All “Snow Hazard” and “Clay Burst” Main Set Cards Revealed!

I love where we are going in cards but there’s too many flip a coin for me, beside paralyz ofc. I prefere this game to be less random, but still happy and waiting sword and shield to rotate out.
Hoppip/Skiploom/Jumpluff - too iffy. 3/3/3
Surskit/Masquerain - ehh. 2/2
Combee/Vespiquen - oh well. 2/2
Pineco/Forrestress ex (Bug) - really helpful for a late-game surprises. 3/5
Heracross - 1
Snover/Masquerain - can be used if Gardevoir became a problem, but being a lone Stage 1? nah. 3/3
Bounsweet/Steenee/Tsareena - ehh. 2/2/2
Tarountula/Spidops - ??? 3/3
Bramblin/Brambleghast - still tiresome, eh. 3/3
Rellor/Rabsca - gimme a cheat card to pull Rabsca to the bench then I'll consider it. 3/3
Wo-Chien ex - 4
Fletchling/Fletchinder/Talonflame - 2/2/2
Charcadet/Ceruledge - not enough damage. 3/3
Chi-Yu ex - Love it, if you pull this thing first. 3-4
Marill/Azumarill - ehh. 1/1
Luvdisc - 1
Eiscue - nah. 2-3
Cetoddle/Cetitan - too bad, Water accel favors more on rule box mons. 3/3-4
Veluza - Cramorant does 110 for zero energy in a doable requisite. 3-4
Frigibax/Arctibax/Baxcalibur - I mean we have Irida, without Irida idk what are we going to do with this. 3/3/4-5
Pikachu/Raichu - nah. 2/2-3
Shinx/Luxio/Luxray - not with the damage tho. 3/3/3
Pincurchin - ??? 1-2
Tadbulb/Bellibolt ex - auto-para ngl. 3/4
Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff - wut? 2/2-3
Slowpoke/Slowking ex (Psychic) - Well, kinda meh. 130 seems nah gud, must be done on a basic if searching for 2 cards as an attack. Magnezone VSTAR sure does the same thing as Slowking, but at least it does smth decent. 3/3
Spiritomb - shuts down basics, that's it. 4
Gothita/Gothorita/Gothitelle - another meh Stage 2. 2/2/2-3
Sandygast/Palossand - meh. 2/2
Mimikyu - 5
Sinistea/Polteageist - meh. 2/2-3
Tinkatink/Tinkatuff/Tinkaton ex - I don't like it. 3/3/3
Mankey/Primeape/Annihilape ex - capping 240.. KO basics oh man. 3/2/3
Sudowoodo - meh. 1
Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar - at this point, this is an insult to a bulk stage 2. I cannot imagine Tyranitar ex with 4 energy atk atm. 2/2/2
Barboach/Whiscash - stall/mill still ded atm, no matter how much you shoehorn it. 2/2
Croagunk/Toxicroak - 1/1
Crabrawler/Crabominable - 1/1
Passimian - 1
Nacli/Naclstack/Garganacl - don't like it. 3/3/3
Glimmet/Glimmora - nah. 3/3
Ting-Lu ex - bad atk, good ability. 4
Sneasel/Weavile - it works with Escape Rope. Wait for the ruling. 2/4
Murkrow/Honchkrow - seems this deck kinda sucks now. Low damage output in 2023. 2/2
Flamigo - same review on Murkrow. 3
Maschiff/Mabosstiff - we already got another Mabosstiff, why another one? 2/2-3
Shroodle/Grafaiai - it'll fall into Zoroark variant and 2 evo lines seems too much for it to work. 3/3
Bombirdier - why? 2
Bronzor/Bronzong - we reached to the point where most cards are uninteresting but a pack filler. 1/1
Rookidee/Corvisquire/Corviknight - ehh. 2/2/2-3
Cufant/Copperajah ex - if we have a decent energy accel, that we don't need another evolution line. 3/3
Orthworm - same opinion as Copperajah. 2-3
Noibat/Noivern ex - seems interesting, that's all. 3/3
Girafarig/Farigiraf - nah. 2/3
Dunsparce/Dudunsparce - I see why Arceus and Lugia ran FST Dunsparce. 2/3-4
Wingull/Pelipper - we loss Scoop Up Net. 3/3
Slakoth/Vigoroth/Slaking - nah. 2/2/2-3
Tandemaus/Maushold - no thanks 2/2
Squawkabilly ex - nice IR, balanced ability. 4
Super Rod - 5
Brave Charm - good way to play basics. 4
Motivation Drink - nah. 3
Delivery Drone - Old PC rip-off. 1-2
Grusha - a good T1 supporter. 3
Iono - 5 Geodudes
Giacomo - 4
Saguaro - it only heals 50. Same thing as Siebold before. Nah gud. 3
Calamitous Wasteland/ Disastrous Tundra - niche stadiums. 4/4
Reversal Energy - 4-5
Therapy Energy - same thing as before, this card needs therapy. 3
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So with Palafin and Gholdengo being the final non-Paradox Pokemon to get cards, I get the impression they will both debut as Pokemon ex in Raging Surf.
They finally are printing pokémon that can discard cards from the opponent's hand, it was so strange to have SIT Amoonguss in the format when no card could do that before.
Okay the base Paldean Pokemon getting two cards a set is overkill when they're already putting those lines in back to back sets. Why do we have or need six Tarountula cards 3 months into a generation??
I have now an idea on what to omit on my setlist
Okay, I can't be the only ond tired of Noivern ultra rares every single generation, right? 2 would've been fine, but man, he has SO many compared to other Dragon types. Especially considering Haxorus doesn't have a single one, and he's been in nearly every game Noivern is in. Am I going looney?
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Eiscue, Pelliper, and Tyranitar look cool. Some neat trainers. But I don't think this is all that groundbreaking. I've seen a lot of these abilities before, in some cases appearing on Pokémon of the same type and released at about the same time within the legality block. Disappointing tbh.
Holy...that Vespiquen, hands down my favorite artwork of her.

