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All 100 regular cards from S8 Fusion Arts have been revealed by the official Japanese TCG website! The set releases in Japan next Friday.
The secret rares will be revealed by Tuesday night, so stay tuned!
The cards from these sets will become part of our Fusion Strike set, which releases on November 12th in the United States, Europe, and other countries.
This set introduces a third Battle Style: Fusion Strike. As TPCi describes them, “Pokemon with the Fusion Strike Style often have attacks that focus on teamwork and reinforce the idea of strength in numbers. Fusion Strike Pokemon generally benefit when other Pokemon with this Battle Style are in play. They are decorated with a hint of purple and pink.”
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There's still one set for Fusion stuff, so I hope they redeem themselves from this batch. The best Fusion card (Cross Switcher) is usable by everything - and Shady Dealings can easily search it -, and while Accelgor is a consistent attacker and Deoxys can hit for 160 (and so can Mew VMAX), the deck heavily lacks OHKO potential. I know there's Power Tablets, but that only goes so far and won't bridge you towards a OHKO against VMAX Targets except when used with Genesect, and that requires using the 4 Power Tablets. Then there's the fact that your recovery tool (Smeargle) requires an attack to recover either Tablets or Cross Switcher while leaving you vulnerable to Marnie.

The rest of the unrevealed stuff is... eh. Galarian Cursola seems fun at least. You can recover their discarded Crobat Vs and kill them next turn with an Inteleon/Zigzagoon tick. Cross Receiver is a bad VS Seeker. I think people would rather play Pal Pad and use Shady Dealings to recover their supporters. Or just outright use Eldegoss.

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Yes! I'm finally done with the partial set list and good news, It hits the 260-card mark!

It is confirmed that the set consists of Evolving Skies cards that were cut, This set, Family Box 2, and random Japanese promos.

Maybe I should add Another Eevee, Leafeon, and Glaceon. Why not?

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Also, I don't if its confirmed, It might be Mew, Hoopa, Genesect, Boltund* and Tsareena* might get alternate FAs.

Falling Skies

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That Cursola seems potentially disgusting in a format with Quick Shooter and Yoga Loop. Although it's probably a build-around card and not a tech.

This set seems underwhelming aside from Cross Switcher.

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I'm calling it. Galarian Cursola and Greedent VMAX deck. It's coming.
Not really. Concerning the retreat cost and constant switching. That will never going to work as what you've speculated. That must be an ability on Cursola, at least a coin flip to balance it out


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wow, they really brought out the big hitters early with Mew, Chandelure, and Boltund, then proceeded to make Vs of some of the worst choices imo :( Like did we really need ANOTHER Greedent V /AND/ A VMAX TO GO WITH IT? NO

Also this is a personal thing but Tsareena and Crabominable are two of my least favorite Pokemon, and they gave them Vs in a set with literally my favorite Legendary, it's just such a slap in the face UGH..

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The set is out and V-Union is nowhere to be found, that means the initial information is just pure false rumors..

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Greedent VMAX with some strong energy's and Umbreon to gust low HP stuff is about to be fun
Umbreon? That's 2 VMax bro. One at a time. Also, use Umbreon for attacking in some turns. Just play Toy Catcher if that's the case. Saves you some trouble.

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Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree - we need a Basic that does the same thing as Salazzle. A V will be better. 2/2/3

Shroomish/Breloom - bland. 2/2

Maractus - not enough to convince me. Not enough support and you'll be trouble on the damage loop. 3

Shelmet/Accelgor - Stage 1? 120 for 1 energy? Ehh. I mean 120 for 1 is nothing to be underestimated but considering your main targets, your Umbreon (you get the V, but VMax, no). 3/3

Virizion - bland. 2

Grubbin/Charjabug/Vikavolt - Man, that sucks that UNB Charjabug is rotated. 2/2/3

Tsareena V - not good. No support whatsoever, not enough damage, what should I add? 3

Growlithe/Arcanine - bland. 2/2

Chandelure V/VMAX - not enough item lock in standard. Although 2 energy doing maximum damage is never to be underestimated. 3/4

Heatmor - sucks, no Welder will help you. 2-3

Oricorio - I don't need it in my Fusion Strike deck, you're welcome. 3

Staryu/Starmie - weak to Urshifu, screwed on damage looping, although Mew is rotated, I'll give it a pass. 3/3-4

Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr - Stage 2, too awkward, mill decks no good. 2/2/3

Crabominable V - I misjudged this card on my first impression. I realized that this is a better Sableye V. Could be broken tho. 5

Pyukumuku - same thing. The ability should be on a Stage 1. 4

Snom/Frosmoth - ehh. Can't KO a frikin Crobat. 2/2-3

Clamperl/Huntail/Gorebyss - it depends on the metagame. 3/3-4,3-4

Helioptile/Heliolisk - bland. 1/1

Boltund V/VMAX - I'm on board with this one. Flaaffy might have some use there. 3/4

