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Pokemon has revealed a new “Celebrations Prime Collection” that will release exclusively on Amazon in the winter.
It will combine several items from Pokemon’s regular Celebrations product line, along with some unique goodies, to create an exclusive product for Amazon. This is similar to what they did with Gamestop’s V Memories Collection.

Celebrate 25 years of Pokémon with a collection that features many of the different, special kinds of Pokémon that have appeared in the Pokémon TCG over the years. Embrace the stealthy power of Pokémon Prime with Dragapult Prime, step into the light with Light...

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Well, this is funky! I don't remember if we've ever had any Amazon exclusives in the past, but this ain't a bad roundup of goodies! Getting both a regular and jumbo card binder in one product is a welcome aspect. Depending on price (and by that I mean ARP, which I sincerely doubt will be an option, especially when it's a website exclusive), I might pick up this bundle!


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What's next, Target and Best Buy getting their own exclusives? Costco too! Just let me buy the ETBs so I can have a chance at getting a partial collection of celebrations.


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I'm guessing this won't be in the UK at all? Wonder what time it'd release as well


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It's a GAME exclusive in the UK.

Thats interesting! I wonder if the rest of europe also gets it (really fck everyone involved in brexit....)