So many great artworks.

Tsareena line, all 3, great artworks.

Both Cetoddles look super cute.

That Corviknight, god damn...sickest art of this mon, ever.

I love Vigoroth's and Slaking's.

Numel's is very cute as well.

Talonflame looking sick. Love the style of Fletchinder's.

Luxray looks very good, but to be fair, I think it's more Luxray just looking as badass as he does, than anything particularly crazy on the interpratation of the artist itself.

Pincurchin has a very unique, interesting style.

Girafarig, very cute. Same for second Tandemaus.

I already raved about the Stadiums artworks when they were first revealed.
Maybe just a bit too off-meta from a guy who hasn't played in ages but...
The new Alakazam EX with the bench attack paired with either Glimmora or Skipbloom for a really annoying "you don't get any prizes" combo?
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Attack translation changes:

Luxray: Wild Bolt > Wild Charge, a move that plenty of Electric Pokemon get.

Mabosstiff: Get Even > Comeuppance, a countering move it learns upon evolving from Maschiff.

More to come later if possible
Vespiquen: Raid Command - Attack Order ;its signature move
What is the most meta deck out of these sets?
If youre asking for a meta deck from these new cards, the answer would be none because Lost Box is a gatekeeper until they lose more pieces.

But if you're asking for a playable deck (maybe tier 2/tier 3), Chien-Pao ex/Baxcallibur looks like it has potential. Irida can easily help you find Candy and whatever pokemon you need to set up, then go to town from there.
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Vespiquen: Raid Command - Attack Order ;its signature move
Japanese name is different from the card - translated, it's the exact same as Attack Order

Raid Command: しゅうげきしれい

Attack Order: こうげきしれい
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I love the illustration rares that is coming with this new set. It will be rough to collect them all. I know probably most here have seen the amazing heracross and rookide art rare by now but Iono and Grusha are something else.


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