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    Hey everyone, a long while back I mentioned the prospect of a "pauper"-like format for Pokemon and I know a few of you were interested, though it was a little difficult to decide on something.

    Every once in a while I thought of writing up an alternate format, especially with a limited card pool. I have a tumblr page exclusively for it right here. I will however, be summing it up in this post.

    The format is based both on the Gameboy Color TCG games, and the Theme Deck format that has become more popular as the standard becomes unappealing to some. The format utilizes a card pool mixed between Pokemon from a chosen base set onward, and a specifically hand picked pool of Trainer cards. The cards chosen are meant to replicate the card pool from the original games, and be dirt cheap.


    Poké Ball
    Great Ball
    Super Scoop Up
    Full Heal
    Pokemon Communication
    Energy Retrieval
    Energy Search
    Energy Switch
    Crushing Hammer
    Pokemon Catcher
    PokeGear 3.0
    Escape Rope
    Rare Candy
    Ordinary Rod


    Professor’s Research
    Boss’s Orders
    Rival’s Support*
    Pokemon Fan Club
    Pokemon Center Lady

    *Rival's Support, like Professor's Research and Boss's Orders - was a name chosen to compile certain cards under an umbrella. Rival's Support can be any of the "Draw 3 Cards" Supporter cards.

    To add to limitations, only regular Basic, Stage 1, and Stage 2 Pokemon cards can be chosen. Cards such as Lv.X, ex, EX, GX, Break, V, Vmax, etc. cannot be used.

    On top of this, the only rarities allowed are Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Rare Holofoil. Promo cards may not be used unless they are reprints. If you like, or feel it would be better - you may choose Common & Uncommon only.

    Games are Best of 3 with a 10 card sideboard. Played with 4 Prize Cards.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. More details are in the link but this is the overall gist of it.

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