News America's November Set: 'Crimson Invasion,' Two Ultra Beast Premium Collections!

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    While the cards look like garbage at first glance, I personally believe that the ultra beasts have a mechanic that makes this a good thing (specifically that special energy we know nothing about)

  2. Xeynid Aspiring Trainer


    3 energy attack that hits for 160 with a can't attack drawback, just like Lapras GX and Volcanion EX, both of which are really strong pokemon in the meta.

    "While the cards look like garbage"


    Obviously, fighting is a worse type than water or fire for that kind of attack, being worse than some of the best pokemon around right now doesn't make it garbage.
  3. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
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    Buzzwole GX screams Fighting Box with all three attacks. The snipe attack is rather versatile and both other attacks are great too. In evaluating this card you need to take into consideration that he has access to energy acceleration in the form of Max Elixir and Carbink Break. The latter also prevents energy denial. In addition there are several cards to enhance his damage output such as Choice Band, Strong Energy and Professor Kukui. Combined this could allow Buzzwole to knock out most Pokémon in one hit. also keep in mind that Carbink Break can reattach Strong Energy from the discard pile. Guzma and Escape Rope could be used to switch but there is also Silvally that enables Basic Pokémon to retreat for free. I would even argue that Buzzwole has more support than Fire. The one thing that holds him back is the weakness and the fact that you need to have two fueled Buzzwole GX out each turn once you used Absorption GX to draw the first two prize cards. However the art could have been better. It indeed does not look that good compared to the other two Ultra Beasts.
  4. Olimar.Inc Aspiring Trainer


    Can we get some mallow for that sloppy eating?
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  5. MegaButterfree Old Timer


    Predictions/guesses for other Ultra Beast GX attacks:
    -"Draw a prize card" (straight up)
    or maybe
    -"Draw the same number of prize cards your opponent took during their last turn"
    or maybe
    -"Draw or put down prize cards until you have the same number as your opponent"
    -Something like Marowak Break or the inverse of Buzzwole (my guess is Pheremosa GX will have something along these lines) - damage based on how few prizes you have left or how many/few your opponent has
    -Some form of "look at your prize cards and switch one (maybe more) card you find there for a card in your hand" or maybe a "look at your prize cards and draw any that are basic pokemon/basic energy (or something like that)"
    -The less interesting "If your opponent took a prize card on their last turn, this attack does x more damage"
  6. InfinityFyre Aspiring Trainer


    Both Buzzwole and Guzzlord are pretty meh at best, but Guzzlord's GX attack could be pretty insane if you can figure out an effective way to meet the energy cost. Nihilego is pretty interesting actually. The GX move is super cool at least, but I can totally see the ability being relevant and being used alongside super scoop up/Acerola in Alolan Muk GX decks or using it to activate the confusion clause in Tsareena GX's second attack to hit 180 damage.
  7. Isn't Necrozma an Ultra Beast?
  8. steffenka Miss Vaanjie


    Nope, Necrozma is not an Ultra Beast, at least according to the PokéDex which says it's "reminiscent of the Ultra Beasts" but not an actual Ultra Beast :)
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  9. 2good4gnius Aspiring Trainer


    Why has no one mentioned nihilego? Like it's by far the best, that ability helps darkrai gxs gx attack, and nihilego has a broken gx attack
  10. gumball51321 *thumbs up*


    People do realize that Buzzwole is really good, right? Landorus EX was BDIF in the 2014-2015 rotation until Archiestoise came around, and even then, Archiestoise was a 50-50 matchup. Buzzwole WILL see play, just going to say that now. It is literally Lapras GX except good, since Strong Energy exists and Knuckle Punch or whatever it's called is a reprint of Hammerhead. Now, if we had more Fighting support, this would be a lot better, but as I see it right now, it's probably just a toolbox attacker.
  11. Xeynid Aspiring Trainer


    What forum are you reading that makes you think nobody has mentioned it?

