All 68 “Incandescent Arcana” Cards Revealed!

Am I alone in thinking radiant Pokémon have been a let down/underpowered for being 1 per deck besides Greninja?
Absolutely The Prism Stars from SM were much better
And the Radiant Pokemon aren't even that good.
Looks like Lost Zone has already been dropped after just 1 half set
Tbf the cards they printed already are bonkers good. Like how we 100% didn't need any more Fusion Strike pokemon after that set.

I wouldn't mind a little Mew Prime reprint in VStar Universe just to spice things up though.
Do anyone know the interaction with radiant alakazam and fusion energy?

Example is that I use the abilty on genesect V, obviously it isn’t removing any damage counters of genesect as it has the energy on it. But will there still be 2 damage counters on the meloetta that doesn’t have any fusion energy
So this should work like Metal Goggles does. I know in PTCGO at least I tested it out Sinister Hand Dusknoir moving damage counters to someone that had it equipped, and it just failed. As in, the damage counters disappeared from the board altogether. So IRL if someone attempts that without reading the card, you'd just let them know it failed and remove the damage counters from the board.
Am I alone in thinking radiant Pokémon have been a let down/underpowered for being 1 per deck besides Greninja?
Definetly not, almost all decks are runing one. They all have their own distinctions without much overlap between each other with what they do. Greninja and zard are by far the best ones. Zard is like t5 best attackers in the format. Greninja is inzane consistency for just 1deck space with a great dual snipe attack.

The others might not be as great but have their own respectable niches. Heatran works in the background of a zard v deck. Venasaur is decent in hisuian arc and in mewtwo controll. Blastoise is really efficent damage modifier. Eevee is bleh, maybe half decent in controll when marnie rotates. Sneasler is kinda an auto inclusion in dack that uses poison (which no one does rn). Hawlucha was at its peak when it was released before palkia was a thing. Great ability, but vmaxes are fading out. Tsareena is just a worse gardevoir. Gardevoir is passivly making it harder to ohko your pokemons. Steelix is trash and filler. Alakasam seems pretty cool, great counter against psychic weak guys (urshi) and is like blastoise for non water energy decks. Jirachi is absurdly powerful, even though the attack is unreliable. You can just put it in the active spot and try to get ohkos untill it is knocked out and then you can get your setup for a set up deck.

The only decks that doesn’t play radiants is bcs they need path in their deck like arceus or they are a quad deck like dracosolt.
YAAAAS QUEEN! The new Jynx card looks amazing. She be lookin derpy, strong and independent as heck.

EDIT: With an ability called selfish lips it be so fittin. Selfish a**. She ain't sharing kisses to your opponent's ugly a** or prize cards.
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