Toxel/Toxtricity - do we need this? What do you think? 3/3

Jynx - bland. 1

Mew V/VMax - of all the Fusion Strike cards revealed, it seems that Genesect would be a perfect use for Mew. 3/4-5

Snubbull/Granbull - idk man. I said this before. 3/3

G. Corsola/ Cursola - same problem. Cool attack on a Stage 1, on a format where Vs are dominating, that's a cool thing. *sarcasm* It should be on an ability, at least a coin flip or come into play ability. The deck concept with this and Greedent is a nice concept but poor in execution. Don't use Scoop Up Net as excuse for this reasoning, it needs constant cycle of retreat and none of them have free retreat. Also weak to Urshifu. 3-4

Munna/Musharna - bland. 2/2

Deoxys - 3-4

Meloetta - if some of your Fusion Strike Energy is prized, this thing is screwed if you want to KO Vs, or better VMax. 3-4

Dreepy/Drakloak/Dragapult - Stage 2. 3/3/3-4

Geodude/Graveler/Golem - humuorly called this ability as "Blast Hurrah" according to @ToineLay. 2/2/2-3

Onix/Steelix - not weak to Urshifu, can bang a huge damage, still poor in execution. If you want to KO VMax you have to reach to the point that you'll be almost KOed before Inteleon finishes you off. 3/3-4

Drillbur/Excadrill - bland. 2/2

Falinks - what's the point of this thing? If it is a single energy, I would consider it. That's why Excadrill CEC is better in terms of this kind of attack. 3

Galarian Zigzagoon/Linoone/Obstagoon - you have the G. Zigzagoon SSH to solve one of your main problem for the main attack. 2/2/4?

Trubbish/Garbodor - bland. 2/2

Vullaby/Mandibuzz - what's the point of the main attack if you're doing not enough damage? 2/2-3

Rookidee/Corvisquire/Corviknight - bland. 2/2/2-3

Hoopa V - the FA/Alt FA might be in the set. This card is cool as well. 4

Genesect V - Crobat every turn. 5

Durant - so what are you blocking, Victini? With the loss of Welder, Fire decks ain't good rn. 2-3

Togedemaru - these "Let's Roll" Pokemon are still get rekt by Urshifu. 3-4

Meltan/Melmetal - I want to like it but I can't like it. 3/3

Greedent V/VMAX - no Welder, bro. Attack is too expensive. 3/3-4

Dunsparce - C decks must consider this thing. 3-4

Smeargle - 2 cards for you, 1 prize card for the opponent. 2

Latios/Latias - oh yeah. That VMax barrier. Another Mew VMax option. 4/4

Goomy/Sliggoo/Goodra - people can still counter it. 2/2/3

Skitty/Delcatty, Bunnelby/Diggersby - bland. 2/2, 2/2

Cross-Receiver - that's the sign that we will never get VS Seeker. 4-5

Cross-Switcher - 5

Battle VIP Pass - it depends on fast you can pick this up early game. If its prized when you need it, gutted. This card is trash. If this is in your opening hand, well this card is a good one. 3

Power Tablets - 5

Sponge Gloves - nobody uses those gloves 2 sets in a row. 2-3

Sidney - some distrupting potential over here. 3

Cilan, Chili, & Cress - 3

Elesa's Radiance - single use Supporter card. 4

Memory Bell - VMax won't use this card. Unless that card they've search can revenge KO the opponent. 3

Dancer - draw 5 first turn going second, I rather use Research then. 3

Fusion Strike Energy - default energy for FS decks. 5
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Umbreon? That's 2 VMax bro. One at a time. Also, use Umbreon for attacking in some turns. Just play Toy Catcher if that's the case. Saves you some trouble.

Mmmmmm, there's already decks using Umbreon as your gust effect, just like people used Midnight Lycanroc-GX for the ability. I agree with the Toy Catcher point, but playing 2-2 Umbreon VMAX isn't that much of an investment in a VMAX deck that isn't using Path already, EVEN if you're unable to attack with it.


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Umbreon? That's 2 VMax bro. One at a time. Also, use Umbreon for attacking in some turns. Just play Toy Catcher if that's the case. Saves you some troubl
Forgot Toy catcher existed tbh but that's only 50 HP or less pokes which there are basically none of rn that's why I mentioned strong energy so you can ko 70 HP with 2


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Of all the "first turn" cards they've released, VIP Pass might be the best one yet. Don't know if it's playable, but definitely worth considering.


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The arts on the Corviknight line and Vikavolt are so majestic,I'm gonna buy them only for that.

Seriously SWSH got so many good arts.