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Standard Alternatives for creating a Chien-Pao EX deck


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I'm looking for possible alternatives for Palkia V and VSTAR for possible tournament uses. My singles for cards is all out of any english versions of most V and VSTAR cards for Origin Palkia. and There are no Arceus V or Arceus VSTARS.

Chien-Pao EX x2 (Main attacker)
Baxcalibur x3 (Energy acceleration)
Frigibax x4 (uses rare candies for evolving)
Bidoof (Brilliant Stars) x2
Bibarel (Brilliant Stars) x1
Radiant Greninja

Water Energy x10
Irida x3
Battle VIP Pass x3
Boss's Orders Cyrus x2
Cancelling Cologne x1
Cross Switcher x2
Switch x2
Superior Energy Retrieval x4
Iono x1
Miriam x2
Nest Ball x3
Rare Candy x3
Skaters Park x1
Ultra Ball x3
Energy Search x2
Arven x4
Exp Share x3


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So far i've found a 1 Candice Trainer card but it only checks the top 7 cards and take as many of pokemons and energies then shuffle the rest. It seems stronger but i think it will get rotated before does. She has the icon F like but seems less popular than Irida.

Melony is weak since it helps V cards by digging in the discarded pile for energy and Nessa has already been rotated out other than playing at home casually.