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The Pokemon Center has started sending out another wave of Special Delivery Bidoof codes. I know this because I just received mine! The e-mail is titled “Special Delivery Bidoof Is Here!”



The initial wave went out last Thursday. Perhaps they will release a new wave of codes at the end of each week?
Furthermore, Pokemon Center’s support page for Special Delivery Bidoof was updated a few moments ago. The page still says codes will be sent out in waves. If this was intended to be the second and last wave, they would have updated it to say so. So we can expect more waves to go out in the future!

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Can't believe it... I actually managed to get one. I pretty much abandoned all hope before they were going out... Here's hoping to those of you who haven't yet are able to get yours!


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Just checked Pokemon Center and TCG products aren’t sold out for once. On launch day.

The hype is dying (which is good for the rest of us).


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I just got mine, and thankfully I got it just in time to snag 2 Umbreon blister packs.


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I didn't realize the waves would be so far apart. I had lost hope but finally received my code today.
The bottom of the email says there is one card reserved per code. So, you don't need to rush to use it as long as it's before the promo end date (12/31/2021 at 11:59 pm PDT).