Discussion Anyone Feel Bad That There Will Be No More Toys R Us Giveaways?!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Agb, May 17, 2018.

  1. Agb Aspiring Trainer


    Man, I think we had all heard that Toy's R Us stores are all going bankrupt around us and some have even just disappeared. Does anyone think there will ever be anymore of these card giveaways? I think the last one was in November or something, the one where they gave out the Pokeball legos and the figurine of that Pikachu looking Pokemon. *sigh* I am going to miss it. They went three years strong of giveaways and now.....we need a new store.

  2. FacepalmMaster All hail our lord


    move them to GameStop?
    personally, I don't really care about these kinds of giveaways as a more competitive player, but I have to admit I do like my holo Alolan Vulpix promo, but from a collectors perspective I can see the disappointment, I would think they would either move them to GameStop of discontinue them as they have been doing for the past 2 sets.
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  3. CrossBeau Aspiring Trainer


    ^^ I agree with moving them to another company like GameStop. I don't think I have visited Toys-R-Us in the last 15 years, so moving to a Target or GameStop would be much better!
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    Last promo was in January/February when Ultra Prism was released we got Piplup (I got a playset for my Empoleon/Zoroark deck lol). I also collect in addition to playing, so in that aspect I'm a little bummed, but that was the only reason I ever went to Toys-R-Us, so I'm also not too disappointed. GameStop seems to have taken the role of handing out promos or other special cards (ex: the Zygarde legendary promo and Heatran).
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    There was a Fennekin promo in Canada since the TRUs were purchased and kept running there. This one has the set name stamp on it instead of "Toys R Us." I can see how that happened since I'm sure when they were printed TRU was going down in flames everywhere. But they were printed, so I wonder where they intended to distribute them if not TRU?

    I'll miss them as a collector and my boy always had fun driving around to all the TRUs in the area to get a few playsets. I'd be pretty ok with them continuing on at GameStop or Target if TRU U.S. can't pull out if the current nosedive (some toy maker keeps trying to buy them out).
  6. Otaku The wise fool?


    I don't think I ever got any Toys 'R Us promos "naturally". Stores have always been sparse in areas where I have lived, so it always made more sense to just trade for the promos if I really wanted them.

    So, to answer the title question... no, not really. I would often forget that Toys 'R Us even had promos, but I can somewhat understand how others feel about it.
  7. JigglyDad Aspiring Trainer


    I cannot say that I will miss the Toys R Us stores so much, even though they were a much bigger deal when I was a kid. However, it was one of the things that helped keep my kids be into the game. My daughter's favorite Pokemon is Piplup, so the last giveaway of the foil Piplup was perfect for her. Obviously, they aren't really that big a deal in any sense of collectibility or for serious players, though.

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