    Tons of people mentioned it.

    Nihilego's gx attack puts you 2 prizes ahead in the prize exchange, except unlike the GX attacks that do the same thing by knocking out a GX pokemon, it doesn't actually reduce your opponent's access to resources in any significant fashion. It's a good GX attack, but it's not incredible, especially since you have to dump 3 psychic energy into the gx attack, and basically lose those energy by virtue of nihilego's other attack being kinda bad.

    Meanwhile, the ability works well with darkrai GX and Alolan Muk GX, but neither of those cards are particularly good as attackers right now, and I'm not sure turbo dark would want to use this just to have the extra option, considering this takes up a bench space that you can't use for lele or restoration or another darkrai EX.
  12. Vitiel Mush. Up!


    It's always possible there could be some in this set, along with the inevitable UB support.

    What I'm wracking my head over is what could be great for it that we know of now. Regirock EX and Carbink BREAK are obvious, and of course Brooklet Hill is pretty dandy.
  13. Xeynid Aspiring Trainer


    Some pokemon with the exact same attack was the BDIF a while ago, therefore this card is insanely good! Umbreon GX is amazing!

    I do think people are crazy to think nihilego is better than buzzwole, but I'm not expecting an amazing deck out of him without some crazy UB support.
  14. AshCo Coming back with the BLOST


    Nihilego's translation is literal here. Most likely when it's localized to English it's going to have Symbiont, but the cards translation is going off the text.

    Guzzlord can use his GX attack in many ways to hit that KO. You could use it on anything under 100 HP and get a minimum of 3 prizes, you could use damage modifiers like Kukui and Choice/Muscle band, poison could help, etc. Even if you're not knocking out an EX/GX youre still getting a minimum of half your prize cards which is quite impressive. I think if Guzzlord gets good support and set up then he could have potential. Keyword could. Again, its still quite slow so who knows if it'll ever do good.

    Buzzwole I like just because it's got Lando's first attack. I might make a Buzzwole/Regirock deck online for fun honestly, and bring back the old days of when I played Lando/Lucario.

    I'm wondering what kind of support the ultra beasts are going to get though. I'm really hoping something like the old Plasma mechanic comes out but who knows honestly.
  15. Xeynid Aspiring Trainer


    I doubt they would put the tag on the cards with no intention of using it, and beast ball isn't enough considering that nest ball exists and is almost as good.

    INB4 they get a special energy that provides 1 energy of every type for every prize card you have remaining.
  16. Rooie Aspiring Trainer


    I could see Beast Ball being some kind of a "search your deck for an Ultra Beast card and an Ultra Energy card" thingy.
  17. TheWicky Random and evil: first one, then the other


    I'm having a dumb-guy moment, was a Beast Ball card revealed or are you guys theorymonning?

    Also I wanna obfuscate on Nihilego. I like how he plays with Prize card manipulation, which hasn't been around in a while. It'll be interesting to see how people get him out of harm's way before the opponent knocks him out, nullifying the benefit of his GX attack.

    Also-also, you can totally run a deck with 4 Guzzlords and a buttload of energy and probably do good as long as your opponent is using a GX-centric deck, so you aren't KO-ing their pokemon before you can make use of his GX attack. Really, in the right scenario, you'd only need 2 knock-outs and no more than 5 turns to win with him.
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    Beast ball is the only item, stadium, or character in the games that directly references the ultra beasts, so I can't imagine them NOT making it if they end up creating ultra beast support.
  19. Kevin Lauro Aspiring Trainer
    Kevin Lauro


    Im thinking Toxapex GX could be good with it too. Use its first attack to get the confusion and then the GX move and use Altar of the Moone/Switch/Olympia to get Super Intense Poison in there. It will also help having poison barb as well
  20. The Golden Mewtwo That guy who plays a counter deck
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    add a gallade and use its ability to see what you discard with guzzlord

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