All 30 “Raging Surf” Secret Rares!

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The secret rare cards from Raging Surf have been posted to social media by Japanese fans!
The set officially releases in Japan on Friday. We translated all 62 cards from the main set last week.
Raging Surf will form part of our Paradox Rift set, which releases on November 3rd.

“Raging Surf” Secret Rares


#063 Snorunt (Illustration Rare)


#064 Mantyke (IR)


#065 Plusle (IR)


#066 Minun...

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The parasol lady special illustrated rare is quite possibly the most beautiful full art trainer they've ever made
I kinda like the regular full art more honestly. I would’ve wanted something a bit more different for the SIR, too similar to the full art
Paradox rift looking to not only hold its own with awesome cards, but completely eclipse obsidian flames as well. Absolutely can't wait for this set! Parasol lady is the mvp from this set imo.
That Reversal Energy SR is nice. Not surprised it isn't a Basic Energy. They saving the Metal Energy SR for Future Flash for the symmetry between the dual sets.
Look the art is cool but could someone explain why in the hell there are half as many secret Rare's as there are regular ass cards?