shiny Magikarp (Pokemon Day) with poster and paper pikachu ears hat
    -Psyduck (detective pikachu) 5-11-19 with poster

    Bulbasaur (detective pikachu) 5-18-19

    ive never known them to do a promo card, ever... they did a trade and play event with Gamestop a couple months ago. and did some of the USUM codes

    i only have the Pikachu card, i got it from listia
    -Pikachu (Roaring Skies)
    Eevee (Ancient Origins)
    Charmander (Legendary Treasures)
    Squirtle (Plasma Blast)
    Meowth (Roaring Skies)
    Vulpix (Primal Clash)
    Bulbasaur (Dark Explorers)
    Jigglypuff (Crimson Invasion)
    Piplup (Ultra Prism)
  16. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    That is quite a list! Yes, apparently, the Best Buy ones started towards the end of January and the only two I had heard about was the Trade and Play in February and the one yesterday. I actually think those events carried over from Toys R Us. I had no idea where this Target one came from; however, I was grateful that I was still able to participate in these events because a participating Best Buy location was not near me.

    I am generally curious to know what cards I missed from the February and now, yesterday's, 3 card booster packs. I also had seen that there was apparently a coin and a activity booklet that came with it as well. I wonder if the coin was like those coins you would receive in theme decks, used to flip for turns.
  17. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    There was a non-holo Pikachu promo at target too. I think around the release of Sun and Moon.

    There's an English set stamped (I forget which recent set) Moltres out there too, but it was only release in the Netherlands I think. Definitely not in the US.
  18. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    For the non-holo Pikachu promo at Target, do you mean coming up or it has already passed?

    The Moltres was handed out at an event in the Netherlands?
  19. Number51x Blasting off at the speed of light!


    the Pikachu is SM04. Yeah, the Moltres was only released there for some reason. Not even Canada. TRU going away in the US has really made a mess of the set release promos. Even Canada TRU only seems to be doing the Bulbasaur and Psyduck promos for their even, not an Unbroken Bonds set stamped promo. It's the wild-wild-west out there right now!

    There are a frew Moltres on ebay right now. Just search "pokemon moltres team up stamp."
  20. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    What does Pikachu is SM04 mean?
    Unbroken Bonds set stamped promo?

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